Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 8

Kyle uncovered a secret about Cassidy in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 7. It seems that Cassidy is responsible for, or at least involved in, Sarah’s disappearance.

With their matching mood necklaces, Kyle and Jessi fall asleep together, and they look quite comfortable for two people who don’t even have feelings for each other.

When Kyle wakes up, Jessi’s doing some research by tapping into the rental car company’s records. The car was returned the day after Sarah supposedly left town. Kyle plays along that they’ll find her.

Josh wants to bring home a stray. Perhaps his dad will be dumb enough to let his teenage girlfriend move in with them.

Jessi is struggling with a headache, or something.

Lori’s going stir crazy, enough so that she jumps at the chance to go to The Rack with Declan.

Kyle causes a light to blow up to create a distraction for Jessi. She hopes to steal Sarah’s ring back, but she’s too sick to do so. Kyle believes she’s pretending until she faints.

Lori is busy boring Declan because she and Hilary refuse to be in the same room as each other. It’s a trap. Declan’s locking them in the room together until they learn to play nice.

Jessi is learning how to recall her holographic memories. Perhaps if she gets in his tub, she’ll be able to relax enough. She goes back to the day she found out that Sarah was gone. That was also the night she met Cassidy. Since he’d also met Kyle at Latnok, he must have been in a hurry to get back to beat her there. In his basket of laundry, she sees blood. That’s about all she can take since she’s burning up. Kyle believes the illness is psychosomatic.

Declan wants the girls to have a food fight… and spray each other with whipped cream.

Then a fourth wheel shows up, Declan’s new friend Jackie. Someone for both of them to hate equally.

If Jessi lets him, Kyle can access her memories.

Lori and Hilary aren’t being watched closely enough, which allows them to climb out the top of the room they’re in, right into a dumpster.

Kyle is able to access Jessi’s memories, but all he can see is the happy thoughts she’s thinking (all about him). He goes back to earlier when they were in bed together, and he’ll let her guide him through her memories. She takes him back to her and Cassidy in the hallway.

Now it’s Declan’s turn to be locked in a room by a couple of girls who could use a bath. They want to have a little chat with Jackie.

Josh is popping quarters into a machine until he pulls out a ring. Then he proposes to Andy. Her response involves the words idiot, asinine, and crazy.

Amanda sees the Latnok symbol on Nate, who now knows that Adam is Kyle’s father.

By adjusting their vision, Kyle and Jessi are able to see things in an ultraviolet light, like in a crime scene. She sees more blood, a lot more blood. With that, Jessi starts screaming. Kyle wants to figure things out another way, but Jessi pulls him back in. They have to break into apartment 505, but Kyle stops her. Then they hear a heartbeat, which is slower than it should be. It’s a memory, so they can’t change it, and they have to just listen to Sarah die.

Declan gets a kiss after Hilary and Lori are done with their interrogation. He can see the little blonde bimbo, but they will crush her if she hurts him.

It’s a good thing Declan left behind his food fight supplies so that Andy and Josh can work out some of their frustration. Still, Josh doesn’t know what he’s going to do to fix things.

Kyle has found Sarah’s disposable cell phone data. All her pictures were of Jessi.

Andy shows up to see Josh, but all she can do now is hold him.

Having bonded by going into Jessi’s mind, Kyle finally decides to kiss her.

When he checks his safe, Cassidy sees that Sarah’s ring is missing. He asks Nate, who tells him that Jessi was in his office earlier. Of course, Nate’s really the one with the ring.

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