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Survivor Cook Islands – Episode 14 (Season Finale)

December 17th, 2006 – Survivor Cook Islands fans have been waiting for this night for a long time, and it’s finally come! We finally know who the Survivor Cook Islands winner is! So, I won’t waste anymore time, let’s get right into the recap of tonight’s season finale.

Find out who the Winner of Survivor Cook Islands is, after the jump!

Tonight’s season finale of Survivor Cook Islands kicked off like any other, with a recap of previous events. Only this time around, we were treated to a recap of the previous 13 episodes of the season. It was cool to see how everything was and the steps that were taken to get to tonight’s finale. There are a lot of things you can forget over the course of a reality TV shows season, especially one as active as Survivor Cook Islands. Each episode has a list of memorable events, and as a season progresses it’s hard to remember those things.
As we get back to the beach, the camera catches Adam in his element, yet again, as he lounges around inside the shelter, while everyone else is outside cracking coconuts and working.

Becky is trying her best to work the crowd again, in an effort to get all eyes on Ozzy as the next to get the boot. That is, of course, if he ever stops winning immunity and they get the chance to vote him off the island.

Survivor Cook Islands Immunity Challenge

  • Race around a giant ropes course with 8 stations.
  • Collect a bag full of puzzle pieces from each station.
  • Go to each station, 1 by 1, retrieving the bags and dropping them at the puzzle board.
  • Once each contestant retrieves all 8 bags, they can begin to assemble their puzzle.
  • The first to assemble their puzzle correctly and push it under a cross bar, raising a flag, wins immunity.

Perpetual Survivor host Jeff Probst told all the contestants at the start of the challenge that, in the 13 season history of Survivor, the puzzle at the end of this challenge is the hardest they have ever had. Considering the amount of puzzles that are used in a single season of Survivor, let alone 13 seasons, that’s quite the comment to make.

Oddly, Yul takes a giant lead right out of the gates, while Ozzy brings up the back of the pack, but that’s only because Ozzy decided to take on the hardest of the 8 stations first. By the time Yul has brought bag number 6 back, Ozzy is almost caught up and is on bag number 5, and Yul had yet to take on the most time consuming station. Ozzy then jumps into the lead with bag number 7 and is the first to retrieve all 8 bags and being working on the puzzle. Eventually everyone catches up and it’s an all out battle to solve the puzzle. In the end, Ozzy just barely wins! Adam had the puzzle figured out and looked like he was on his way to winning, but Ozzy managed to figure it out and finish before Adam had the chance! That’s yet ANOTHER immunity victory for Ozzy.

Back at the beach we find Adam lounging around in the shelter, again. Though this time he’s just not laying around trying to sleep or being bored, he actually seems to be strategizing some. He knows he’s going to be voted off the island at the next tribal council, so he makes it his goal to screw things up as much as possible before he gets the boot. In an effort to do so he talks to Ozzy and the girls about throwing their votes at Yul in a move to force Yul into playing the hidden immunity idol, there by giving them all a better shot at making the final 3. Sadly, this was probably the best idea Adam had the entire season. To little too late though.

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council


  1. Adam
  2. Yul
  3. Adam
  4. Adam

Adam is the next contestant to be voted off Survivor Cook Islands. That means Ozzy, Yul, Sundra and Becky are the final four! It also means that the underdogs have done it! All 4 are from Aitu and managed to defy all the odds by taking out 8 Raro members, one-by-one. Incredible.

The next day, back at the beach, the final four gets some tree mail. They have to boat to the biggest island nearby, climb to the highest point on that island and walk around collecting the torches of the former contestants, stopping to say a few words for each contestant. Once they have all the torches in hand, they lay them on a pit fire and watch as they all burn. Kind of sadistic, no? And then they’re all off to the final immunity challenge.

Survivor Cook Islands Final Immunity Challenge

  • Stand on a small steel perch for as long as possible.
  • Every 15mins a piece of the perch will be removed, making it even smaller, until the perch is only half the size of a post card.
  • The Twist: Usually the final immunity means there will be only 3 contestant left afterwards, but in this case, there will be four, and that’s because there will be a final 3, instead of the usual final 2! That means the jury will have 3 contestants to vote on, instead of 2, and their is potential for a tie! How interesting.

Ozzy looks rather rough from the get go. He seems to have a hard time keeping his balance and is swaying/twitching around quite a bit. It isn’t until the 3rd panel drops that the first contestant, Becky, falls from her perch. Ozzy is still struggling, but some how managing to hang in, as Yul is 2nd to fall while trying to adjust his position. It’s down to Ozzy and Sundra, head to head, and after 2 1/2 hours, both contestants are getting very shaky and unstable and Sundra finally loses balance and falls off her perch. Ozzy wins immunity again! The man is unstoppable in any kind of competition. Ozzy is guaranteed a spot in the bottom 3 and a shot at the $1-million grand prize!

So, Ozzy is in the final 3 for sure, and Yul is in the final 3 as well, since he’s still got the hidden immunity idol. That means both Sundra and Becky are fighting for the last spot in the final 3. Ozzy proposes splitting the votes between Sundra and Becky, forcing a tie, as neither Yul or Ozzy want to vote either Sundra or Becky off. Making it come down to a tie-breaker would be the most fair way to do it, and everyone seems to agree to that idea, expect for Yul. Yul pulls Becky aside and offers to give her the hidden immunity idol, to guarantee her spot in the final 3! We don’t get to see if she accepts it or not, so we’ll have to wait and see:

Survivor Cook Islands Tribal Council


  1. Becky
  2. Sundra
  3. Becky
  4. Sundra

Thus far everything as gone according to planned, and the votes resulted in a tie, forcing a tie-breaker, and it also revealed that Becky did NOT accept the hidden immunity idol from Yul, very interesting.

Tie Breaker Competition

  • Build a fire big enough to burn a rope and ring a bell.

Both Sundra and Becky assemble their fire before trying to ignite it. 30-mins later, they’re both still struggling with their knives and flints to start their fire. How sad. 1-hour rolls by and both girls are STILL trying to get their fire going. Neither has so much as seen a poof of smoke rise from their fires yet. The jury and Jeff Probst are not amused, as they’re sitting around yawing and trying not to fall asleep. Sick of waiting, Jeff finally breaks down and gives them both packs of matches.

Finally! After getting their hands on some matches, Sundra is the first to produce a fire, while Becky STILL struggles to even light her match. Sadly, her fire quickly dies, as does the second and so on. Becky runs into the same problem, as fire after fire burns out. At the 1hr 30min mark, the jury and Jeff Probst are battling to stay awake, as neither girl has yet to sustain a fire. Sundra actually RUNS OUT of matches and is forced to sit back and watch Becky win, which she does, eventually.

In a pathetic display of their complete lack of learning anything while on the island, Becky somehow managed to sustain a fire and buys herself a spot in the final 3. It’s a miracle!

Back at the beach, Yul and Ozzy are sitting around camp reveling, waiting for the final tribal, while Becky goes off for a walk. Ozzy then spots a boat out of the corner of his eyes and it’s two island girls paddling in with a feast for the final 3, only Becky’s not around to see it. After waiting around for a while and yelling and screaming for Becky, the guys give in and dig into the food. Becky eventually shows up and joins the guys in the feast.

Survivor Cook Islands Final Tribal Council

Things kick off as each of the final 3 get a chance to state their case.

Yul say he’s been the best strategist of the entire game, he’s worked everyone at one point or another and played the game better than anyone else.

Becky says she played the game behind the scenes and used her social skills to get her to where she is (in other words, she rode coat tails all the way).

Ozzy made his case as being the provider and warrior of the tribes, had it not been for his challenge winning and food providing abilities, things would have been very different and he played the game straight and his way the entire time.

Once the contestant get their final words out, the jury gets their chance to grill them.

Nate asks Becky how she got to where she is and why she thinks she deserves to be there. Becky takes the social game angle with her response again, and Nate flat out tells her thats not enough, he wants more. She eventually ends up outing the fact that Yul offered to save her by giving her the hidden immunity idol, but she refused. Good move on her part, but a good way to screw her buddy Yul too.

Rebecca asks both Yul and Ozzy why they should win and what they would do with the money. Both Yul and Ozzy say they want to win to represent their ethnicity, to break down stereotypes and to break down the social barriers surrounding their people.

Adam steps up to the plate and asks Ozzy to talk trash about his two fellow finalists. Ozzy says that Yul sat back on his strategy to much and didn’t actually contribute enough physically during the game, as far as providing goes. As far as Becky goes, he said that all she did to get into the final three is ride Yul’s coat tails and her showing at the tie breaker was absolutely pathetic.

Brad asks Ozzy what the hardest experience of his life has been and Ozzy tells him how he’s never had a relationship with his father. He’s always wanted his father to be a part of his life and he’s always tried to make him a part of his life, but his father has always ignored him. It was definitely something hard for Ozzy to talk about as he was choking back tears by the time he finished.

Jonathan asks Ozzy and Yul separate questions, but the only one worth noting is what he asked Ozzy. He said that he felt Ozzy had a big ego and a sense of entitlement, and he asked him why he should give $1-million to a 25-year old kid, and what he would do with the money. Ozzy said he’d use the money to go to school, cause he’s always wanted to go to school and now he’ll be able to without owing anyone for it.

Survivor Cook Islands Votes:

Revealed Votes:

  • Jonathan votes for Yul
  • Parvati votes for Ozzy

All Votes:

  1. Yul
  2. Ozzy
  3. Yul
  4. Yul
  5. Ozzy
  6. Ozzy
  7. Ozzy
  8. Yul
  9. Yul

And it’s over! The Survivor Cook Islands Winner is Yul!

In my opinion, this season has been one of the best in reality TV and Survivor history! It was a blast to watch as things unfolded and it was even more fun to write about it. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Stay tuned for Survivor Fiji!

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  1. I seriously thought that Ozzy was going to win. Anyhow Ozzy was my favorite contestant on the entire show. I think the jury was jealous of Ozzy because of age and how competitive he was. I’m not saying that no one helped provide for the entire group but Ozzy did do most of the work.
    It was a great season and am looking forward to the next survivor starting this week!

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