Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 4

In order to save Amanda from the thing Latnok put in her brain, Kyle figured out he needed to kiss her in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 3. To get it right, though, he had to practice on Jessi. For some strange reason, Amanda got upset by this. Mark and Lori suffered similar chaos, as he was forced to stop seeing her.

Kyle is wallowing in his tub. Josh suggests some alone time with a magazine. Lori suggests music. Jessi plans to simply wipe Kyle’s memory of Amanda, until Nicole interrupts. When he walks out of the room, his phone rings. The caller ID says Foss.

Kyle, Jessi, Declan, and Josh head to The Rack, surprised to see Amanda’s working (Kyle thought he memorized her schedule). Not feeling welcome, Jessi walks out. Declan tells Kyle not to bother talking to Amanda because he’s finished and it’s over.

Lori’s moping, stuck, and carless, so she decides to go to the apartment with Jessi because it’s better than being at home, even if there is nothing to do there.

Declan drags Kyle and Josh to a bar that doesn’t check ID’s. Kyle arrives to find girls staring at him, which prompts him to want to call Amanda. Declan has a different idea… getting wasted. After he gets his buzz on, Kyle goes 6 minutes and 14 seconds without thinking about Amanda. Then they teach him that you can’t say “I love you” to another guy without having another word after it.

Jessi tells Lori the obvious: she’s romantically interested in Kyle. She thinks Kyle feels the same way, or he will eventually.

After bouncing some coins into a glass on the same table, Kyle offers to go double or nothing, betting that he can bounce a dime off a table, off the bar, a neon sign, a lightbulb, and the beer tap into the glass. He wins. Then he begins messing with the lights and moving things with his mind, admitting he was born in a pod. Foss calls him, but he’s more interested in telling a room full of strangers the truth, so he hangs up. Once he shows his lack of belly button, Josh and Declan drag him out of there, but not in time to prevent their car from being towed.

Lori manages to convince Jessi to go ahead and meet Cassidy at The Rack, instead of waiting around for months, years, or forever for Kyle to get over Amanda. Then Mark arrives. Apparently Cassidy is allowing him to see Lori now.

When they go to pick up their car from the impound lot, they’re asked for the registration, which is locked in the car.

Nicole tells Stephen he’s wrong for giving Lori such a hard time about seeing Mark, a nice young man who happens to work for an organization that may or may not be evil.

Josh climbs the fence and rips his shirt. Kyle takes a different approach and rips the fence down. Not feeling well, Kyle throws up so he feels better, or in his words alters the polarity of his liver to restore his body to homeostasis. Then Declan steals the car, but it’s Josh’s car. They shred the back tire during their getaway. Somehow this leads Declan to begin yelling at Kyle. It turns out he’s taking his ankle out on others. It’s been fractured for years and never healed right, so basketball’s history.

After some screaming, Mark stops Lori from bailing and kisses her.

As they’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and no spare, the guy from the impound lot shows up to threaten them with a chain, which Kyle takes from him and uses to tie him up.

Cassidy is having a chat with Jessi and tells her to act on her special bond with Kyle. Well, things had been going fine anyway, but she’s suspicious now that he knows a name she’s never mentioned.

Josh and Declan want Kyle to tell Amanda the truth, but he can’t. He’s afraid he’ll lose her, not that he hasn’t already. They convince him he’s got nothing left to lose. As he goes to talk with her, though, Foss shows up. Adam died, which changes everything.

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