House Season 4, Episode 2 – House Hides a Patient

The season opener of House saw Dr. Gregory’s hardheadedness as he tries to solve a patient’s health case by himself, as he refuses to hire his new staff. In this episode, the questions remain: Is House really considering of hiring a new diagnosis staff? Will Cameron, Chase and Foreman ever return?

In a lecture room, House meets 40 aspiring applicants and discussed why Buddy Ebsen, the original Tin Man in the 1939 movie “Wizard of OZ” was replaced due to allergic reactions from the aluminum makeup used in the film. But when a lady officer from the NASA shows up with cash in House’s office, claiming to “hear with her eyes” and asked to keep her health condition off-the-record, House used his “resources” and let the applicants help him solve the case.

House divided the group into 4 — some tested the patient’s blood, the other group tested her stool, one group was asked to break into the patient’s home to find what she’s hiding and the remaining were asked to clean his car. House then saw Chase walk pass his office.

As usual, House went to Dr. Wilson’s office and asked what Chase was doing in the hospital. Wilson says that Chase accepted a job in Arizona and finds it interesting that House sees a vision of Chase (the one he fired) instead of Cameron or Foreman, who voluntarily quit the job. Wilson psychologizes House and says that what he’s experiencing is “repressed guilt”. House, of course, finds Wilson irritating and tries to focus on his patient.

One blonde applicant played her entire group that they’re wasting their medical education for some arrogant doctor. Most of her groupmates left with her leading the team, but she went back after only 1 “competition” was left cleaning the car. She even stole House’s car keys and just drove through carwash. Back at the office, the group of applicants were discussing her health condition to the patient when she experienced a psychotic attack, ran and locked herself in the hospital chapel.

While outside the chapel, House saw Cameron (with blonde hair) downstairs enter the hospital door. As House and the group of doctors extort the patient into coming out the chapel, Cuddy arrives and discovers that House is hiding a patient and demands to know her name. Everyone in the classroom did not disclose the patient’s name, claiming House never told me, except for one doctor who was asked to break into the patients House. When House went back into the lecture room, he immediately fired the guy who ratted the patient out.

Back in Wilson’s office, House told him that he saw Cameron. Wilson says it’s impossible since she was with Chase in Arizona. From their debate about House’s vision, he came up with a solution about his patient – they should stress the patient’s liver (and from one of the applicant’s suggestions) by getting her wasted. The patient along with House and three other doctors took a couple of tequilla shots. After a few shots, the patient drew short of breath.

While debating with one applicant about killing the patient’s dream versus the doctor’s beliefs, House saw Foreman pass by the room. He followed Foreman, but was stopped by Cuddy in the hallway. House found out that the patient’s problem was with her lungs and needed a lung biopsy to treat her. However, since NASA is unaware of her condition, the patient begged House to find another way to hide her health problem, scar or any sign of her being sick.

The remaining applicants discussed on a solution to force a patient into surgery. They ended up with an unconventional solution — asking the patient to get a boob job to find what’s wrong with her lungs. This way, NASA will only have records of breast augmentation, instead of a lung biopsy.

While in the surgery room, they discovered cysts on the left side of the lungs, while House asks the team to make a diagnosis based from the heart attacks, psychosis and cyst. No one answered correctly, except Chase who was upstairs watching the surgery. (House thought he was a vision and asked an applicant if he was seeing the blonde guy too).

After they have finally diagnosed the patient, House and the remaining doctors were back at the lecture room for the big decision. After firing more than half of the doctors, House asked the oldest guy in the batch to stay. He found out that the applicant had no medical degree and cannot be hired as a doctor. House hired him as an assistant, instead.

When House confronted Wilson about Cameron, he finally told House that she has been an attending doctor in the ER of the same hospital for three weeks. House visited Cameron at the ER and found out that it was her who recommended House to the NASA officer. When asked why House ratted the patient out to NASA, Cameron knew, House couldn’t kill the patient’s dreams.

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