CSI: Season 8, Episode 4 – : The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

Last week’s episode, “Go To Hell” was a chilling story as the CSI team faced a 12-year old girl supposedly possessed by the devil. As it turns out, she was completely normal and she was the one who planned and killed her parents and sister. This week, the CSI team investigates two crime scene – one at Sam’s (Catherine’s dead father) casino site and the other at a lake where a boy was hanged.

The victim, Bryan Towne had lacerations on his chest, which appeared to have swollen mammary glands. Although the vic was stabbed, the cause of death was suffocation from hanging. Evidence found were beer bottles, which may have been used to stab the victim.

In the meantime, Catherine and her mom talked on a site where Sam’s casino used to stand. Lily was talking about how she met Sam and how she fell for him. As a way to move on, Lily threw the 5-dollar chip (that Sam gave during their first meeting). A few minutes later, police came to the site and Catherine rushes to find out that a body was found on the site. Due to conflict of interest, Sara and the new CSI Ronnie was assigned to the case.

Warrick investigates Bryan Towne’s room and finds a stash of cash, gun kept under his bed and water samples in a dozen small tubes. The victim’s mom, who is a surviving cancer patient, visits her son at Dr. Robbin’s office.

Sara and Ronnie checks out the casino site and sees an Indian necklace, which may indicate the site could be a Native American burial ground.

A man named Paul Sides called Bryan Towne several times before he died. Catherine and Brass asks about his relationship with the victim. As it turns out, Sides and the victim was working on a project and Towne became the project himself.

At the lab, Stokes found finger prints from the beer bottles that led to Larry Ludwig, a man who worked in the same water company as Bryan. Since he had rope burns, he was immediately taken to the station. He told Stokes and Warrick during his interogation that he and a friend brought 2 girls along with them to the lake, where they saw Bryan hanging out. He admitted that the girls wanted to play so he placed the rope around the tree so they could swing to the lake. When it was Bryan’s turn to jump, the girls and Larry made fun of him when they saw him “man-boobs” through his wet shirt.

Dr. Al and Sara discusses the bones found on the casino site, but Greg (who was planning to write a book on Las Vegas murders and dead bodies unknown to the press) had more insights about the case. He helped Ronnie and Sara as they went back to the site to measure the bones.

However, it was Hodgens who helped Sara determine the last location where the John Doe lived. Greg finds a roll of film from the rubbles and sees one picture that may be the clue to the John Doe’s death – Sam’s financials where the feds, state and a certain “Fergus” had their fare share during the 1960’s casino development.

While Catherine and Brass’ believed Paul Sides was in the hiding, he was found dead on his apartment, wherein they found a ripped paper stating an offer to buy his house from Bryan Towne’s boss, Jonah Quin. They went over Sides’ paperwork and experiments, where they found a freezer filled with carps.

Sara visits Grissom at his bee farm, where Grissom casually proposes to Sara and where she casually agrees to marry him.

As it turns out, the John Doe last lived in South East Asia, particularly in Vietname, but was of Indian backgrounds. As Greg was talking to Lily (Catherine’s mom) about the people found on the other pictures, she remembered a journalist who attended that party, Lee Jordan who wore an Indian costume. Greg and Sara assumed that after taking a picture of Sam’s financial statements, his bodyguard may have caught him and caused his fall down to the ground floor. Was he pushed or did he fall while running? Sara, Greg and the team may never know.

Back at the lab, Grissom becomes interested when Catherine gives him the freezer filled with fish. With the help of Hodgens, Grissom determined that the water used in Paul Sides’ experiments were endangering the lives of both humans and other living things exposed to it. Sides discovered that Quin’s water company was using the dirty water from the lake, which may have caused Bryan Towne’s high levels of estrogen.

Warrick and Stokes ruled out murder in Bryan Towne’s case because evidences pointed out to suicide. It was definitely a hate crime, but Bryan Towne was the one who hated himself. Unfortunately, his mom thought Sides killed her son, so she shot him using the gun found on his son’s bedroom. It was only until Catherine explained to her that Paul Sides was helping his son that she understood what really happened.

At the office, Catherine and Grissom was talking to the district attorney about the water problem and Jonah Quin’s case. Unfortunately, the company has plans of counter-attacking all witnesses and evidences that the water is really dangerous. About Mrs. Towne, the DA says she will not put the cancer patient and widow who has just lost her only son into court.. so she goes free.

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