Survivor Cook Islands: Brad and J.P. Dating?

The last episode of CBS’ Survivor: Cook Islands, which I unfortunately missed, saw Brad Virata, the open and proudly gay fashion designer from the Asian tribe, voted off the island.

Since Brad’s elimination he’s made the rounds through the media and has stirred up a few interesting rumors. Apparently he may be dating, or have dated a fellow Survivor: Cook Islands contestant. Whether there is any truth in the rumor or not is unknown, but it sounds like Brad and Mr. Manly, J.P., may have hooked up at some point.

During an interview with, Brad was asked a pointed question about his relationship with J.P., to which he replied, “Um, it’s all about timing in life. I can’t answer that. JP is a great guy. You’ll have to wait for the finale.” He obviously side stepped the question all together and is either not wanting to talk about it, or is simply trying to pump up the Survivor: Cook Islands finale even more. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In other Brad Virata news, he is also apparently pissed that the fact that he’s gay didn’t earn him more screen time or more story time. The fact that Brad is gay was obvious from the beginning, and he never tried to hide the fact, but I guess he wasn’t satisfied with how little they addressed the situation.

Find out what he had to say on the subject and Nate’s “Nancy Boy” comment, after the jump.

Apparently Brad made a big deal about coming out to his fellow tribe members and was very unhappy with the fact that the entire fireside chat never made it to air, saying “I’m surprised that CBS didn’t show my whole coming out story. We had a powwow, sort of a roundtable campfire discussion when we merged, and that’s when I told my story.” He also went on to talk about how he’s always been athletic through-out school and “Over all, just from a physical standpoint, I kept up with them. I kicked some straight boy booty.”

And, as you may recall, Nate called Brad a “Nancy Boy” during one of the challenges and, surprisingly enough, Brad is okay with that and didn’t take offense to it. I would have thought for sure that’d he’d blow up at something like that with how much he wanted attention for being gay, but instead he said “I don’t think he meant to call me nancy boy in a bad way. I think it was a stress factor, and it was pissing rain, you know? You take everything with a grain of salt. He apologized to me after the fact, and it is what it is, but I know a lot of people are pissed off about it.”

We’re roughly half way through Survivor Cook Islands, and already the finale hyping as begun, and it’s working! I’m looking forward to seeing what Brad and J.P. have to say about all this in the end, and you just know they’re going to bring up the fact that Ozzy was in Playboy’s Foursome! I can’t wait!

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