Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina Winner

The women’s alliance kicked into gear in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carlina Episode 12 with the elimination of Kaseran.

Sade believes she’s the biggest threat because she’s the strongest chick left, or so she tells us. GiGi, likewise, has decided she’s on her own.

We jump right into the immunity challenge. They will start face down in the sand, jump up, and start the obstacle course, complete with digging, climbing, monkey bars, balance beams, and lastly a puzzle. There are 72 different ways of completing this 3D puzzle… they only have to find one. Given that the first task here is to climb under a pole in the sand, it’s safe to say that ProVerb’s a lost cause here against these girls. Ashley is the first one through. She’s then the first person over the wall and through the tire. GiGi and Sade break free as Ashley crosses the monkey bars. Sade’s just about caught up with Ashley on the bars. Ashley hits the balance beam first, but Sade is closing in. With the girls a long ways ahead, Pro has finally freed himself from the ground. Nobody’s particularly convincing on the balance beams as GiGi joins the others. Ashley is the first person to hit the puzzle. Sade joins her. Ashley wins immunity.

Sade intends to stick to the women’s alliance. However, GiGi and Ashley discuss flipping things again, getting rid of Sade rather than ProVerb.

Sade’s pitch at tribal council: what difference does it make if she’s there or not? That’s the spirit.


By a vote of 3-1, Sade has been voted off the island.

The next day, they take a walk down memory lane while the locals play music in the background. That leads them to their final immunity challenge. They’re positioned out on the water on a platform, where they must keep their balance. If they fall, they’re out, but Nico will be waiting for them with some lemon water, fruit, and shade. Pro’s struggling even with the support pole. Once that drops, so does he. GiGi doesn’t look to be budging at any point, but all of a sudden she stumbles and falls. Ashley wins immunity for the fifth time in a row.

Ashley has an interesting decision to make now. If the better player gets the votes, it doesn’t matter who she picks because Ashley’s had control of this for quite some time. Pro’s viewed by people as not having done anything, although that also means he hasn’t screwed anyone either (except for that weird Izak vote that ultimately was responsible for Izak’s elimination). GiGi, meanwhile, has enough fellow tribe members on the jury that all it could take is one or two bitter Timbilans to tilt the scale in her favor.

Both of them just say that it’s up to Ashley, and they’re not going to be making a case for themselves. Ashley’s decision is that she doesn’t want to burn yet one more bridge.


With 1 vote, ProVerb has been voted off the island. In a departure from the usual, he leaves with a smile on his face. If only that could rub off on the very sour looking jury.

Ashley hates conflict. Oh, well, this won’t go well. That said, she doesn’t apologize for how she’s played the game.

Hanna’s very tame question is whether Ashley has done charity work prior to Survivor. The answer is yes, she has a lot of charities she tries to lend her name to whenever she can.

Louw is questioning whether Ashley has outplayed them. I’m guessing he’s looking for an answer other than “Duh.” On day three, his promise to her was that, if she screwed him, it would come back to bite her. Ironically, despite all his whining, she had nothing to do with him being voted out. That was the fault of Izak. Regardless, he doesn’t believe her that him getting eliminated wasn’t her fault, apparently having rewritten history in his mind. Dumbass. If you’re gonna be bitter, at least have a logical reason for it.

Okkert has a throw away question that he’s not allowed to complete but that doesn’t get the most sensible response from GiGi anyway.

Gys says GiGi is not cheap despite her career. Then he comments about whether Ashley’s emotion was a strategy or heartfelt, to which she is not allowed to respond.

Izak admires the way Ashley played the game.

Kaseran is still reeling from his friend backstabbing him. She feels that she was honest with him, as he asked, but hopes that he will find some way to forgive her.

Sade would have liked for GiGi to be more honest with her, but GiGi didn’t want another situation like Kas where he refused to look at Ashley again.

Pro wants GiGi to wipe her tears. As for Ashley, she used him until she no longer needed him, then threw him to the side, for which he applauds her. That’s the game.

Due to the even numbered jury, the public has been given a chance to break the tie.

Ashley (viewers’ vote)
Ashley (Izak)
Ashley (ProVerb)

Not the most bitter jury we’ve seen, but Louw and Kaseran certainly give others a run for their money in that category. The Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina winner is GiGi.

If he had the chance to vote, Darren would have voted for Ashley, who played the game the best. Kas acknowledges that he made an emotional decision. Louw is still delusional. According to him, GiGi had the best strategy. Apparently, praying for someone from the other tribe to save you is a strategy.

The charity prize money was split as follows:

Gigi: 500,000 rand
Ashley: 200,000 rand
ProVerb: 150,000 rand
Sade: 125,000 rand
Kaseran: 100,000 rand
Izak: 95,000 rand
Gys: 90,000 rand
Okkert: 85,000 rand
Louw: 80,000 rand
Hanna: 75,000 rand
Nico: 50,000 rand
Sandi: 45,000 rand
Darren: 40,000 rand
Lady Lea: 35,000 rand
Craig: 30,000 rand
Cindy: 25,000 rand
Jub Jub: 20,000 rand
Garth: 15,000 rand
Christina: 10,000 rand

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