Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 10

Jessi and Kyle fooled Cassidy into believing Jessi was dead in Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 9.

Cassidy has restarted the program that led to Kyle’s birth, thanks to the research done by the students at Latnok. Kyle doesn’t approve, but he will need to go along with it. Either that, or Cassidy will tell everybody what he did to Jessi. If he allows Cassidy to give the technology to Latnok, he’ll be allowed to go free. Now he just has to trust a blackmailer/murderer.

Jessi spots Kyle shirtless and is having difficulty keeping her hands to herself. His arms have grown, and his pectoral muscles are also expanding. Both of her hands feel nice, until he feels a shock.

Nicole doesn’t like this game they’re playing with Cassidy because he’s scary.

Josh wakes up and is all alone, but there’s a letter. He calls Andy’s voicemail and yells at it.

Jessi’s been watching cable, and she plans to find the location of the warehouse containing the formula by accessing the police’s thermal imaging scans, like how they find the people growing the weed.

Amanda comes to Kyle’s window. She thinks he’s right about Nate, who had a bunch of weird research in his dorm room. Why does she always get involved with the lying, cheating jerks? No matter what, though, Kyle’s one of the good guys, or at least he tries to be. Then she kisses him, and he gets butterflies. Now he’s confused.

Nicole volunteers to go to Latnok with Kyle to create a distraction. She visits Cassidy to talk to him about Jessi not coming home. While she does this, Kyle busts in to get data from the hard drives.

Jessi goes into Josh’s room to insult him about his dank, dark room. Based on what’s growing in a cup on his floor, she’s figured out how to stop the formula.

When he gets back home, Kyle burns Adam’s records of his experiments in order to prevent them from being done again, although he’s also burning his only real connection to the man who gave him life. He believes he saw the disc of the formula in the safe, so now he’ll have to go to Cassidy’s apartment as well. Nicole doesn’t like this new Kyle.

She’ll just have to live with it. Declan’s going to be Kyle’s wingman on this mission, and he will be picking the lock. This is bad because it’s breaking and entering, as if just entering was okay.

Kyle recognizes Cassidy’s mother’s name from Adam’s notebook. In addition to his passport, they’ve found the disc, containing the formula for the fluid. To add to that, Jessi has found the location where they are storing the formula by thermal imaging, and they can use bacteria to destroy it. Let’s see what else is on the disc. Previously, they used human embryos for this formula. Now, they’re creating clones. All the pod people are labelled 781227. They’re making clones… of Kyle. Kyle realizes he’s special because the Tragers took him in and treated him like one of their own children.

Leaving Jessi behind because she’s playing dead, Kyle is heading off to try to destroy the experiment by contaminating it. Before he leaves, he acknowledges he has feelings for her, so she kisses him after making sure there is no Nicole to interrupt, blowing out some lights in the process.

Declan has managed to patch up a video link by hacking into Andy’s minivan’s GPS. She couldn’t say goodbye to Josh, and she still can’t. So for now they’ll just say hello with a lot of miles in between them.

As Kyle’s working on contaminating the experiment, Mark comes in.

Amanda knocks on the window again. This time Jessi answers. She’s supposed to be like dead. Because Jessi can’t go anywhere, which she refuses to explain, she wants Amanda to break into Nate’s room and steal his files.

Kyle’s hanging from the ceiling and accidentally drops the syringe containing te contamination. He has to prevent it from falling with his mind.

Once Amanda breaks into Nate’s room, Jessi can hack into it on the other end. They see that there are a lot of things he’s been gathering on Kyle. Just then, Nate walks in. He phones Cassidy to tell him that Amanda and Jessi are going through his stuff.

Cassidy has ordered that everybody get out. As he’s preparing to evacuate, Mark sees a syringe fall on the ground, closely followed by Kyle. He’ll have to trust the guy who just broke in, which he agrees to do. He will buy Kyle enough time to do what he needs to do and get out.

When Kyle returns home, Cassidy is waiting for him.

There’s a reason why Jessi’s not there. She went to kick Nate’s door off the hinges. They find Sarah’s Latnok ring, which Nate stole from Cassidy. Spoiling the mood, Amanda tells her she will tell Kyle she wants him back.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s being tasered by Cassidy, who’s threatening Jessi, Amanda, and his family. So Kyle punches him through a newly created hole in the house. Just as Kyle grabs Cassidy by the throat, he tells him that his mother Grace Kingsley is his mother, too. They’re brothers.

Wait a minute. That’s it? You call that a series finale? Looks more like a cliffhanger to me. Damn ABC Family.

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  1. Thank you for calling attention to this most-awesome of shows – namely Kyle XY. As a very avid fan, I am of course saddened at the cancelation, but am hoping that some network (if not ABC or ABC Family) will bring it back.
    As fans, we can all do our part. Write letters, send post cards, send Sour Patch Kids, sign petitions, do whatever it takes (within reason and common courtesy) to get Kyle XY back on the air! Those interested should check out kylexy dot net. We’re organizing and doing what we can to spread the word. And the word is –
    Save The Tub! Move The Tub!
    Keep Kyle XY!

  2. Kyle XY was certainly canceled before it’s time. Fans have (1)a plethora of unanswered questions, (2)a massive desire to see this program continued and (3)the drive to do what it takes to see that goal accomplished. What does this mean to networks? It means that (1) there is an established show with a great fan base that is waiting on someone to answer these questions (not to mention a plot that is screaming for a script), (2)with massive desire comes devoted fans, and (3) now those fans are grouping together to resurrect Kyle (much like he resurrected Jessi).
    While we’re still reeling from the recent “hiatus” of Kyle XY, we’re not giving up hope! Fans can & have (and will) brought canceled shows back to life. Please join us at and see what you can do!

  3. Kyle XY is a prime example of the old adage, “only the good die young.” After three short seasons, we as fans are left begging for more… more of a show that was our bright spot on Monday nights.
    We Kyle XY fans are a loyal group. As a member of KyleXY dot net, I’m doing what I can to help resurrect this show. You can join in the fight as well. The more of us that speak out for Kyle XY, the easier it is for the networks to hear us!

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  6. I’m one of those fans of Kyle XY…tat i’ve bcum emotionally attached wid this show……..I love evy charcter on the show, I love Jessie…wen she cries..i fell like crying………

    Its the best show on TV………
    If Kyle XY is not brought back then it’ll be like , sumthin’s missin in my life…..

    We all want the show to be revived……for the goodness of humanity

  7. Loved that song that song “Before It Gets Better” by Earlimart which played when Declan was chatting with Lori at The Rack

  8. There is something to be said about a show that you can watch over and over… and enjoy it more with each viewing. Kyle XY is that kind of show.

    Now if only some network would realize that… and pick it up!

  9. Kyle XY is really a great show, it should be renewed for a 4th season. And fans deserve a better ending. No matter how long it will take, we’ll do our best to get our campaign successful.

    To the author of this article, could you write a column about the Save Kyle XY campaign ? Any help to the cause is welcome.

  10. Great final episode! And yes, please write some articles about the Save Kyle campaign – the more chatter we stir up, the better – network’s notice this stuff!

    Oh and Brad, click on my name and it will take you to a cool live video of “Before it Gets Better”. Enjoy!

  11. How could they just cancelled the show!!!

    I really really liked the show. I’ve even bought the original DVD from season 1-3.

    Please have season 4!!!!!

  12. Kyle XY is the best show I’ve ever seen. I’m just wondering they just end up like that, keeping the viewers hanging what will happen to Kyle and Cassidy, to the Trager’s and to Kyle and Amanda. At least ABC should make season 4 to end up the story.

  13. Wow, I cannot believe they would end the season and then not have at least some other show to end Kyle xy. like how about a two hour made for tv movie to end the series properly?

  14. To all kyle xy fans , I have an advise
    if you wanna be healthy, look at the back of the food box and see how much calories and to be a super healthy don’t watch any thing from ABC family .

    Dear ABC Family :
    we will not buy the DVD , and i mean it ,, even if you but one more episode that’s will be not enough for that great show ,, we are a fans and what we need you do to us ,, we all agree with a fourth final season of the show ,,, don’t cut the show like this its not fear .

    Let’s work on it and

  15. Wow! It’s late my time. Just got done watching Kyle Xy. I too wish this show would still be around. It’s a great show except for the ending. sad ABC would cancel it for other stupid shows. BRING KYLE XY BACK PLEASE!!

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