Bones Season 3, Episode 8: The Knight on the Grid

Tonight’s episode of Bones is an exciting one since it is a continuation of the “Widow’s Son” serial killer episode, which started off this season. Dr. Brennan receives a mysterious package at her apartment with two kneecaps that turned out to be from a Father Douglas Cooper’s body, who was a vicar general of the D.C. Archbishop.

Angela examines the tapestry found at the vault and identifies the characters to be “Barabas”, a biblical prisoner set free while Jesus Christ was sentenced to death. She then discovers some patterns on the tapestry translating to a D.C. map, which points to all the murder scenes – a mausoleum, vault location and the old mansion turned nursing home.

Booth and Jack finds another sculpture from the Gorgomon in the mausoleum. However, they find no silver on the skeleton; it is made of real bones instead. Zach tells Camille about the evidence he found of 18 different victims in the skeleton, all of which have been eaten aging up to 50 years old. Plus, a puzzling thing is that the teeth marks did not match Father Douglas.Angela tries to decipher the tapestry and finds several Masonic standards –a musician, orator, bishop, architect, martyr, corrupter, scientist, hermit, teacher and judge. Booth labels Gavin as the musician and Father Douglas as the bishop. The team realizes that lobbyist Ray Porter may just be the best choice for the killer’s next victim because he stands as the “corrupter”.

In the meantime, Zach discovers a hidden cam in the vault and finds out that Gorgomon has been listening and watching them the entire time. On the other hand, Booth and Bones are trying to catch him when the taxi they’re spying on gets blown up. Both of them are okay, but they discover that Gorgomon used his own teeth as shrapnel (as part of the bomb).

Lance Sweets was a very helpful part of the case. He was able to figure out that there were more than 1 killer and there was a pattern to the killings. He was also the one who thought that Gorgomon is trying to recreate Adam, which then led Zach to finding the numbers “1026” etched on the rib. They searched within the Gorgomon vault and found the box with that exact number, which had a 30-year-old key for a room at the municipal department of social services.

Booth and Bones interrogate Arthur Graves, who used to work with disturbed boys but now lives in the old mansion. Since the guy has Alzheimer’s, Brennan moves to take an impression of his teeth only to find out that all his teeth are gone. Then, Ray Porter is then seen coming from work then being attacked by a mysteriously insane-looking teenage boy with a knife.

As for Brennan’s family, Russ’ girlfriend Amy shows up at Bones’ asking for help. As it turns out, Russ’ youngest daughter Haley has cystic fibrosis and she’s getting worse. They badly want to see Russ, but he’s still on the run. Brennan is touched, so she gave Amy the contact details to one of the best doctors specializing in CF. Bones then visits her father to relay a message to Russ that his daughter really wants to see him. Russ did come back, but the responsible special agent Booth arrested him. However, Brennan convinces Booth to allow her and Russ to visit Haley at the hospital before they take him in.

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