The Amazing Race 12 Episode 3

The results were a little more as expected in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 2, where Kate & Pat were eliminated. Multiple couples are arguing, but none of them seem to be as bad as Ronald with his daughter (and everybody else).

We’re about 20 minutes behind with the football overrun, but a live blog will begin when the show starts.

Ronald developed a hernia during the previous leg and required medical attention at the pitstop.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived:

First: Lorena & Jason (4:19am)
Second: Nathan & Jennifer (4:30am)
Third: Shana & Jennifer (4:31am)
Fourth: Kynt & Vyxsin (5:21am)
Fifth: Azaria & Hendekea (5:22am)
Sixth: TK & Rachel (5:23am)
Seventh: Marianna & Julia (5:46am)
Eighth: Nicolas & Donald (5:47am)
Ninth: Ronald & Christina (6:26am)

The next stop is Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, a small developing nation in Africa that’s 3000 miles away. They first need to figure out where they heck they’re going, as they’re not given the country.

Jason says Lorena gets stressed out, like the girl in The Exorcist. Jen and Nathan are similarly struggling. Vyxsin says she takes on some masculine roles with Kynt.

Nathan & Jennifer are the only team able to get the first flight at 7:20am. The others get the 8am one, with Ronald & Christina just barely making it onboard. They’re all informed of a problem with the plane, and if they miss the connecting flight, there won’t be another one until the next day. I find it hard to believe they’d actually allow one team to get a 24 hour lead over everybody else, though it wouldn’t be the first case of extremely poor planning in this respect.

Despite the drama over the mechanical problems, all teams are now on the same flight to Burkina Faso.

The next stop is a train. They need to wait until 6am the next morning, so they’re going to have to kill some time. Grandpa Donald dances with Marianna and Julia. He says they’re fiesty, hot, and a little bitchy, but not bad.

The blondes make it pretty obvious they’re not comfortable with the poverty and lack of cleanliness, but everybody else embraces the situation.

The road block is camel milking. They must first milk them, then drink the milk. Donald is confident because he’s been around animals a lot before. Lorena’s afraid and a drama queen. TK’s the first to finish. Donald finishes pretty quickly and is second. Christina finishes third. Vyxsin is fourth. Nathan is fifth. And Lorena’s still being a drama queen. By this point, the remaining teams have dry camels. Azaria’s finally smart enough to switch camels, and the others follow suit. Azaria is in sixth. Jennifer finishes seventh. Julia finally finishes in eighth. Lorena? She’s still freaking out. Now crying on the ground. It’s really not that big a deal, and if she didn’t make it that big a deal, she’d be done by now. She does finally finish, though.

Teams must then lead four camels along a path. Hopefully camels are easier to deal with than donkeys. Nobody has any clue where they’re going, so they all just follow each other the wrong way. This leads to the detour: teach it or learn it. Teach it is teaching children 10 English words. In learn it, they must learn the local words for 10 items. I’d think learning would be the easier choice, but neither seem overly difficult.

Teach it: TK & Rachel, Nicolas & Donald, Ronald & Christina, Shana & Jennifer
Learn it: Kynt & Vyxsin, Azaria & Hendekea, Nathan & Jennifer, Lorena & Jason, Marianna & Julia

Azaria and Hendekea have no problem learning and are in first place. Shortly thereafter, the weather goes crazy (but they apparently made more out of this than necessary, as it looks like a pretty quick/mild storm), but they’re within running distance of the pitstop. The next five teams are all right on top of each other.

First: Azaria & Hendekea (win a trip for two to Bermuda)
Second: TK & Rachel
Third: Nathan & Jennifer
Fourth: Kynt & Vyxsin
Fifth: Ronald & Christina
Sixth: Nicolas & Donald
Seventh: Shana & Jennifer
Eighth: Lorena & Jason
Ninth: Marianna & Julia (eliminated)

While Marianna & Julia didn’t seem like a particularly strong team, after that complete and total meltdown, Lorena should be long gone. It’s only going to get worse from here, and if she breaks down that easily, it’s going to get ugly. On a positive note, Ronald made something of an effort to get along with his daughter.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 12 episode 4 Let’s Name Our Chicken Phil, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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