Bones Season 3, Episode 9: The Santa in the Slush

Last week, Bones and Booth continue solving the mystery of the Widow’s Son. This week, the team faces a “Christmassy” case when a Santa Claus was found dead at the back of a mall’s drainage. Brennan is talking with her dad in prison, discussing their Christmas plans. Not so surprisingly, Bones is going on a National Geographic trip to another country to dig up bones. She remembers one of the Christmas she had as a child and particularly described the gift she loved: the tool box, which Max says was supposed to be her brother Russ’ gift.

Booth tells Brennan to pull some strings so she could get her family together for Christmas. On the other hand, Booth is pissed because he won’t be able to spend Christmas with his son since his ex-wife and her boyfriend (that Booth and son Parker calls “Captain Fantastic) are going out of town for the holidays.

Back at the lab, Zach and Hodgins are debating about Santa’s job, while examining the victim’s body. As it turns out, Santa was only dead 72 hours ago. The question remains: who would kill Santa 3 days before Christmas?

Brennan visits Russ in prison, but gets mad at her when he finds out that she asked Amy and the girls to visit him. Booth suggests making the “impossible possible” by arranging a “jolly” holiday at the prisoner trailer.

Zach says that according to the bones of Santa, the victim was kicked by a reindeer. Angela, Hodgins and Zach makes fun of the case since all evidences point to an old fat man with a white beard, custom-made Santa suit and smoked clay pipe, who was kicked by a reindeer. Angela says that according to the victim’s prints, the victim was legitimately named Kris Kringle.

Booth and Brennan visits Kringle’s home only to find out that he lives above a toy store. As it turns out, the victim really had a reindeer. They checked the victim’s ref and cabinet, discovering that he was really a committed Santa based on his Santa clothing line and cookies-and-milk diet. However, the odd thing was Booth discovered tons of money in his compartment.

According to the landlord, Kringle listed his last residence as (you’ve guessed it) North Pole. Brennan and Booth discover that the victim worked in a Temp Agency. The landlord also admits that he sold Santa’s toy ideas, so he didn’t mind when Kringle missed paying his monthly rent.

Tests show that Santa died of a trauma to the head. Booth and Brennan visit the agency only to find out that every Santa in that room liked Kris. His boss even admits that Kris was “truly jolly” and remains the #1 Santa during Christmas and even throughout the year. However, Kris had one rule: he leaves work during Christmas Eve.

Back at the lab, Hodgins discovered maggots on Santa’s body, which led to a restaurant in China Town. Booth and Hodgins goes to china town to look for the “maggoty” food and finds the exact type of maggots that they found on Kringle’s suit as well as three empty wallets in the trash. Booth finds the sewer where Santa might have been dragged.

In the meantime, Brennan calls prosecuting judge Caroline to make a deal that will make Christmas with her family possible. The judge agrees to her request, as long as Brennan kisses Booth under mistletoe for no less than five seconds. When Brennan asks why, the judge simply says it will amuse her.

In a restaurant, Booth and Parker is eating as the kid asks him if he doesn’t want him to go with Captain Fantastic. Booth lied and told him that he’d be fine during Christmas since Brennan and the rest of their friends are spending Christmas together.

Booth and Brennan put two and two together: one of the Santa’s is pick pocketing and Kringle sees him doing so, confronts him and ends up with a fight. Booth interrogates one of the owners of the wallets and admits that he and Santa had a fight when he tries to steal his wallet.

At Bones’ office, Brennan is getting the mistletoe ready while telling Booth about her deal with Caroline. Just as Caroline enters the room, Brennan gives Booth a nice, hot, long kiss… and both the judge and Booth were shocked. Brennan got her family the Christmas trailer.

Hodgins and Zach find the murder weapon, a circular object. Booth and Brennan go back to the agency to check the entire Santas’ bells. Since the killer may have attacked Kringle, he may have stains from the crime scene. Both Brennan and Booth sniffed all the Santa’s butt in search of a bird’s nest stew smell, which led to one of the Santa’s that first showed interest in Kringle’s case.

At the office, everyone exchanged gifts, while Brennan’s dad arrives in the trailer first; Amy follows with the children and Russ (dressed in civilian clothes) excitedly greets his kids. As it turns out, Brennan didn’t go through her plans to Peru and goes to her Christmas holiday with her family. Max admits that Brennan has given him the best Christmas in 16 years.

Parker is assisted by a policeman to Booth’s office. He snuck out and didn’t go with his mom and Captain Fantastic to Vermont. Booth calls Rebecca, telling her that he’d send him over the next day. As a Christmas gift to Brennan, Booth and Parker drove by the trailer park and had the family look over the window – Booth prepared a Christmas tree, which wasn’t allowed inside the trailer. (How sweet of Booth)

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