Beauty and the Geek 4 Episode 4

In episode 3, Will decided to be an idiot and win a challenge he didn’t need to win, which pretty much meant he was screwing himself over no matter who he picked. His partner got to keep her boytoy, and while Hollie and Josh were eliminated, Erin and Jesse still want revenge.

We start off with Rebecca picking up right where she left off, getting into bed with her “distraction.” Not shy about this fact, they wake up Nicole, who gets up and leaves and starts crying. She worries about what people will think about her, but I don’t think anyone has a problem with her. She comes to the conclusion that Rebecca is the problem, making another person who wants to get rid of Will/Rebecca.

The challenges for the week were picked by the public on The CW website based on their favorite of three choices. For the beauties: rocket science, computer science, and social science. For the geeks: massage by geek, fashion by geek, and body by geek. They don’t tell them which challenges are chosen, so they have to study for all of them.

Shay tries to teach Joshua how to squeeze his butt cheeks together, which goes over as well as can be expected. He’s the Richard of the show, minus the ADD. Will and Rebecca hope for the massage challenge since she’s in school for massage. Luke reveals he doesn’t have any use for that team either.

America has indeed chosen massage. Big surprise. Chicks with fake boobs in bikinis. Shay’s full of confidence, saying her partner’s probably going to suck at this. Each geek must massage each beauty (Sam included) for three minutes and will be judged on how they do. Dave uses the typewriter technique. Because his mother likes to be massaged that way. William’s a scratcher. Somebody goes a little too high when massaging their legs. Three people tied for second place, one point away from the winner. Will, John, and Joshua came in second. The winner of the geek challenge is Jesse, which was way too obvious because they made such a big deal about how they were afraid of Will winning.

Rebecca breaks down crying already, even though she hasn’t even competed in her challenge yet. After the challenge, Will goes to Erin to try to plead his case. She takes offense because he kept putting it off until after Jesse won the challenge. Not letting himself get down, Will believes Rebecca’s serious about the challenge, as we go to a scene of her wasting her time with Sam. Sam said earlier he felt bad about Nicole being upset, but he’s still ignoring her and not bother to study with her.

For the beauties, America has chosen rocket science. Each beauty must assemble and launch a rocket. Like the last challenge that increased Rebecca’s odds of staying in the house, this challenge increases Sam’s, as he’s the clear favorite here. This is an example of where the male beauty is unfair. Sam wins the challenge, coming in ahead of Rebecca, meaning if she goes home, it’s ultimately his fault. But better her than him I suppose. If nothing else, it does at least give him the opportunity to choose Rebecca’s opponents. Nicole gives him advice of who to pick, telling him to send someone she thinks can beat them (but telling Sam she thinks they can’t).

Jesse picks Will and Rebecca. Rebecca says it’s about revenge, but Erin denies it. Sam chooses William and Jen, as Nicole suggested. They must again study all three subjects. Rebecca starts crying in her confessional (again), saying she needs this change. Apparently making out with Sam counts as change. People volunteer to help Jen because she actually tried to do something to get to know them. Rebecca’s crying (it’s like watching Amber in BB8) that nobody wants to help her. Jasmine tells Will to get people to help, but Rebecca refuses to let him.

Jen gets her first question right, but Rebecca misses hers. Jen gets her second question wrong, as does Rebecca, giving Jen a 1-0 lead. William gets his first question right, but Will misses his. Rebecca and Will have been eliminated. He played too hard, and she was more interested in a guy. A fitting boot, one everybody but Sam will be happy with. Rebecca feels they were setup, which they were (just not by Sam), but considering they didn’t get a single question right, it really doesn’t matter who they went up against.

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