Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 10

Jessi and Kyle fooled Cassidy into believing Jessi was dead in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 9.

Cassidy has restarted the program that led to Kyle’s birth, thanks to the research done by the students at Latnok. Kyle doesn’t approve, but he will need to go along with it. Either that, or Cassidy will tell everybody what he did to Jessi. If he allows Cassidy to give the technology to Latnok, he’ll be allowed to go free. Now he just has to trust a blackmailer/murderer.

Jessi spots Kyle shirtless and is having difficulty keeping her hands to herself. His arms have grown, and his pectoral muscles are also expanding. Both of her hands feel nice, until he feels a shock.

Nicole doesn’t like this game they’re playing with Cassidy because he’s scary.

Josh wakes up and is all alone, but there’s a letter. He calls Andy’s voicemail and yells at it.

Jessi’s been watching cable, and she plans to find the location of the warehouse containing the formula by accessing the police’s thermal imaging scans, like how they find the people growing the weed.

Amanda comes to Kyle’s window. She thinks he’s right about Nate, who had a bunch of weird research in his dorm room. Why does she always get involved with the lying, cheating jerks? No matter what, though, Kyle’s one of the good guys, or at least he tries to be. Then she kisses him, and he gets butterflies. Now he’s confused.

Nicole volunteers to go to Latnok with Kyle to create a distraction. She visits Cassidy to talk to him about Jessi not coming home. While she does this, Kyle busts in to get data from the hard drives.

Jessi goes into Josh’s room to insult him about his dank, dark room. Based on what’s growing in a cup on his floor, she’s figured out how to stop the formula.

When he gets back home, Kyle burns Adam’s records of his experiments in order to prevent them from being done again, although he’s also burning his only real connection to the man who gave him life. He believes he saw the disc of the formula in the safe, so now he’ll have to go to Cassidy’s apartment as well. Nicole doesn’t like this new Kyle.

She’ll just have to live with it. Declan’s going to be Kyle’s wingman on this mission, and he will be picking the lock. This is bad because it’s breaking and entering, as if just entering was okay.

Kyle recognizes Cassidy’s mother’s name from Adam’s notebook. In addition to his passport, they’ve found the disc, containing the formula for the fluid. To add to that, Jessi has found the location where they are storing the formula by thermal imaging, and they can use bacteria to destroy it. Let’s see what else is on the disc. Previously, they used human embryos for this formula. Now, they’re creating clones. All the pod people are labelled 781227. They’re making clones… of Kyle. Kyle realizes he’s special because the Tragers took him in and treated him like one of their own children.

Leaving Jessi behind because she’s playing dead, Kyle is heading off to try to destroy the experiment by contaminating it. Before he leaves, he acknowledges he has feelings for her, so she kisses him after making sure there is no Nicole to interrupt, blowing out some lights in the process.

Declan has managed to patch up a video link by hacking into Andy’s minivan’s GPS. She couldn’t say goodbye to Josh, and she still can’t. So for now they’ll just say hello with a lot of miles in between them.

As Kyle’s working on contaminating the experiment, Mark comes in.

Amanda knocks on the window again. This time Jessi answers. She’s supposed to be like dead. Because Jessi can’t go anywhere, which she refuses to explain, she wants Amanda to break into Nate’s room and steal his files.

Kyle’s hanging from the ceiling and accidentally drops the syringe containing te contamination. He has to prevent it from falling with his mind.

Once Amanda breaks into Nate’s room, Jessi can hack into it on the other end. They see that there are a lot of things he’s been gathering on Kyle. Just then, Nate walks in. He phones Cassidy to tell him that Amanda and Jessi are going through his stuff.

Cassidy has ordered that everybody get out. As he’s preparing to evacuate, Mark sees a syringe fall on the ground, closely followed by Kyle. He’ll have to trust the guy who just broke in, which he agrees to do. He will buy Kyle enough time to do what he needs to do and get out.

When Kyle returns home, Cassidy is waiting for him.

There’s a reason why Jessi’s not there. She went to kick Nate’s door off the hinges. They find Sarah’s Latnok ring, which Nate stole from Cassidy. Spoiling the mood, Amanda tells her she will tell Kyle she wants him back.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s being tasered by Cassidy, who’s threatening Jessi, Amanda, and his family. So Kyle punches him through a newly created hole in the house. Just as Kyle grabs Cassidy by the throat, he tells him that his mother Grace Kingsley is his mother, too. They’re brothers.

Wait a minute. That’s it? You call that a series finale? Looks more like a cliffhanger to me. Damn ABC Family.

Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 9

Having bonded over Sarah’s disappearance and death, Kyle finally kissed Jessi in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 8.

Jessi’s having a dream about killing Cassidy.

Stephen suggests giving Andy a big send off. This leads to a discussion about how Kyle is like Dr. Spock.

Nicole’s not all that surprised by Kyle having feelings for Jessi, even if he is surprised. But them kissing while living there is inappropriate. Jessi overhears this discussion. This can only lead to badness.

Cassidy wants Nate to team up with Kyle.

Cassidy’s got a package in the mail. It’s the news story about the dead hunter from the start of season 2 (before ABC Family killed the show’s ratings).

Kyle understands Nicole’s rules, but Jessi doesn’t get it. According to Amanda, they’re definitely sitting at least two inches closer than they used to.

Now that Nate’s working with Kyle on this project, Jessi can’t be together with him at Latnok either. And they’ll have to leave The Rack now because Josh is tossing them out.

Kyle asks Cassidy why he has a problem with Jessi. He suspects her for poking around in the safe.

Lori knows something’s up with Jessi, who tells her that Kyle kissed her. Lori’s response: “Ew.”

At Lori’s suggestion, they discuss asking Cassidy out to dinner. They can have him eat there. In order to protect them, Kyle doesn’t want Josh or Lori there. Joining in with the others, Kyle doesn’t want Jessi there either.

While they’re working on their project, Kyle tries prying into Cassidy’s background. Nate doesn’t know who he works for. Amanda is happy to see the two of them together, which won’t last long since Kyle solved that project Cassidy has had people working on for months (oh, and Nate may have contributed something).

Josh is preparing to surprise Andy. While he’s doing his preparation, Andy tells Amanda that her moms changed their plans. They’re not leaving in three days. They’ll be leaving in the morning. Completely unaware of this turn of events, Josh has created the perfect Star Trek evening for them, complete with pointy ears.

Jackie and Mark arrive at The Rack and bump into Declan and Lori.

As planned, Cassidy is having dinner with Kyle and the parentals. As not planned, Jessi shows up. She changed her mind.

During the awkward double date, Mark says that Cassidy’s not the boss. So who is? Jackie says Cassidy’s in charge but that they have lots of freedom.

Andy used to dream about Dr. Spock. A little on the odd side. Then she thanks Josh and gets ready to say goodbye, but he doesn’t want to hear it. They’ve got plenty of time to say goodbye.

What Jessi would like to hear about: her mother. Cassidy denies knowing her. It’s Latnok she had… has a problem with. He’s a liar with secrets. With that said, he tells about how she killed the hunter an hour after she got out of the pod. Since there’s hesitation believing in her, she runs out.

Lori continues to pry. Mark thinks something is up, but anyway, he answers that Cassidy creeps him out.

Following the quite fun dinner, Kyle makes plans to meet with Cassidy at The Rack in half an hour.

Josh sneaks Andy into his room. His dad busts him but lets him get away with it.

Nate’s managed to get Amanda back to his room. When he goes to get them some soda, she discovers information about Adam and the boy with no belly button.

Cassidy arrives at The Rack as instructed. He’s greeted by a dark room and the last person he probably wants to see in said dark room: Jessi. Why did he kill Sarah? He might want to consider telling the truth because she could kill him with the flick of a wrist. He claims it was self defense, but Jessi doesn’t believe him, so she returns to inflicting pain in him. Sarah found out about Kyle, and she didn’t approve. Since she’s already a murderer, she might as well take out Cassidy, too. Then Kyle flings his hand and slams her into a wall. She’s dead, and he can’t bring her back. Cassidy wants to get Kyle out of there.

After they walk out, Foss walks in and tells Jessi she can get up now. She slowed her heartbeat down to convince him she was dead.

Before dinner, Jessi told Kyle the one secret she never shared, about the night she killed the guy who was camping. He understood. He always does.

They’ve fooled Cassidy, and he revealed that Latnok is restarting Adam’s experiment.

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Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 8

Kyle uncovered a secret about Cassidy in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 7. It seems that Cassidy is responsible for, or at least involved in, Sarah’s disappearance.

With their matching mood necklaces, Kyle and Jessi fall asleep together, and they look quite comfortable for two people who don’t even have feelings for each other.

When Kyle wakes up, Jessi’s doing some research by tapping into the rental car company’s records. The car was returned the day after Sarah supposedly left town. Kyle plays along that they’ll find her.

Josh wants to bring home a stray. Perhaps his dad will be dumb enough to let his teenage girlfriend move in with them.

Jessi is struggling with a headache, or something.

Lori’s going stir crazy, enough so that she jumps at the chance to go to The Rack with Declan.

Kyle causes a light to blow up to create a distraction for Jessi. She hopes to steal Sarah’s ring back, but she’s too sick to do so. Kyle believes she’s pretending until she faints.

Lori is busy boring Declan because she and Hilary refuse to be in the same room as each other. It’s a trap. Declan’s locking them in the room together until they learn to play nice.

Jessi is learning how to recall her holographic memories. Perhaps if she gets in his tub, she’ll be able to relax enough. She goes back to the day she found out that Sarah was gone. That was also the night she met Cassidy. Since he’d also met Kyle at Latnok, he must have been in a hurry to get back to beat her there. In his basket of laundry, she sees blood. That’s about all she can take since she’s burning up. Kyle believes the illness is psychosomatic.

Declan wants the girls to have a food fight… and spray each other with whipped cream.

Then a fourth wheel shows up, Declan’s new friend Jackie. Someone for both of them to hate equally.

If Jessi lets him, Kyle can access her memories.

Lori and Hilary aren’t being watched closely enough, which allows them to climb out the top of the room they’re in, right into a dumpster.

Kyle is able to access Jessi’s memories, but all he can see is the happy thoughts she’s thinking (all about him). He goes back to earlier when they were in bed together, and he’ll let her guide him through her memories. She takes him back to her and Cassidy in the hallway.

Now it’s Declan’s turn to be locked in a room by a couple of girls who could use a bath. They want to have a little chat with Jackie.

Josh is popping quarters into a machine until he pulls out a ring. Then he proposes to Andy. Her response involves the words idiot, asinine, and crazy.

Amanda sees the Latnok symbol on Nate, who now knows that Adam is Kyle’s father.

By adjusting their vision, Kyle and Jessi are able to see things in an ultraviolet light, like in a crime scene. She sees more blood, a lot more blood. With that, Jessi starts screaming. Kyle wants to figure things out another way, but Jessi pulls him back in. They have to break into apartment 505, but Kyle stops her. Then they hear a heartbeat, which is slower than it should be. It’s a memory, so they can’t change it, and they have to just listen to Sarah die.

Declan gets a kiss after Hilary and Lori are done with their interrogation. He can see the little blonde bimbo, but they will crush her if she hurts him.

It’s a good thing Declan left behind his food fight supplies so that Andy and Josh can work out some of their frustration. Still, Josh doesn’t know what he’s going to do to fix things.

Kyle has found Sarah’s disposable cell phone data. All her pictures were of Jessi.

Andy shows up to see Josh, but all she can do now is hold him.

Having bonded by going into Jessi’s mind, Kyle finally decides to kiss her.

When he checks his safe, Cassidy sees that Sarah’s ring is missing. He asks Nate, who tells him that Jessi was in his office earlier. Of course, Nate’s really the one with the ring.

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Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 7

Kyle went to Latnok as planned in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 6. Although they offered him a way out, the need for money to pay Nicole’s hospital bills pulled him back in. That said, perhaps the key part of the episode came at the end when Jessi finally admitted her feelings for him.

Granted, while Kyle thinks Jessi is thinking about him, Jessi is talking to Lori about Cassidy. Meanwhile, Nate’s trying to steal Amanda from Kyle.

Jessi wants a take back. She was either crazy or had ebola. Either way, she wants Kyle to unfreak if he is freaking.

Kyle wants to go back to Latnok, and Jessi wants to go with him. Cassidy is concerned that she’s volatile and unpredictable. Unlike Nate, apparently. His real concern is Sarah, who’s no friend of Latnok. Kyle will vouch for Jessi, so he says yes to keep him happy.

Andy and Josh are spending their last days together as she goes to Ohio of all places. At least they’re trying to do so in between the fighting and name calling.

When Kyle and Jessi arrive at Latnok, they’re told Cassidy wants to throw a party. They’re in charge of the “wow.”

Amanda receives an invite to the party from Nate. Josh likes the new jealous Kyle, who doesn’t want Nate taking advantage of Amanda.

Jessi asks: how does Amanda make him feel? She wants to understand the difference between friendship and love, so he responds how it’s like a chemical reaction, which she never experienced with him. She suggests testing their physiological compatibility to see whether they have chemistry. This sounds like the wow they’re looking for. The plan is to base it on a mood ring. Before he proceeds, he wants to make sure Amanda and Nate are two different colors, which requires DNA samples from both. Jessi can get something from Nate, while Josh just pulls a hair off Amanda’s head. Real subtle.

Josh gets a visit from a girl who’s excited to see him. He has no idea who she is, but she introduces herself as KBug223. Doesn’t ring a bell. Sounds like Andy’s been trying to hook him up.

Lori wants Amanda to eliminate the ex. But not literally. She only knocked someone unconscious in a dark alley once.

Kyle thinks he’s figured it out. Nate is green; Amanda is red. With that information, he hopes to get Amanda back, along with getting his life back by finding what Cassidy’s hiding.

Jessi has invited Josh and Lori to the party, and she doesn’t want to be a downer by uninviting them (like Kyle is). But he can feel free to uninvite them himself if he wants.

Josh wants to hold on to Andy, but she just wants him to let her go because it’s not practical to hold on.

Declan has discovered that Cassidy moved in the same day Sarah took off.

When he sees Amanda at the party, her necklace is green. That’s… different. A perfect match for Nate. Kyle thinks Nate may have done something to affect the results. Kyle’s and Jessi’s match (they’re not working at all), although Lori’s and Mark’s do not. They don’t want to be influenced by the lack of a match, though. Lori seems to finally have figured out that she’s been helping Jessi get Kyle, not Cassidy.

Declan and Jackie (the girl Kyle helped last week at Latnok) are matching yellow. He assures her he’s about 80% good guy.

Kyle heads into Cassidy’s office to try to crack the code. Inside the safe is a Latnok ring.

Deciding he agrees with Andy, Josh is at the party with Katie, both matching blue.

As Amanda and Nate are about to kiss, Kyle interferes. She doesn’t want to talk to either of them, but Kyle realizes she’s right. He can’t measure love with science.

Lori’s figured out the real culprit. Jessi was the one who messed with Amanda’s necklace.

Josh is not quite ready to start kissing just yet.

Kyle’s sure that the ring in the safe is Sarah’s. It has a red stone and is one of a kind. Now he can’t get his life back, and he can’t be with Amanda.

Nate admits to Amanda that he just asked her out to get back at Kyle, but he enjoyed himself afterward.

Jessi apologizes to Amanda for messing with the necklace, but she realizes that Kyle and Amanda want to be with each other and should be together.

Jackie doesn’t need a ride home. She’s already got one from Declan. Not good news for Lori.

Josh and Andy agree she’s an idiot. Back to Josh’s plan. Two teenagers living across the country. Yeah, that’ll work.

A confused Amanda doesn’t want to be mad any more and wants to follow her heart, but Kyle doesn’t want her to get hurt. He can’t explain.

Kyle tells Jessi what he found. How does he explain the letter Sarah wrote and the checks she’s been sending? Since Cassidy gave him a check to pay for the necklaces, he knows the same person wrote everything because the writing is the same. After promising to help her find out what happened to Sarah, their mood necklaces start working, and they match.

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Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 6

A weekend getaway turned serious in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 5. Nicole got into a car wreck, and in order to save her, Kyle had to agree to join Latnok.

Jessi asks Lori to not say anything to Kyle about her seeing Cassidy. Lori agrees, in exchange for blackmailing her with keys to her apartment.

Stephen and Nicole have received the hospital bill, as exhorbitant as can be expected. Imagine if the doctors had actually saved her life.

Kyle goes to visit Latnok as planned. It’s at the university, which gives them space in exchange for bragging rights about their advances in science and technology. Cassidy has told the others Kyle’s a boy genius but not much more. Mark’s among those he meets.

Andy is back and may possibly have changed her mind about jumping Josh’s bones. The may possibly part seems to have passed, but it’s back again once Lori walks in the room without knocking. At least it was her and not mom.

Lori knows they can’t pay the hospital bill because they walked her through the family finances last year.

Kyle wants Mark to tell Lori the truth. Perhaps Latnok can assist with the family’s problem. By chasing grants, Mark cleared more than $80k last year. Cassidy asks Kyle to go home, sleep on it, and if he’s not back in the morning then that’s that.

Josh works a minimum wage job. Lori doesn’t work at all, but maybe she could take her guitar and work on a street corner. Josh suggests losing the guitar. Kyle’s got a better idea. He calls Cassidy and will be back tomorrow.

Kyle plans to join a hoverboard competition. He’ll have 36 hours to prepare. Nate, who believes he’s the top dog there, has been trying to do this for over a year and is still working out the bugs.

Lori tells Amanda that Jessi’s over Kyle, so maybe she doesn’t have to be.

Josh plans to sell everything he owns online. Andy will be his boxer/shipper. He will be using Jessi’s apartment, which he blackmailed out of Lori by inferring things (he’s got nothing on her, but she’s a very guilty person). Andy’s happy to help, if they can get to the reward part first. Alone in the apartment with no chance of getting caught. A lot of couples would kill for that chance. Perhaps they would pay for it instead. Josh has a new scheme, which does not involve jumping his girlfriend.

Kyle is working on his board and gets a kiss from the girl who he helped with her science experiment. Her tomato plants doubled their growth in 12 hours thanks to him.

Lori has decided to not go to college to save money. Her mom who just got out of the hospital and has a weak heart isn’t having it.

Jessi has been given some instructions from the others. Lori doesn’t want Nicole to strain herself, and Kyle doesn’t want her to worry. She reveals that Kyle’s working with Latnok, and Nicole wants him to end things. He can’t.

One of Josh’s friends calls to cancel a 10:30 appointment. The guilty looking Lori knows what’s going on. The 10:30 arrives. It’s mom and dad. There go Josh’s plans.

Nate doesn’t want Kyle to take over. He refuses to help Kyle by sharing his supplies.

Amanda brings over some lasagne. It’s for the family, even though her eyes are darting around looking for Kyle. Her favorite person Jessi answers the door. She doesn’t have a new boyfriend, even if Lori told Amanda that.

Cassidy wants to know how they can earn Kyle’s trust. Considering his project has been wrecked, they probably can’t. Nate ruined it and doesn’t care. Kyle walks out and is going to take care of his family.

When he goes home, he still wants to make a hoverboard, though he doesn’t have any good materials for it. Josh suggests cheating, but Kyle has a pesky problem with having morals.

Jessi has been getting money from Sarah for expenses. She offers to pay rent. Nicole realizes that everybody knows about the bill. She wants to be the adult and take care of the bills, but Kyle blames himself for the accident. He’ll fix the problem by finishing the project and winning the competition. Stephen offers to help. Eventually, Nicole agrees to help as well, and it turns into a family project. They test it out, and it works. Briefly. The magnets aren’t pure enough. They could get some from Latnok, but Nicole doesn’t want Kyle to ask. With Sarah’s checks, there’s another alternative. Jessi tracks down an online supplier to get the magnets cheaper, so at least now they have a chance.

Some of the people from Latnok show up to help Kyle. He can trust them. None of them are named Nate. Mark’s one of them, and since Lori’s there, he tells her that he’s part of Latnok. Kyle and Nate are on stage at the same time showing off their hoverboards. Josh just hopes nothing explodes. Nate keeps going higher so he can beat Kyle, but it’s not quite enough. Round one to Kyle, who wins $50,000. Nate promises round two.

Now Josh is rearing to go, but Andy isn’t. He may have escaped having to sell the house and move, but she’s going to Cleveland.

Nate arrives at The Rack, where he meets Amanda. Round two.

Kyle’s still upset with Jessi for having been manipulated by Cassidy into getting him to join them. To regain his trust, she tells him that Amanda came by the other day and probably still likes him. But she wants him to be with her instead.

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Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 5

Declan got Kyle drunk in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 4, and chaos ensued. At the end of the night when Kyle was back to normal, he decided to go tell Amanda everything, but Foss came along to tell him Adam’s dead before he could get the chance.

Kyle, Nicole, and Josh are driving for a weekend away, as much as a weekend away at a psychology conference can be anyway. Kyle’s supposed to be getting away from his problems, but his problems haunt him. Not paying attention, he misses the exit, heading straight for an accident as he avoids hitting a pregnant woman and goes off the side of the road. Everybody’s okay, but the car looks totaled. Nicole is stuck, unable to open the door or get the seatbelt off.

The pregnant’s checking to make sure everybody is okay and wants someone to help push her car off the road so she’s no longer a highway hazard. She plans to just go for a walk down the highway and try to flag someone down, although nobody ever takes that road. That whole with child bit isn’t stopping her. Until her water breaks.

Jessi has taken one of Lori’s shirts. She’s saving her from the fact that the shirt doesn’t look as good on her. Perhaps they can share now that they’ve split the shirt in two.

Now Josh has made his way up to the pregnant lady, who doesn’t think she has to worry about giving birth any time soon despite her water having broken, though Kyle informs her she’s got between 2 hours and 1 day. She mostly just wants to find a way to insult Josh and Kyle. Nicole still can’t get out, she doesn’t want Kyle to leave to get help, and Josh has a limp. Kyle’s probably going to get stuck delivering this baby.

Kyle can feel the baby’s heartbeat, even if the mother, Gretchen, can’t. She wants to know what other superpowers he’s got. Flight is unfortunately not one of them. Kyle tries to send a message telepathically to Jessi. She’s playing a board game and spells out the word accident.

Despite her insistence she’s okay, Nicole is bleeding.

With the contractions getting closer, Kyle knows he may have to deliver the baby. In order to do that, he’s going to have to look somewhere he may not be prepared to look.

Back at the house, Jessi’s getting some signal but doesn’t know what it is. But looking at the game board, she thinks she’s figured it out. All the words relate to the accident.

Sensing that the heartbeat is fading, Kyle goes to ask Nicole for advice, when he realizes she’s bleeding. She insists he go back up the hill and deliver the baby, which he plans to do with the help of an electrical charge.

Jessi’s doing some detective work, but the computer can’t tell her what the signal from Kyle does. She knows where they are.

When the next contraction hits, Kyle charges up and has Gretchen push. It’s a boy. She hopes he has an inny. Josh suggests she should just be glad he’s got a belly button at all.

Kyle returns to the car to find Nicole much worse off and passed out. Just then the paramedics arrive.

At the hospital Kyle hears a grim report, but at least Nicole’s stable, albeit critical. They’ll have to just sit and wait until she’s out of the ICU and feeling better. Kyle blames himself and wants to do something about it. Josh tells him he needs to find a way. So he breaks into a locker and steals a badge, then starts reading medical journals.

Lori’s in the process of assaulting a vending machine, not happy being unable to help, but Stephen says she helps by just being there.

Kyle goes in with the interns and pretends to be one of them doing the rounds. Nicole is among the patients they meet. He knows that, if her heart rate continues to fall, her kidneys will fail, with other organs following. The doctor has done all he can. Kyle wants to rebuild her cells, but the doctor tells him that’s years off. When he gets her alone, Kyle promises Nicole she’ll be okay, and he gives her a jolt. Still, he doesn’t believe it’s enough to help her.

Watching the baby, he gets an idea. The fluid from the pod that Adam used to heal himself from a gunshot wound may be the right way to cure Nicole. Jessi suggests going to Latnok. There’s no other alternative.

Lori tells Jessi she should go back inside the hospital because she’s family. Lori apologizes for being a miserable person sometimes.

Kyle pays a visit to Cassidy, who tells him he can get him the fluid. For a price. He has to join them. Since Nicole saved his life, his choice has already been made, and he injects the fluid into her IV. She immediately shows signs of recovery.

Having received a bunch of calls from a scared Josh, Andy arrives at the hospital.

Jessi meets up with Cassidy. She doesn’t like being dishonest with Kyle, but she did it to save Nicole’s life.

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Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 4

In order to save Amanda from the thing Latnok put in her brain, Kyle figured out he needed to kiss her in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 3. To get it right, though, he had to practice on Jessi. For some strange reason, Amanda got upset by this. Mark and Lori suffered similar chaos, as he was forced to stop seeing her.

Kyle is wallowing in his tub. Josh suggests some alone time with a magazine. Lori suggests music. Jessi plans to simply wipe Kyle’s memory of Amanda, until Nicole interrupts. When he walks out of the room, his phone rings. The caller ID says Foss.

Kyle, Jessi, Declan, and Josh head to The Rack, surprised to see Amanda’s working (Kyle thought he memorized her schedule). Not feeling welcome, Jessi walks out. Declan tells Kyle not to bother talking to Amanda because he’s finished and it’s over.

Lori’s moping, stuck, and carless, so she decides to go to the apartment with Jessi because it’s better than being at home, even if there is nothing to do there.

Declan drags Kyle and Josh to a bar that doesn’t check ID’s. Kyle arrives to find girls staring at him, which prompts him to want to call Amanda. Declan has a different idea… getting wasted. After he gets his buzz on, Kyle goes 6 minutes and 14 seconds without thinking about Amanda. Then they teach him that you can’t say “I love you” to another guy without having another word after it.

Jessi tells Lori the obvious: she’s romantically interested in Kyle. She thinks Kyle feels the same way, or he will eventually.

After bouncing some coins into a glass on the same table, Kyle offers to go double or nothing, betting that he can bounce a dime off a table, off the bar, a neon sign, a lightbulb, and the beer tap into the glass. He wins. Then he begins messing with the lights and moving things with his mind, admitting he was born in a pod. Foss calls him, but he’s more interested in telling a room full of strangers the truth, so he hangs up. Once he shows his lack of belly button, Josh and Declan drag him out of there, but not in time to prevent their car from being towed.

Lori manages to convince Jessi to go ahead and meet Cassidy at The Rack, instead of waiting around for months, years, or forever for Kyle to get over Amanda. Then Mark arrives. Apparently Cassidy is allowing him to see Lori now.

When they go to pick up their car from the impound lot, they’re asked for the registration, which is locked in the car.

Nicole tells Stephen he’s wrong for giving Lori such a hard time about seeing Mark, a nice young man who happens to work for an organization that may or may not be evil.

Josh climbs the fence and rips his shirt. Kyle takes a different approach and rips the fence down. Not feeling well, Kyle throws up so he feels better, or in his words alters the polarity of his liver to restore his body to homeostasis. Then Declan steals the car, but it’s Josh’s car. They shred the back tire during their getaway. Somehow this leads Declan to begin yelling at Kyle. It turns out he’s taking his ankle out on others. It’s been fractured for years and never healed right, so basketball’s history.

After some screaming, Mark stops Lori from bailing and kisses her.

As they’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and no spare, the guy from the impound lot shows up to threaten them with a chain, which Kyle takes from him and uses to tie him up.

Cassidy is having a chat with Jessi and tells her to act on her special bond with Kyle. Well, things had been going fine anyway, but she’s suspicious now that he knows a name she’s never mentioned.

Josh and Declan want Kyle to tell Amanda the truth, but he can’t. He’s afraid he’ll lose her, not that he hasn’t already. They convince him he’s got nothing left to lose. As he goes to talk with her, though, Foss shows up. Adam died, which changes everything.

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