CSI: Season 8, Episode 7 – Goodbye and Good Luck

Last week, Grissom’s team and FBI Malone were able to uncover a 6-year old case, but were too late in arresting the killer. This week, the CSI team is faced with another old face with a new case.

In a campus, a lady falls from the roof to the ground floor. Although it was the third jumper of the school, Stokes and Catherine determines it is not a suicide case due to inconsistent wounds on the vic’s body. Brass identifies the victim as Kira Dallanger.

Sara and Ronnie handles a crime scene with lots of blood, but no body. After a few minutes inspecting the house, a lady (mrs. jimenez) enters the crime scene with a knife on her back. She says she and her husband had a fight and had no idea where he was. When Mrs. Jimenez was being treated, the husband arrives hysterically screaming to his wife saying, “did you call the cops on me?”

Ronnie asks Sara about what to do because the case is obviously domestic abuse. Sara reacts like it was just any other case and tells Ronnie that they’ll just come back for mrs. jimenez’s body, or the husband’s or both after a month.

Stokes and Greg determines that the crime scene was Kira’s room. They discovered that she was part of a goth band and got a lubricant tube as evidence. As it turns out, one of the finger prints matches Marlon West, the brother of the famous girl, Hannah West, who manipulated the jury to save her brother in a murder case a few years back. Sara asks Grissom if she could be part of the case, and Grissom agrees.

Grissom interrogates Marlon West. He admits that Kira and him had a fight because he saw her kissing someone else. The guy punches him and gave Marlon a fat lip. While interrogating Marlon, Hanna walks by and talks to Sara, telling them they had no right to ask her brother questions.

Greg finds Kira’s online blog and discovers a post where she talks about two boys fighting over her – torchx and drummerboy19. Both boys, drummerboy (who is Marlon West) and torchx (who is identifieed as Jordan Rockwell) had their finger prints on the lubricant tube.

Brass interviews Jordan. He says Kira and him used to date in high school and they just caught up with their lives online. He visited her on campus and got into a fight with West. They went back into Kira’s room, had sex, but when he started to feel sick, he left with his car and got into an accident. As it turns out, both Kira and Jordan were positive for GHB.

Greg finds photographs of the goth band and pictures from the Marlon and Jordan’s fight. One of the pictures clearly shows Hannah picking up a piece of Marlon’s broken tooth and taking it. As Sara interrogates Hannah about the tooth, the girl just pissed her off.

At the police station, Sara sees Mrs. Jimenez voluntarily asking for help. Ronnie says she thinks it’s just right to tell victims about their right, but Sara says Mrs. Jimenez will only be out of her husband’s life for a week or so.

Sara tries her luck talking to Marlon. He admits that he thinks Hannah was a weird girl, but after their first trial and their parent’s accident, his little sister Hannah got weirder. One night, Hannah enters Marlon’s room to find Kira and him having sex. That night, Kira walks out of Marlon and ended her relationship with him. Since Hannah is a chemistry whiz, Marlon asks her sister to make GNB just to mess Kira up for leaving him.

Marlon ends up in jail and agrees to Sara’s idea of trapping his sister to answer some questions. When Hannah visited him, he asks her what he did to deserve being put in jail for the rest of his life. Hannah simply answered that she loves Marlon.

Sara agrees that Hannah is way too smart for her brother and for her since the girl is spinning her in circles. Not only did the trap not work, Marlon committed suicide on his cell a few hours later.

Sara visits Hannah on campus. She tells her about Marlon’s suicide and she doesn’t believe her, thinking it was another trick. When Sara showed Hannah the picture of Marlon hanging, she becomes hysterical.

After a traumatic day, Sara goes back to the lab and greets Grissom with a 2-minute kiss. She then went straight to the locker room to get her surname patch from her CSI vest and throwing it on the trash as a sign that she quits being a CSI agent. She then leaves a note for Grissom telling him that she has to leave and she will love him always.

Will this be the last time we’ll see Sara Sidle on CSI?

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