CSI: NY Season 4, Episode 4 – “Time’s Up”

In last week’s episode, “You Only Die Once”, the team encounters a group of spy wannabes that robs Flack’s girlfriend and chief Sinclair’s apartment using an extremely high-tech batmobile-like car. This week, the CSI: NY team faces two weird cases – a college girl with a COD of death by orgasm and a naked man who claims he’s from the future, but dies at the police station after confessing to a murder that will happen the next day.

The crime scene was in front of the police station, where the victim’s blood scattered. They found a piece of glass, which may have been the cause of death, as the victim tried to get it out of his neck.

Of course, Flack searches the apartment of the “victim”, which the futuristic man has confessed of killing, only to find out that the guy is still alive. Kevin Murray, a college student, claims he does not know the dead guy, but becomes afraid when he finds out that the dead guy says “he will die tomorrow”.

Dr. Hammerback discovers a chip on the vic’s arm, which the victim implanted on himself. Adam explores the chip and finds longitude and latitude numbers that led them to the apartment where a physics genius named Dr. Mark Browning (the victim) lived and conducted his time-travel research and experiments. Here Mac found an old coin with unidentified thumb prints.

Another interesting discovery was the #9 steel sewing needle found inside Dr. Browning’s brain, which may have been the reason for his genius mind.

Danny and Stella checks out the crime scene and interviews witnesses. According to most of the witnesses, the girl died after an orgasm in front of everyone in the diner.

Hammerback finds 27 sad-faces (using transparent markers) on the girl’s body. Although the cause of death was endorphin aneurism, Hammerback discovers an unidentified drug (of high doses) on her system. Stella discovers that the girl’s inhaler has been tampered and inserted with an experimental sexual drug that is still undergoing clinical testing. Stella and Danny checks out all students who are part of the drug study, but no one knows the victim.

In front of Dr. Browning’s apartment, Kevin Murray dies, just on time as Browning predicted before he died. Mac and Hawkes finds a new evidence – traces of blood on a book.

The prints from the book, coin and piece of glass led to a Leo Tyler, who became Browning’s assistant and believed his time-traveling when the doctor gave him lotto and horse race results. Because of greed, Tyler wanted Browning to get him another gambling result. But once the doctor declined his request, he smashes the doc’s head with a circular glass and kills Kevin Murray in hopes of fixing the time-machine for himself.

In the mean time, Stella and Danny discovers that one of the drug testers was a leader of a college sorority. Apparently, she knows the girl victim and was one of the girls who drew sad faces on her body in one of their ceremonies. As a way to for the vic to lose her virginity (one of the sorority’s requirements), the leader thought the experimental sexual drug could “losen her up” before losing her virginity. As it turns out, the vic’s existing meds and the experimental drug caused adverse reactions that caused her death.

Back at the lab, Mac receives a letter from Dr. Peyton telling him about a job she accepted in Italy. She says she won’t be coming back for work and it’s time to say goodbye.

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  1. Anyone know where i can find this episode online? My kids were in one of the scenes. Its when they did a flashback, showing how the needle got into his brain when he was a baby. Let me know thanks

  2. I love this show so much, I try to watch it all time!! I also really love all the music backgrounds that play, can you please tell me how to get the song for the “Times up” episode please.

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