the Amazing Race 10: Episode 11 Recap – Flat Tires and Olive Juice

the Amazing Race 10 – Episode 11

November 26th, 2006 – Tonight’s episode of the Amazing Race 10 kicks off in Kiev, Ukraine, right where we left the racers at the end of episode 10.

Now the racers are off to experience yet another part of the world, Morocco! As episode 11 kicks in to full gear, the remaining four teams race to Ouarzazate, Morroco.

Find out what you missed in Episode 11 of the Amazing Race, after the jump.

Dustin and Kandice are the first team to make it to the airport and get their mits on a pair of tickets to Milan, Italy, where they will connect to Casablanca, Morroco and then on to Ouarzazate, Morroco. They’re taking a real risk by connecting through Milan, as their connecting flight is shortly after they are set to land and they could end up missing their flight. Fingers crossed! The girls need to go home!

Rob and Kim, and Tyler and James aren’t far behind Dustin and Kandice, only they’re forced to take a flight that connects through Paris, France instead of Milan, Italy, as that flight is completely booked. Lyn and Karlyn snap up a pair of tickets on the Paris flight as well.

Every thing is going as planned for everyone, that is until Dustin and Kandice land in Milan and are to late to make their connecting flight. Awwwww, poor girls! Whatever will they do? Ha!

Sadly, missing their connecting flight doesn’t set them back at all, as they somehow manage to find their way onto the same connecting flight from Casablanca to Ouarzazate anyways, where they run into all of the other teams. And, as usual, all the racers are tied up, yet again. This is getting really old CBS, switch it up a little, would you!

Once each team lands in Ouarzazate it’s a race for the marked cars in the parking lot, where each team will learn that they’re next task is to find an antiques shop called Antiquities du Sud in the Kasbah district. Each of the remaining four teams must pick-up a lucky charm from the antiques shop, along with their next clue.

Seemingly coming out of no where, Lyn and Karlyn swoop into first place, have no troubles finding the antique shop, snatch up their lucky charm and next clue and boot it. The new clue has them heading for Atlas Studios, which is a famed filming location for movies like Cleopatra and Gladiator. Lyn and Karlyn are even the first team to arrive at Atlas Studios, long before any other team, only downside is, the studio doesn’t open until 8:00am. Which, of course, means that all the other teams show up and, once again, all teams are even. How lame is that? ‘Bama finally get to kicking ass, and then get stuck waiting for the damn studio to open.

The gates to Atlas Studios open at 8:00am and, of course, the younger and healthier teams burn past Lyn and Karlyn on the way to the clue box. Tyler and James hit the box first, Rob and Kim second, Kandice and Dustin third, and then comes another classic Amazing Race twist. Inside the clue box is not only a new clue, but also a Yield card, which will allow one team to force another to stand around and wait until sand runs through an hour glass. For whatever reason Tyler and James, and Rob and Kim decided not to force another team to Yield, leaving they yield card for Kandice and Dustin who, naturally, use it on Lyn and Karlyn. I’m not sure how long the yield lasts, but it was long enough for two teams to finish the Roadblock before Lyn and Karlyn could start. Which brings me to:

the Amazing Race 10 Roadblock

  • Each team must partake in a little movie making magic. Fully adorned in Roman gladiator garb, one member of each team must race around a track in a chariot and retrieve two flags that are suspended along the course.
  • Once the selected team member has both flags in hand they must take them to another actor who will give them their next clue.

Dustin and Rob take a solid lead out of the gate, nabbing both flags quickly. James didn’t fare so well, as he missed his first flag, but snagged his second and had to go around again to retrieve his first flag. By the time James gets a hold of his second flag, Lyn and Karlyn’s yield has run out and Karlyn is prepping to run the course.

Once each team finishes the roadblock, they must drive 22-miles to Idelson, where they must find the Cafe la Pirgola and their next clue.

On the way to Cafe la Pirgola, Dustin and Kandice notice that Rob and Kim are riding on a flat and decide not to tell them about it, until they’re basically pulling over to fix it. Nice girls, always so helpful.

As usual, Rob has a hissy fit while trying to find the jack and figure out how to change the tire. Now, usually I wouldn’t feel bad for them because I can’t stand Rob, but this is pretty bad luck. Almost every time Rob and Kim have set foot into a car in the Amazing Race, it’s broken down, popped a tire or been rendered un-drivable. It’s sad, but funny. On the plus side, Lyn and Karlyn go flying by as Rob and Kim are stuck swapping tires. Yay! They’re not out of the game yet!

the Amazing Race 10 Detour

Throw It

  • Drive 4-miles to a near-by town and hand-make, or “throw” 2 clay pots.

Grind It

  • Drive 4-miles to a near-by village and grind 77lbs of olives.
  • Once the olive are ground fine enough, they must be loaded into pressing sleeves.

Kandice and Dustin, Tyler and James, and Lyn and Karlyn all elect to do the grind it challenge. Which leaves no empty stations, as there are only 3 work stations per Detour this time around.

Back on the side of the road, Rob and Kim are still working on getting their tired changed. Luckily a few locals have stopped to offer a hand and things are starting to look good, that is, until all of the other teams fly by them, going the opposite direction. Tyler and James are the only team to bother slowing down to tell them what’s up.

In an act of shear genius, the blondes fly by the detour location and keep driving into oblivion. Yay!

Tyler and James are the first to arrive at the grind it detour, followed shortly by Lyn and Karlyn, then eventually by Rob and Kim, and finally by Dustin and Kandice, who are forced to stand around and wait because there isn’t an open station. Ha! Take that blondes!

Tyler and James finish the detour first and receive their next clue. They must now take the road that heads towards Marrakesh until they spot an Amazing Race marker, which will signal them to turn off the road and into the dessert, where they will find a nomadic berber camp and the pit stop for this leg of the race.

As Tyler and James head for the pit stop, they are followed shortly by Lyn and Karlyn, Rob and Kim, and, eventually, Dustin and Kandice.

Tyler and James arrive at the pit stop first, run for the mat and, just as they’re about to reach the mat, realize they forgot the lucky charm and have to run back to the car. As they’re running back to the car, Lyn and Karlyn pull up and start running for the mat, though it’s hard to tell if they’re fast enough to beat out Tyler and James. Only one way to find out:

the Amazing Race 10 Results

  1. Tyler and James
  2. Lyn and Karlyn
  3. Rob and Kim
  4. Dustin and Kandice

Dustin and Kandice come in last, but are not eliminated as this leg of the race is a non-elimination race. Noooooooo! So close! They were almost gone, I could taste it!

Unfortunately, the girls got lucky and had their asses saved, so we’ll be forced to watch them again next week in episode 12. Hopefully we’ll get lucky and they’ll get the boot next week instead. Since they came in last this leg, they must come in first next leg or be forced to suffer a 30min penalty. One can only hope that they aren’t so lucky next time.

Stayed tuned! The Amazing Race 10 episode 12 recap will come down the pipe December 3rd, 2006. In the meantime, check out the other bits of reality TV goodness offered up by

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