The Bachelor 11 Episode 3

In The Bachelor 11 episode 2, McCarten was the first bachelorette to kiss Brad (badly), Solisa tried way too hard to impress Brad, Michele fell and got a concussion, the girls decided they hated Jenni and tattled on her, and we said goodbye to three women (Michelle, Erin, and Mallory).

Stephy, McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Sarah, and DeAnna went on the first group date. They’re going to a circus where there will be a lot of participation. They started off by petting the elephants. Then they went to the luxury box (there’s a luxury box at the circus?). After that, they get to interact with circus people, which Jenni says is her element. Jenni asks what Brad’s thoughts are about a long distance relationship because she wants to finish the cheerleading season. Stephy’s been single for a long time and is looking for someone like her dad.

Brad is the official guest ringmaster and walks out on the stage with the women. He takes McCarten to the side and tries to figure out what she’s feeling. She says she’s feeling more than a friend vibe but doesn’t need a rose to feel safe. After the circus, one of the circus guys come out and gives Brad the rose. He gives it to Stephy because she really put herself out there.

Hillary gets the one-on-one date with Brad. She says she wants to get the first kiss (so she thinks, as two others have already kissed him) so she can brag about it. He breaks out a million dollar necklace to let her wear for the date. They go to San Francisco for the night by private jet and limo. He says he chose her because he thinks she’s a fun girl. At dinner, Sheena gets emotional but says she’s not going to cry. Afterwards, though, she does become an emotional wreck, which confuses him but lets him know she’s got true feelings for him. He gives her a rose. At the end of the date, they do end up kissing. Then she says she’s falling in love with him in her confessional.

McCarten couldn’t care less whether Hillary leaves or not, and DeAnna’s just as cold. They openly and willingly admit it to her face when she gets back.

Kristy, Sheena, Jade, Bettina, and Solisa go on the second group date, which is sailing. Solisa gives Brad a lap dance. Sheena and Brad are racing in the water, and she cuts him off and gets in trouble by the water cops, which I’m assuming are about as dangerous as the mall police. This gives Bettina the chance to get some time alone with him. She finally takes the opportunity to tell him she’s divorced. He’s shocked (so is this a bad thing or not?). He gives the rose to Kristy.

Brad’s twin brother Chad comes to help him out. Brad asks Chad to pretend to be him. He’s going to use this as a test to see who’s there for him and who’s not. Given the limited amount of time he’s spent with them so far, this is a lame test and a pitiful thing to base a decision on, though many of them will be able to tell the difference. McCarten and Lindsey don’t notice, but Chad thinks that given more time McCarten would have figured it out. Sheena notices and says he looks and sounds different but takes a little bit to completely catch on. Kristy notices before Chad even gets a chance to sit down. Sarah notices something’s off but doesn’t figure it out.

Hillary (already received a rose)
Stephy (already received a rose)
Kristy (already received a rose)

Sent home:

I’ve been wondering when he’d send Solisa home, but the idiotic twin twist screwed both Lindsey and Sarah.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of The Bachelor 11 episode 4.

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