Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 12

In yet another tie vote, this time designed specifically to get rid of one player, Izak was voted off the island in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Episode 11.

Ashley makes a final two deal with GiGi, the final piece of the puzzle she’s been putting together.

The reward challenge is to hit a ball. The further it goes, the more points they get, as long as it stays in bounds. They get the highest score if they hit it through the net in the middle. Visitors from home arrive: GiGi’s husband, Kaseran’s mom, Sade’s father, Ashley’s husband, and ProVerb’s wife. The winner will get a whole day with their loved one. Hitting her ball all of two feet, Ashley scores 1. GiGi also scores 1, a little more convincingly. Kaseran scores 6. ProVerb scores 4. Sade scores 2. Ashley’s second hit is much better, bringing her to 3. GiGi scores 5 for a total of 6. Kaseran scores 6 again for a total of 12. ProVerb scores an 8 to tie the lead at 12. Sade gets 5 to bring her score to 7. Ashley’s final hit brings her to 6. GiGi adds 3 for a total of 9. Kas gets another 6 for 18. That eliminates Ashley, GiGi, and Sade. Pro’s final hit goes for 5 for a total of 17. Kaseran wins reward. He can forego this reward in exchange for giving it away. Without any thought, he lets everybody else have the reward. In addition to the earned brownie points, he also gets to join in the family lunch.

Now Ashley feels a bit guilty about her plans to stab Kas in the back, but her husband tells her it’s a game and she should go with whatever gives her the best chance of winning.

Considering all the digging that’s been done, you’d think somebody would have found the idol by now, but it’s still out there for the taking. Ashley manages to find it right under their crest as the clue said, further solidifying her power base.

At the site of one of the cannons that defended the island, the immunity challenge is to lift a cannon ball between two stakes and hold it in the air for as long as they can. Kas opts for an underhanded grip, whereas everybody else goes for an overhanded grip. It would seem underhanded is wiser considering their arms are going to get tired. Pro’s ball slips, but he stops it from falling. His options would be to leave it where it is or take the risk of stabilizing it. While he’s thinking, Kaseran’s ball slips, and he fails to catch it without it touching his body. Shortly thereafter, Pro is out. GiGi is next to drop. Sade’s getting shaky, and it appears Ashley will win yet another immunity challenge. She does.

The obvious plan now is to get rid of Kaseran, news that Ashley plans to break to him rather than blindsiding him that night. His only hope now is to find that hidden immunity idol. He’s digging in the right area, where he should have dug previously. Too bad he shared the clue with Ashley, who already found it earlier in the morning. Unable to find the idol, his last ditch effort is to talk to GiGi.

GiGi and Sade are completely delighted at the way things are unfolding. Ashley’s turned herself into the villain. Either people will respect her for playing a strong game, or they’ll be angry at her for being a backstabber. Their best hope for a win is the latter.


By a vote of 3-2, Kaseran has been voted off the island, pulling the knife out of his back as he goes. Nico tells Pro he might need to be worried.

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