High School Musical 4 in 2010 on Disney Channel

To the surprise of nobody, High School Musical will be getting another installment. THR reports that HSM4 will be making its return to Disney Channel, in line with the first two films of the franchise.

Apparently, the $250 million High School Musical 3: Senior Year grossed on the big screen was not enough to make up for the decline in soundtrack sales (not to mention posters, sleeping bags, and Zac Efron action figures).

The original High School Musical premiered in January 2006 and has since been seen by 290 million viewers. High School Musical 2 premiered in 2007 to 18.6 million viewers, making it the highest ranked basic cable telecast of all time, with total viewership now at about 300 million.

Peter Baroscchini, writer of the first three movies, will return, as will executive producers Bill Borden and Bary Rosenbush.

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