CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 10 – “The Thing About Heroes”

Last week, Mac and the CSI team discover that the puzzles they have been receiving are all connected to Mac’s life and the 333 stalker. While Mac stayed in Chicago to get some answers, Stella, Danny and Lindsay were back in New York trying to examine a crime scene at the subway where a train operator was found dead. While Flack and the CSIs were inside, the train moved, leaving Danny behind.

Danny runs to shut down the control on the rails manually. Just as the train was about to hit another train in the next station, Danny stopped the train by destroying the controls, which turns out to be an mp3 player. The train stopped at exactly 33rd street, using door #3. With the numbers 333, Stella puts two and two together that this is no coincidence and that Mac’s stalker may be after them or Mac. She calls Mac to see if he’s okay.

In Chicago, Mac walks through the Tribune building to find a dead man hung from the roof with letters on the wall that looked like a hangman game. With six blanks below the letters, Mac deciphers the puzzle by finding all the missing letters (A-C-D-O-R-W) and jumbled the letters to see the word: Coward. Since Chicago is not his jurisdiction, Mac explained to the Chicago detective how he ended up in the abandoned Tribune building to find a dead body.

Back in New York, the team is busy examining the operator’s body, clothes and evidences found at the train. Lindsay discovers that the clothing had an anthrax. News spreading quickly, the chief visits the CSI office and tells Stella to get Mac back in New York. Danny examines the mp3 player for prints, but found no match. Zach explains that the mp3 was hooked up at the subway’s external control, infecting the entire subway system.

Autopsy reports from the body found at the Chicago Tribune showed that the victim was 30 years old, male and was dead from a gun shot to the stomach, buried and dug up only to be hanged again. Mac believes he knows who did it and visits a friend named Jimmy.

The guy found dead was a gangster named Bobby Tool. Mac thinks that somebody put his body in that building to find Mac. The t-shirt that Mac received inside the wrong luggage from Europe was that of Will (Jimmy’s brother who was beaten to death by Bobby Tool when Mac and the others were young). Since Will worked in the Tribune as a paperboy, Mac derives a conclusion and accuses Jimmy of stalking him. However, Jimmy gets mad at Mac for bringing his brother’s death up and accusing him of something he did not do. As Jimmy left, Mac picks up his cigarette butt to trace Jimmy’s DNA and Flack appears in Chicago as Chief Sinclair’s orders.

DNA prints from the crime scene in New York and with the puzzle pieces are an exact match. However, the killer has no criminal records, so they have no way of tracing him down.  

Mac tells Flack all about Jimmy, Will and the young version of Mac. When they were about ten to twelve years old, they were working as delivery boys of Sal Marchedy. Since Will was the oldest of the three, he was the one beaten to death when they delivered money that wasn’t what Bobby Tool expected. Throughout the beating and screaming, Tool’s gun slipped across Mac’s feet but he couldn’t pull the trigger. Will died on the emergency room, Jimmy and Will never talked about that night ever again.

Jimmy’s DNA was not a match from the puzzle pieces. However, Mac thought about Jimmy’s youngest brother, Andy, whom he thought had no idea of his brother’s death. As it turns out, Drew Bredford was Andrew (or little Andy who followed them deliver to Bobby Tool and saw his brother die) and Mac quickly returns to New York. Stella also figured this out when she discovers that the negative pieces from the New York puzzle were covered with green x’s, while negative pieces from the Chicago puzzle was covered with blue x’s. The piece she got at Drew’s apartment had blue x’s, which should have been green x’s because they haven’t even had the Chicago puzzle when she went back to check the missing pieces at Drew’s.  

Stella brought all gifts that Drew sent her the past weeks to find a connection. The prints from the mp3 player are an exact match with Drew’s fingerprints. When Mac and the team was about to enter Drew’s apartment, Chief Sinclair tries to stop them, but Mac talked him into ending this 333 thing and eventually ended up going along with them for the bust.

While Flack, Stella and the others were looking for Drew, Mac is down at the wine cellar. Drew injected Mac with drugs at the back of his neck and got abducted. In the middle of a dozen light rays, Mac is trapped and anyone going into the door to save him or with just one move from Mac will trigger the guns to shoot. 

Drew has given all the clues with the puzzle and the crime scene. The entire CSI team worked to find Mac and they discover that the mp3 player had one song uploaded to it – “Train to Nowhere”, the 6th track on SV’s album. This led them to Mac’s location.

Drew is pissed that Mac is being cheered as a hero in the newspapers when he led a drug bust. He says “the thing about heroes is that sooner or later, someone will know the truth”. As it turns out, Andy followed Mac, Jimmy and Will to Bobby Tool’s room (Room 333), where he saw how his brother died. Andy blames Mac for being a coward and not shooting Tool down when his brother is being beaten to death. Mac explains that he was just a kid then.  

Jimmy calls Drew to save him from making a big mistake. As soon as Jimmy entered the room, he was shot by Andy’s trap. Mac then triggered one of the lights to shoot Andy’s arm. Flack says that during those kinds of situations, it was “shoot to kill”. Mac explains that the family had already lost enough.

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