Kyle XY Renewed for Season 3

ABC Family announced today it has picked up Kyle XY for an additional 10 episodes for its third season, TVGuide reports. Presumably, season 3 will start in the summer like the previous two seasons did, but no date has yet been announced. Currently, an additional 10 episodes are being filmed for the last half of season 2. During its first two seasons, Kyle XY has become one of ABC Family’s biggest hits, particularly among teens and young adults.

Additionally, Ally Sheedy will join the cast this season as Jessi XX’s mom.

8 thoughts on “Kyle XY Renewed for Season 3”

  1. I belive Kyle Has the makeing of Maby 2 more good seasons. Bringing it to 5. By bringing jessi into the mix gives the show more auction. And see what happens if there was more of darker side to the show. I belive season 3 Kyle and jessi might join up. To fight even stronger foe that will take both of them save the girl he loves. And others well will be good sidekicks lol. But now the wait is on to see what they come up with for the new shows.

  2. well its nice to hear about season 3 but i am a little sad that it will only b of 10 episodes……. hope to increase its number

    and love to see Andy jensen(magda-apanowicz) more in season 3

  3. I am very excited that they are making a third season. Hopefully they will make it more than 10 episodes and I hope that it goes for more than 3 seasons. It is a wonderful show and I haven’t liked a show like I like Kyle XY in a long time. I think ABCFamily is brilliant for this show. I think it is a show that can be watched by people of all ages and it has a great storyline as well as a great cast.

  4. Due to the strike, it’s unlikely we’ll see any more than 10 episodes for season 3. However, season 4 will probably be a full 20-22 episode season.

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