Reaper Episode 3

In Reaper episode 2, Sam accepted his fate as the devil’s bounty hunter (then again, that’s what I thought in episode 1 as well), and as a reward, the Devil set it up so that he would be working with Andi in the garden center.

Sam’s day starts off with his toothbrush having a large bug on it. It doesn’t get any better from there, as any time he tries to put anything in his mouth, it’s covered in bugs. As Bert is feeding Sam his apple, which needless to say looks odd to those around them, Andi comes up and invites him to a lecture at her college and then out for coffee after. He rejects this because he’s stupid or something.

Ted offers Sam a promotion to assistant manager of the plumbing department, with a message that he’s going to spend the rest of his life working at The Work Bench. Sam tells the Devil he just wants something that doesn’t suck. The Devil tells him he’ll need to come up with a better plan than that, but in the meantime, he shows him some pictures of dead people, who all got killed by bugs. Sam and his sidekicks follow a van with a giant bug and think they’ve located the escaped soul, but a bunch of bugs fly in and kill him, so that lead’s out the window. It does, however, lead them to an apartment complex where the soul lives.

Andi met a guy at school who’s trying to convince her to quit her job and go to school full time. They’ll have to deal with that later, but for now they have to worry about the federal offense of stealing and opening other people’s mail, as Sock grabbed the mail from the apartment complex and is investigating it to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary.

Bert and Sam sneak into Josie’s office looking for Harold Bunsen, who was the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, then disappeared in 1972. This week’s vessel is a toaster. As usual, their first attempt at using it is a failure, and this time, in the process of escaping, they leave a clue behind telling Harold where they’ll be.

Ted calls Sam and Andi to his office. Sam rejects the job offer, so Ted gives it to Andi. She says no and blurts out her plans to quit. While they’re out celebrating, or pretending to celebrate, the Devil shows up and says Sam’s embarassing him because he’s not getting the soul or the girl.

Harold shows up at The Work Bench and blames Gloria, a jealous woman going after anyone she thinks is coming between them, for the murders. Armed with a fog machine, a toaster, and some long extension cords, they head back to Bunsen’s apartment. Gloria outsmarts them, and while Sam and Ben check the apartment, she corners Sock and convinces him to spill the beans about the plan, which is prety easy because it’s Sock. Ben and Sam come in to find Sock in trouble, but Harold walks in, so she lets him go. Harold tells her he never loved her and just stayed with her out of fear. The boys then realize the toaster is a bug zapper and was working in its original state, but they just didn’t realize it. After unfixing the toaster, they’re able to capture Gloria and zap her back to Hell.

As we can probably come to expect, there’s a hidden meaning in this. Because Harold didn’t say how he truly felt, a bunch of people died, and he lived a miserable life. Sam’s able to relate to this. He runs to Andi’s school to tell her he’s upset that she quit, but when he gets there, he finds out all the classes were cancelled because of a tip the school received about the building being filled with asbestos. Once again, the Devil comes through for Sam.

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