House Season 4, Episode 3 – 97 Seconds

Last week,  House hides a patient from Dr. Cuddy and allows 40 of his applicants to diagnose the mystery patient. This week, after firing 30 of the applicants for his new staff, House splits the ten remaining candidates into two teams, by gender.  One lady applicant insists that she groups with the males, or as House calls them, “the danglers”.

The two teams compete ferociously in diagnosing a wheelchair-bound man with spinal muscular atrophy who was admitted due to fainting and showed signs of aspiration and liver failure.

At the clinic, House faces a suicidal patient that tries to kill himself by placing a knife on a live electric plug. House became curious with the patient’s motifs and tries to talk to him. The patient replies by explaining after being in an accident and becoming dead for 97 seconds, “it was the best 97 seconds of my life”.

As the two teams try to one-up each other, complications arise when one team assigns a treatment to the patient but does not follow through to make sure their treatment was executed.

While the students are busy with their assignment, House experiments on himself to see what happens in the moments when people hover between life and death. He did what his suicidal did with the knife and obviously, became paralyzed for a few hours and eventually came back to his senses, even saying “i love you” to Wilson.

Meanwhile, Foreman runs his own team of fellows in his new job at another hospital. Although Foreman and House had the same case, House let the patient die because he was busy making the diagnosis into a competition, allowing an applicant to screw up. Foreman, on the other hand, got it right, but was fired for using a “House-like” treatment to help a patient.

Next week, watch out as House diagnoses a patient that could see dead people.

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