The Bachelor 11 Episode 8

In The Bachelor 11 episode 7, Brad narrowed down his choices to the final two: Jenni and DeAnna. We’ll find out who the winner is next week, but this week, the women tell all.

We start off with all the cattiness, of which there was no shortage. First up is a montage of people calling others bitches, and of course you can’t do one of those without featuring DeAnna and McCarten. Then there’s Solisa being a tramp.

Jade says she loved everybody… except DeAnna and McCarten. McCarten said they were just more forward/mature. She whines that people were hateful behind her back, but they let her know they couldn’t stand her to her face as well. She appreciates that they wasted so much energy on her.

As if we didn’t spend way too much time on this the first time, it’s now time to relive Hillary’s drama queen exit. She says they should have served her PMS medication or something, and that she just missed the really obvious signs that he just wanted to be friends. She wishes he kept her for one more week and did the hometown date before deciding (would have saved him from Bettina’s family).

Speaking of Bettina, we next take a look at her journey on the show, starting with his initial reaction and no doubt the reason he actually took her to the final three, his immediate physical attraction to probably the best looking woman on this season. Then we look at the worst family visit in the history of family visits, where her entire family hated him because a good looking self-made millionaire isn’t good enough for their little girl who never should have divorced her first husband in the first place. She defends saying her date with him was boring, which I never really understood the need to make it such a big deal to begin with. I suppose that this is a game after all, though. She says that, after watching the show, she’s surprised she even got a rose after the hometown dates. Then she turns this around and says she was turned off by him because of his behavior on that date (huh?). She says he was defensive. Rightfully so.

A member of the studio audience asks what I was wondering: whether Bettina’s hometown date upset Hillary. She responds yes and that her family only wants her to be happy, not caring whether someone owns bars or graduated from college.

Sheena’s up next. She didn’t expect to be eliminated when she was and was devastated by it.

Now it’s Chad’s time to finish up his 15 minutes of fame. I thought the twist was rather lame myself, even if it was amusing to watch. He still likes Sheena, more now than he did before.

Hillary tells Brad she wishes he were a little more up front about them being just friends. I can see where she would think he was dancing around it, even if it was still pretty obvious. He tells her he still cares for her… as a friend.

Bettina asks why the heck he gave her a rose after being so judged by her family. He says it was just about her, not them.

America gets to help choose the next bachelor, by going to ABC’s website or by calling 1-866-739-3150 to suggest someone.

To close off the night, we get a look at the journeys of the two finalists, who he’s been close to since the beginning.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Bachelor 11 episode 9, which airs Monday at 10/9c on ABC.

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  1. hello my name is soeryantie and i am 17 years old.i hope that dianna is going to win because she is a very beautifull girl and she can dance ver nice.

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