Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 9

With his tribe firmly in control, Izak decided to make it a tie game again in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 8 by voting for somebody random, thereby ensuring his own tribemate Louw went home as a result of a tie. Now the tribes are even again, this time with 4 each.

When they get back to camp, Izak says that all promises he’s made are now gone. He intends to vote for Okkert at some stage. It’s a little late for that.

Kaseran’s not too heart broken that Louw is gone. It allows him to step up. This doesn’t sit too well with ProVerb, who views his attitude as if he’s trying to take over.

Izak knows that nobody should trust him, which he views as a good thing. Nobody trusting you can only get you so far. You have to have some trust, unless you can just run the table with the last few challenges. However, he does say that their alliance still stands, although it may not stand if he changes his mind. Once again, their plan is to vote out Okkert.

The reward challenge is called the knife quiz, a pecking order challenge. They will be asked questions about their fellow tribe members. If they’re in the majority, they will stick a knife in the post of someone else.

Who is the most difficult person to sleep next to?
ProVerb. Everybody except Pro gets a knife. Ashley targets Gys. GiGi goes for Pro. Gys goes for Ashley. Izak goes for his ally Kaseran. Kas hits Sade. Not to be outdone by Izak, Okkert also targets an ally, Gys. Sade goes for Izak.

Who is the most untrustworthy?
Harsh question, but the answer is obvious. Izak. Sade, ProVerb, Gys, and Gigi are correct. Despite him having saved them last night, Okkert’s the only Chibudu member to not answer Izak (I wouldn’t trust him either, though), although Pro filled in the gap. GiGi goes for Kas. Gys targets Okkert. ProVerb targets Gys. Sade hits Izak. Gys is the first person eliminated.

Which tribe member is acting or pretending the most?
Kaseran. GiGi goes for Izak. Sade gives GiGi her first. Ashley goes to Kas. Izak and Kaseran have been eliminated.

Who does the least amount of work around camp?
Izak. Ashley goes for ProVerb. Okkert stabs Sade.

Who is the most likely to stab you in the back?
Obviously, Izak. GiGi goes to Ashley. Sade goes to Okkert. ProVerb goes to GiGi. Ashley has been eliminated.

Who is the most underestimated player?
ProVerb. Okkert goes to Pro. Sade goes to GiGi. Pro gives it to Okkert. GiGi is eliminated. Okkert is also eliminated. And ProVerb joins them.

Sade wins reward. She will go for a day of pampering, and she’s allowed to take one person. She chooses Ashley. Interesting. As the first person eliminated, Gys can pick someone other than himself to go with them. He chooses GiGi so all the girls go off for some spa treatments while the boys remain behind.

Kaseran did not fail to realize the obvious. The other tribe views Izak as a lazy, untrustworthy backstabber.

Gys suggests voting for GiGi. Okkert doesn’t like this plan. He’d rather get rid of Izak, retaining the lead. Sure, that works out great for Okkert, but what does it do for Kaseran? He plans to wait until he finds out what Ashley will do because he knows she won’t stab him the back.

While they’re off on their reward, Ashley tells the other girls that she wants to join them in an alliance to the end. All they have to do for now is just vote as they otherwise would, then flip when the time’s right.

Like Izak, Okkert says he’s all alone in this game.

The immunity challenge is an elimination obstacle course. They will grab stakes, dig up bags, which they will use to hop, grab some puzzle pieces, head across the balance beams, and solve the anagram puzzle. GiGi is eliminated on the first stage. Okkert has a huge lead. Izak and Gys head to the puzzles next. Ashley is the last one to arrive at the puzzle station. This poorly planned stacking challenge is taking place in the middle of a windy storm that keeps knocking over the blocks. At least it’s not a fire building challenge. Ashley seems to be getting somewhere with the puzzle, if only she could stop the wind. Attempting another strategy, her stack crumbles again, striking her in the face and causing her to bleed. This is a really stupid challenge. Izak wins immunity.

Unable to vote for Izak, Chibudu will now be targeting ProVerb, who they say is not working.

Ashley comes to the conclusion she should have come to last week. They can count on Izak voting for Gys, but they can’t be sure about whether he’ll vote for Okkert. When she approaches Izak about this, he says that he’d feel more comfortable getting rid of Okkert.

Because the other tribe has voted for Louw every single time, nobody from Timbila has a vote against them. However, Okkert and Gys both do, so as long as Izak sticks to the plan, his tribe will regain the lead.


It’s another tie. Taking into account previous votes, Okkert has 4, so he has been voted off the island. He believes Kas will do very well in the game.

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