CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 9 – “One Wedding and a Funeral”

Last week, the CSI team was faced with an electrocuted woman and a robbery. This week, the team is faced with an odd crime scene – a wedding event with high profile families, the Hatfield and McCoys. While the two families were fighting even before the wedding started, the bride Emma Blackstone searches for her husband-to-be only to find him dead on the groom’s tent.

The CSI team examines the victim’s body and sees no gunshot wounds and stab wounds; he wasn’t even one of the people fighting at the wedding. The weird thing about the groom had bubble wrap underneath his shirt and yellow stain from his shoes that leads to the paint outside his tent. Mac says the victim was still alive about 20 feet from outside the tent.

At the lab, Dr. Hammerback is examining the body during autopsy when he hears a mobile phone ringing inside the victim’s skin. The phone was cushioned with stuffing under his skin. Hammerback comes to a conclusion that the victim died of sharp forced trauma to the chest using three different weapons that punctured the lungs. He also determines the time of death: around 2 to 3 am. The question now is: How does the vic step into a curb with fresh yellow paint around 6 am, but die three hours earlier?

In the meantime, Stella and Lindsay were outside the Russo trial preliminary hearing because police found a box addressed to Stella. Since it is not a bomb or any electronic device that may explode, they opened it to find a huge plastic of puzzles.

Assuming that Drew had something to do with it because she has been receiving tons of weird gifts from him for the past weeks, she storms into Drew’s place and gets angry with him. However, Drew says the gift was not from him.

Stella sees that a piece of the puzzle has blood and traces of powder. Adam, although unwillingly, put the pieces of puzzle together while Lindsay examines the box to find a rock (which then turns out to be petrified redwood). Confused why the puzzle was left for her, Stella desperately searches for answers.

Meanwhile, Hawkes explains the groom’s shoes and the stain left on it. He analyzes that the killer may have switches shoes with the groom after killing him, which led them to the last places the victim may have gone – at the bar and in his hotel. Flack and Hawkes eventually finds the crime scene at the groom’s hotel. They also discovered that there was an open box and a missing gift.

Adam finally completed the puzzle and makes a 3D version of multiple buildings. Since there were missing pieces in the puzzle, Stella goes back to Drew’s apartment to ask if she may have left a few pieces of the puzzle there. She then asks for an apology for the way she blamed Drew earlier, then left.

Although Stella found one piece from Drew’s apartment, Adam explains that the missing piece was not supposed to be part of the puzzle. The piece they were looking for were deliberately removed because of the blood. They soon discovered that the missing piece was from a New York building, specifically floors 32 to 36. As it turns out, floor 36 has been vacant since the last month, so Lindsay and Stella decided to visit the apartment. There they found another box with a chalk body outline and a satchel.

For the second box of clues, Adam finds and puts together another set of puzzles. It was the continuation of the first 3D buildings and was part of the missing pieces. Stella discovers that the satchel had markings of the Hagia Sofia building. Lindsay discovers that only a few businesses use petrified redwood in New York and they sent Lindsay a copy of their employees. This list led to an ex-pedophile named John Andrews. Unfortunately, he’s not the one the team is looking for.

Adam says that the 2nd missing piece is on the 29th floor of 56th 30 Broadway. When Lindsay and Stella visited the next clue, they were in a dead end because there’s no building to collect a new box.

Flack interrogates the victim’s best man, George, who admitted that he discovered his best friend’s body at the hotel dead. Since he took a bet that he would bring the groom to the wedding (since it is his 2nd wedding), he bubble-wrapped the groom so he could attend the wedding. In the meantime, Danny is trying to find the murder weapon that killed the groom. He believes that the groom was killed using a type of cooking equipment.

Mac visits Adam to see the famed 3D puzzle he has been building for hours. Mac says that the 2nd missing piece was the Riverton building (from Mac’s first crime scene case) and the 1st missing piece was actually Mac’s first apartment in New York. Mac, although absolutely shocked, says that the 3D puzzle was about his life when he finds the building where he proposed to his wife.

Since only Flack and Stella knew about the 333 caller, Mac explained to Adam and Lindsay about his stalker, the late-night calls at exactly 3:33 am, the bloody kid’s shirt from Mac’s luggage. Mac asks for the blood sample found on the puzzle and discovers that the blood on the shirt and the man making the puzzle are siblings. Mac says the next clue will be on the building where he got engaged, and to the team’s surprise, they find another box.

Inside the box was another batch of puzzles to be assembled and a piece of limestone that only comes from Southwestern US. Mac examines all the evidences – from the first stone to the satchel, the second stone to all the buildings from the 3D puzzle – and says in a matter-of-fact tone that the limestone was from the Alamo and the building (which Adam and Lindsay are still busy completing) is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.

As soon as Mac steps foot in Chicago, he receives a call asking him: “How does it feel to be home, detective Taylor?”

What will happen next? Will this be the end of the 333 caller?

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