Survivor Cook Islands Winner Revealed?!

It seems like the winner of every Survivor season is revealed early one way or another, and sometimes the revealed winner is accurate, whereas other times – like last season – it’s incorrect.

Well, I think I stumbled upon the first leak of who could potentially be the winner of Survivor Cook Islands.

Find out who the winner of Survivor Cook Islands is, after the jump!

In my travels through a myriad reality TV websites and blogs, I came across an interesting little tid bit on the Survivor Cook Islands wikipedia website. I managed to get a screen cap of the anomaly before it disappeared, which is lucky, since after refreshing, the revealed winner was gone.

According to Wikipedia, Yul Kwon is the winner of Survivor Cook Islands!

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24 thoughts on “Survivor Cook Islands Winner Revealed?!”

  1. You’re kidding right? Yul may very well be the winner, but trusting wikipedia on any information is ridiculous. Anyone can change…I could go in right now and say Rupert won this season if I wanted to.

  2. If that’s the case, I wonder who Yul had to face off with at the final tribal council. Ozzy would seem to be the favorite, if it were the two of them. Sondra and Becky haven’t made too many enemies either. Adam? He might have too many votes swing his way. Man…I can’t even imagine who Yul could win against since there are some who are beginning to see him in a different light. I’m stumped.

  3. Yul is awesome he shall win and become the supreme dictator of the wotld lol but i still dont trust wikipedia but he better win or the other winner shall DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ozzy did dominate in challenges..but he never took any action when it came to strategy. Yul on the other hand did pretty well in most challenges and played strategically. He took risks and was honest about them even if people would be mad at him. I respect him for that.

  5. Ozzy Rocks if he doesn’t win the show then the show isn’t really about who is the survivor its about who can play politics the most and thats lame

  6. I am very disappointed that Ozzie didn’t win, he worked harder than anyone and never plotted against others, he deserved the million, no one could match up to him, I am so sad for him as he got nothing for all his hard work.

  7. Ozzy got a new car at the finale wrap up show so he didn’t go home empty handed. Plus they all get paid for the show based on how long they lasted. Yul deserved the win hands down, he is the master strategist.

  8. Yul kwon is deserving to win the survivor title…. He did his best to win the game…. He really outwit,outplay and outlast….. You rock!

  9. Wow…the finale was screened in South Africa last night…absolutely brilliant. Yul definitely deserved the win…he was a master strategist and his social and interaction skills was impressive. He was controlled and composed throughout the game and upheld his values of honesty and intergrity.

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