Reaper Episode 2

In Reaper episode 1, Sam found out his parents had sold his soul to the devil. So basically just a normal 21st birthday. When all was said and done, though, he seemed happy to be on this new path where he had some direction and responsibility.

Until he had some time to sleep on it anyway, so now he’s back to avoiding the issue. The problem is the issue refuses to avoid him. The vessel the Devil gave him keeps following him around wherever he goes. For some reason, leaving the box in the woods and running away from it doesn’t trick it.

Andi and Sam end up on cart duty, which means wandering the neighborhood to find missing shopping carts. She sees this as an opportunity to goof off and invites him along for the ride. He’s happy about this, but the Devil shows up wanting him to open the vessel. This happens while Sam and Sock are stocking shelves, which in Bert’s mind includes throwing merchandise. Because he’s distracted, Sam misses, and it knocks out a customer. The boss informs them a bloodied customer is not a happy customer. As punishment, they’re put on the night shift until they inventory the whole store, which he suggests will take a year.

Sam brings Bert home for dinner and tells him not to blow his secret because Sam already told his mom that the thing with the Devil was done. He says no problem and the secret’s safe with him, so obviously it takes all of two seconds for him to blow it.

The Devil transports Sam to the top of the building, where Sam again tries to back out of the deal. Yeah, that’ll go over well. There are no threats this time, however. Instead, just a guilt trip about innocents dying.

The next morning, Sam finally breaks down and opens the vessel. It’s an RC car. Of course, he’s not provided with any instructions as to how to actually use it. After that, his father gives him a brand new car in an effort to buy him off, so he doesn’t tell his mom that he’s working for the Devil.

The demon they’re after is using lightning strikes to cause blackouts. One blackout is at a hospital, and they just so happen to order generators from Sam’s store, so he volunteers to take them down there. They find out that the hospital used to be the medical wing for a guy who got arrested. On his way back to the store, Sam checks out a guy whose car got struck by lightning, and while there, he sees the soul he’s chasing.

Back at home, the Devil shows up and asks Sam if he’s having problems at home. Sam says he’s the problem, but the Devil responds that Sam’s the problem because he lied to his mother. He advises him that lying never solves anything. Shouldn’t the Devil encourage lying?

Sam asks Josie what she knows about Arthur Ferry, and she tells him about how he stole energy and sold it to other states, causing rolling blackouts and people to die. The news is on the radio, and they hear a report about problems at the dam, so they drive up there to find out what’s going on. They find Arthur and try to send the RC car after him, but the minor glitch in the plan is that it gets run over by a truck. Even without the vessel, Sam’s not intimidated by the soul and stands up to him. He escapes, but at least Sam and his friends aren’t dead.

They take the RC car back to work, where they “repair” it with duct tape, unsure whether or not it will actually work, but then again, they still don’t even know how it works to begin with. The really bad news is they work at a store with a lot of power tools, all of which can be easily turned against them in a scenario such as this. The vessel then falls apart, but Sam’s not concerned because he has other plans.

He goes into the parking lot and yells for Arthur, who’s upset because they took away his name on the building, which is hiding the good he did. Sam figures out that the car was just for show and that it was the controller that was actually the vessel. It turns into a lightning rod, which allows him to capture Arthur. When they bring the vessel to Gladys at the DMV, she’s pleasant as always, telling them the fact that they haven’t been killed yet astonishes her.

Sam goes home and tells his mother the truth. She’s okay with it and says no more secrets… except they’re not going to tell Sam’s brother. Then at work, he’s pulled off the midnight shift and put on garbage duty, since the store looks like a bomb went off and all, but the Devil pulls some strings and gets him into the garden center, where he can now shovel manure instead. But the Devil’s not so bad after all, as Andi’s also working in the garden center.

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