Life on Mars Cancelled

Life on Mars, which got off to a good start on Thursdays, fizzled quickly, especially after it got moved to ABC’s death night of Wednesday (Lost notwithstanding). The show will finish off the remainder of its first season and then be cancelled as of next month.

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  1. I Can’t stop the show from being cancelled so I’ll just give my opinion of how it should end. Sam wakes up from his coma in 2008 and those from 1973 are there in his hospital room.

  2. First it was Journeyman, and now this. TV sucks. We can all watch Celebrity Apprentice though, so that’s good, right? I suppose if it was called Life on Mars CSI, it would still be on.

  3. Really sorry to hear that Life on Mars has been cancelled. Each show was better than the last. As a person approximately the same age as Sam Tyler, it was a real treat to go back in time with Sam and re-live the early seventies. I loved the music and the actors. Good shows should be given a bit more time to find their stride. It seems that the television executives of ABC have the attention spans of gerbils and the commitment of fly-by-night scam artists. Best of luck to the cast and crew of Lost on Mars. You guys were the best!


  4. I can’t believe that this show is being canceled! Life on Mars is an excellent show. To cancel this show and keep stupid shows like the Bachelor or Wife Swap, makes you really wonder what kind of idiots are in charge! They should definitely rethink this decision!!

  5. I am very upset that Life On Mars has been cancelled. This is one of the best shows on television right now. Cancel the reality tv crap and leave the good stuff!! Great story lines; great acting; great concept; and GREAT music! Save our show!!!

  6. What are the execs at ABC thinking?……obviously they are not!!! They finally come up with a great show with interesting story lines and characters, not to mention the uniqueness of the overall plot of the series. ABC should seriously reconsider this decision and give Life On Mars another season to prove they can pull the ratings. If they don’t then it would be another reason why ABC continues to get hammered in the ratings by the other networks.

  7. Thanks alot guys.Feed us some more mindless crap.Me and my other half were getting into watching the show and loved the cast and music and all the stuff from that we grew up with .I thought it had a good story line.I guess you all want to dummy us down with reality shows.Bring it back!I agree with all of you, Good show.

  8. I am very upset that Life On Mars has been cancelled. This is one of the best shows on television right now. Cancel the reality tv crap and leave the good stuff!! Great story lines; great acting; great concept; and GREAT music! Save our show!!!

  9. 1/ Ratings are irrelevant these days as so many people watch TV online.

    3/ ABC doesn’t understand TV in the modern age. Ironically, it’s execs still LIVE in 1973.

    3/ Just buy the DVD set of, or download, or even watch online the ORIGINAL (and better) UK BBC version. That way you can find out what happens to Sam.

  10. This is the best show ever, please reconsider!! The best storyline, music, very realistic, music, funny and awesome characters and actors. Cancelling is a stupid move!

  11. Shame on ABC for canceling Life on Mars. They should take their pacifiers out of their mouths and grow up and put good shows back on TV.

  12. I just can’t believe they’re actually cancelling Life On Mars. Everyone I know watches it. It’s a great series, well written, the concept was solid and the acting perfect. ABC just doesn’t know what it’s doing. I was actually worried about how to watch the program once Jay Leno started at 10PM. No worries now. Bye bye ABC. You deserve the loss in viewers.

  13. Come the eff on, removing this show is idiotic as all hell. This show had a storyline that I actually enjoyed. For effing sake, the ABC Exec’s are making another huge mistake. Congratulations, you just ruined another great show by removing it!

  14. Help save this show. We are hoping another network picks it up. We love and enjoy our Wednesday night in our house. ALl our friends and family love it too. It makes no sense how you can take this show off


  16. What the crap man?!! Can’t believe they are cancelling the show. That was the only show I watched on ABC. Guess there won’t be any shows that will come along anytime soon that will grab my attention like Life on Mars did. That was such an awesome show!!! I was really looking forward to a lot more seasons!!

  17. This show had its problems from the very first episode. I’m sorry, but Harvey Keitel is now too old to play the overbearing police squad leader. It’s embarrassing to watch him wheeze through his lines and struggle with the physical action requirements. Secondly, Michael Imperioli was cast as the peer on the squad who is always giving Detective Sam Tyler a hard time. Unfortunatley, as he displayed in his earlier role on “The Sopranos”, Michael’s niche is not tough guy, but bad guy with a heart (albeit a conflicted, wavering psychopath). Sure, ABC can afford the rights to the great 70’s music that the BBC obviously could not afford. But you run into problems right away when the original UK series was planned as a one-season-only presentation, and everything on the American “telly” is initially planned to run for years.

  18. So next week is the last show, This sucks! I thought at least 2 seasons: that would be perfect. But ABC is not in the business of having good TV shows anymore. Just want to save the cash by paying a few bucks to reality TV suckers. Every thing about this show was great actors setting, and the feel. It has been a long time since ABC had a show this good, of course they canceled it. They like being last.

  19. ABC made a terrible mistake when they canceled Life on Mars. Wonderfully written, beautifully acted–finally a story we couldn’t wait to see. Stupid.

  20. I can’t believe Life on Mars has been cancelled!! I have watched it since the night it premiered and immediately set the DVR to record it every week. I’ve told all my friends about it!! This is one of two shows that we never miss. I love ALL the actors, and the time travel concept. Bravo to the writers and actors. PUT THIS SHOW BACK ON!!!!!

  21. ABC finally has a show I want to watch after Lost… and they cancel it. Television has become like the music business. No one wants to invest in quality so that it develops and finds an audience.

    Pander to the lowest common denominator, don’t try to make anything of substance, let HBO and Showtime be creative, then wonder why they get the Emmy’s and DVD sales.

    Two of the best shows ever on television, Seinfeld and Homocide: Life on the Street, would have been canceled after one season if immediate ratings were all that mattered, but they were allowed to grow and gain marketshare. Oh yeah… that was NBC!

  22. I am SO sad that Life On Mars was cancelled. I thought it was a very original show that kept my interest through the entire season. I will miss it!

  23. I am so sad Life on Mars was cancelled! I looked forward to it every Weds. night! The ending sucked too, he should have woken up in 2009 and found everyone from 1973! Even the UK picked up their own version of it, Ashes to Ashes! It had to have been somewhat of a creative idea. I mean, Lost is still on, COME ON, that show has just gotten ridiculous! I will miss this show so much!

  24. I was surprised to see the last episode as being the series finale. It was only at 17 episodes and the series was going strong. Oh yeah, I am not a pinheaded ABC exec. I loved the show and agree with most of you about the reality crap that is being churned out these days. I think the ending was ok, but the time after he woke up should have been at least half the episode. I thought he should have woken up from a coma and then looked up the old folks from the 125th and found that they actually existed and actually remembered him. That would have been a great twist. Oh well, the creativeness of ABC is non-existent. Reality shows cost far less then real ones and there are a lot of brain dead people that eat them up.

  25. What a shame. Awesome show, great actors, great music. Going back to the 70’s, great as well. This was such a good, I cannot believe it is cancelled. I have to say though, what creativity in the writing for the final chapter of this show. Unbelievable! I was on the edge of the chair wondering how they were going to end it, kudos to everyone who participated in the writing. Well I guess I’ll have to find something else now to watch 🙁 What a shame it had to be cancelled…….

  26. Not a surprise at all. Great show but it actually features REAL actors who need to be paid, not just a bunch of reality idiots who play out their lives to be on camera and do it for free. That’s the future of television… Reality crap, people peering into other people’s lives. (but somehow the ratings are great for these lame reality shows) No wonder the internet is taking over as peoples first choice of entertainment. Hey ABC, NBC, et. al, GET SOME CAJONES and run a good show, promote a good show and sell a good show with actors and writers, that’s entertainment!

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