Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 9

Having bonded over Sarah’s disappearance and death, Kyle finally kissed Jessi in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 8.

Jessi’s having a dream about killing Cassidy.

Stephen suggests giving Andy a big send off. This leads to a discussion about how Kyle is like Dr. Spock.

Nicole’s not all that surprised by Kyle having feelings for Jessi, even if he is surprised. But them kissing while living there is inappropriate. Jessi overhears this discussion. This can only lead to badness.

Cassidy wants Nate to team up with Kyle.

Cassidy’s got a package in the mail. It’s the news story about the dead hunter from the start of season 2 (before ABC Family killed the show’s ratings).

Kyle understands Nicole’s rules, but Jessi doesn’t get it. According to Amanda, they’re definitely sitting at least two inches closer than they used to.

Now that Nate’s working with Kyle on this project, Jessi can’t be together with him at Latnok either. And they’ll have to leave The Rack now because Josh is tossing them out.

Kyle asks Cassidy why he has a problem with Jessi. He suspects her for poking around in the safe.

Lori knows something’s up with Jessi, who tells her that Kyle kissed her. Lori’s response: “Ew.”

At Lori’s suggestion, they discuss asking Cassidy out to dinner. They can have him eat there. In order to protect them, Kyle doesn’t want Josh or Lori there. Joining in with the others, Kyle doesn’t want Jessi there either.

While they’re working on their project, Kyle tries prying into Cassidy’s background. Nate doesn’t know who he works for. Amanda is happy to see the two of them together, which won’t last long since Kyle solved that project Cassidy has had people working on for months (oh, and Nate may have contributed something).

Josh is preparing to surprise Andy. While he’s doing his preparation, Andy tells Amanda that her moms changed their plans. They’re not leaving in three days. They’ll be leaving in the morning. Completely unaware of this turn of events, Josh has created the perfect Star Trek evening for them, complete with pointy ears.

Jackie and Mark arrive at The Rack and bump into Declan and Lori.

As planned, Cassidy is having dinner with Kyle and the parentals. As not planned, Jessi shows up. She changed her mind.

During the awkward double date, Mark says that Cassidy’s not the boss. So who is? Jackie says Cassidy’s in charge but that they have lots of freedom.

Andy used to dream about Dr. Spock. A little on the odd side. Then she thanks Josh and gets ready to say goodbye, but he doesn’t want to hear it. They’ve got plenty of time to say goodbye.

What Jessi would like to hear about: her mother. Cassidy denies knowing her. It’s Latnok she had… has a problem with. He’s a liar with secrets. With that said, he tells about how she killed the hunter an hour after she got out of the pod. Since there’s hesitation believing in her, she runs out.

Lori continues to pry. Mark thinks something is up, but anyway, he answers that Cassidy creeps him out.

Following the quite fun dinner, Kyle makes plans to meet with Cassidy at The Rack in half an hour.

Josh sneaks Andy into his room. His dad busts him but lets him get away with it.

Nate’s managed to get Amanda back to his room. When he goes to get them some soda, she discovers information about Adam and the boy with no belly button.

Cassidy arrives at The Rack as instructed. He’s greeted by a dark room and the last person he probably wants to see in said dark room: Jessi. Why did he kill Sarah? He might want to consider telling the truth because she could kill him with the flick of a wrist. He claims it was self defense, but Jessi doesn’t believe him, so she returns to inflicting pain in him. Sarah found out about Kyle, and she didn’t approve. Since she’s already a murderer, she might as well take out Cassidy, too. Then Kyle flings his hand and slams her into a wall. She’s dead, and he can’t bring her back. Cassidy wants to get Kyle out of there.

After they walk out, Foss walks in and tells Jessi she can get up now. She slowed her heartbeat down to convince him she was dead.

Before dinner, Jessi told Kyle the one secret she never shared, about the night she killed the guy who was camping. He understood. He always does.

They’ve fooled Cassidy, and he revealed that Latnok is restarting Adam’s experiment.

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