CSI: Season 8, Episode 2 – A La Cart

Last week’s episode was the ending to the miniature killer case, wherein Sara became the suspect’s target, the CSI team eventually finding out about Grissom and Sara’s relationship and the search for Sara in the desert.

This week, the team is faced with two unusual cases – one is the head of a varsity football player found in the desert and a high-profile murder of Hampton Huxley (The Hugh Hefner of CSI Las Vegas) in a hip restaurant called “Blind” that serves food in the dark.

Jim Brass, Catherine and Brown was assigned to the Blind crime scene, while Stokes and Greg investigates the beheaded guy. Back at the lab, Sara is questioned by Ecklie for an administrative inquiry about Grissom and their relationship.

Stokes and Greg discovers the identity of the varsity player (Matt Bartley) and his hobby was go-cart driving. They visited the go-cart venue to ask around about the victim, only to find out that he has been competing with “A-rod”, who usually loses to the vic. A-rod tries to escape, but Stokes captures him before he could get away.

Rodney Banks was brought to the station, confessing that they took their competition to the highway and stated that the last time he saw Bartley, he still had a head. He then dumped the body in the desert and towed the other go-cart back to the city.

At the Blind restaurant, Jim Brass questions the two “Kitties”, who are counterparts of Hugh Hefner’s Bunnies. Since they are the ones with Huxley during his death, they may have motifs. But blind waiters as well as the chef, who was once a Kitty, can also be the suspects.

Greg and Stokes investigate the two go-carts and determined that both cars had road dirt, but only one had blood stains. Grissom then had the idea that Matt Bartley may have been decapitated by accident, which could verify Rodney’s story. Grissom, Greg, Stokes and Ecklie experimented on a human dummy made of jelly to determine if an exploding truck tire could really cause decapitation. The experiment’s result: the dummy was beheaded.

At the lab, Dr. Al Robbins finds a pointed piece of a pen in Huxley’s head. Since the victim’s body had honey, ink and blood, the evidences and fingerprint led to one of the blind waiters. The blind waiter lost his eyesight 2 years back, when the chef and him were still dating. After stealing his recipes and ideas, the chef opens up her own restaurant and hires him to be a waiter. To finally get back at her, he kills Huxley and tries to set the chef up by placing the weapon on one of the Kitties’ bags (to give the chef a motif to kill).

The episode ends as Grissom and Sara were in the car talking about what they told Ecklie during the administrative inquiry. Sara tells Grissom that she’ll move to the “swing” since she needed the daylight. The episode ends with all the CSI team having a laugh while driving go-carts and Sara watching from afar (with her hands still injured). Does this mean Sara will be transfered?

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