House Season 4, Episode 6 – Whatever it takes

Last week’s episode was all about power struggle, especially when House and his team faces a patient with mirror syndrome, Foreman goes back as part of House’s team and Dr. Cuddy tries hard to be the “alpha” over House. This week, House and his team tries to diagnose a 9-time national speed racer champion, Casey Alfonso who just happen to faint after winning a race.

At House’s lecture room, Foreman and the rest of the remaining candidates are discussing potential patients (as soon as House decided to go with the racer) when a man with a “men-in-black look” rushes into the room with House’s picture with him. The man is from the CIA and they need House’s expertise in finding out what’s wrong with a mystery patient.House left Foreman in charge while he lets the CIA guy kidnap him to wherever they are going.

Back at the hospital, Foreman, Cole and Brennan examines Casey and figures out how delirium, fever and seizure all add up to one disease. Unfortunately, the remaining candidates insisted on getting tests before a diagnosis, in hopes of winning Foreman’s vote and House’s “rose”. Most of the candidates are questioning Foreman’s judgments.

Upon arriving at the CIA facility, the CIA guy introduces House to a Dr. Samira Teriz and Dr. Curtis, who will also be diagnosing the mysterious patient. The patient by the code name “John” spent 10 years in Bolivia. Aside from that information, no other medical info or personal history is disclosed. Both House and Curtis need to get an appropriate diagnosis before John dies.

Amber and Taub thinks that the racer may have lupus and consults on Cameron about the case. Behind Foreman’s back, the two gave the patient medication for lupus, which resulted in the patient’s leg becoming numb and unable to move.

Upon seeing John, House and Dr. Kill-joy (as House calls Dr. Curtis) discusses the case why the patient is vomiting, loses weight dramatically and has severe skin irritations all throughout his body. While Curtis says it’s poisoning, House suggests its cancer of the blood.

Brennan tells Foreman that the racer has polio and sticks to his diagnosis, even debating with Foreman making him pissed off and cutting him out of the case. Foreman finds out that Cameron has been letting the candidates ask her questions about their case and as a result, Foreman messes with Cameron’s patients just to get back at her.

Dr. Teriz makes a bet with House to cure “John”. House asks her to be part of his team, but Teriz declines politely. Since Curtis’ diagnosis did not work, Teriz asked House for an oncologist’s advice about John’s blood cancer. House calls Wilson, but Wilson doesn’t believe one word of House’s adventurous CIA case. Only when House told Wilson to call the CIA and gave him the extension number for the clinic did Wilson believe him and gave chemo drugs.

Brennan tested Casey (again) behind Foreman’s back and the results came back positive for polio. Brennan suggested to give the patient experimental treatment (high doses of vitamin C) in hopes of making her well and letting her walk again.

As it turns out, House was also wrong about blood cancer and diagnosed him with “radiation sickness”. They gave John herbal Chinese tea for to relieve his symptoms. When House was talking to John, he found out that the patient did not stay on Bolivia. Instead, he  stayed in Brazil and chewed on Brazilian nuts for 40 days. House discovers that John has been nut poisoned from the Brazilian nuts he took.

Cuddy asks Wilson about House’s whereabouts. Wilson simply stated that House is consulting for the CIA, but Cuddy did not believe it. On the other hand, Cameron says sorry to Foreman, admitting that she misses doing everything she can just to do the job right.

After two days gone, House goes back to the hospital and reunites with his team. Brennan and the other candidates proudly reports that they treated the racer with high doses of vitamin C and successfully treated her lupus.  As it turns out, Brennan poisoned the patient on purpose for her to get lupus and treat her with the vitamin C in hopes of further research will be made when news about vitamin C curing lupus has been successful.

House did not fire anyone. Instead, he told Brennan to quit while the police are still nowhere in sight. When House asked the remaining candidates about who he left in charge and when the team answered “Foreman”, House simply says “next time, listen to him”.

Just as House exits the hospital, Dr. Teriz is waiting for him to take up on his offer – the job with House’s team.

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