Amazing Race 10 Recap: Episode 10 – Chernobyl’s the Bomb

Amazing Race 10 – Episode 10

November 19th, 2006 – This weeks episode of the Amazing Race 10 picks up right where we left off last week, in Helsinki, Finland. As we learned at the end of last weeks episode, the guys at CBS decided to throw another twist into the show and elected not to end the leg of the race, but to continue it on into Episode 10, making it one of the longs legs in Amazing Race history.

Once finished the “Angel Dive” in Helsinki, each team is given the next clue, informing them that they are not looking for a pit stop just yet, but are starting the next leg of the race instead! Each time must now travel from Helsinki, Finland to the capital city of the country where the historic Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion occurred; that country being the Ukraine and the capital city being Kiev.

Each team races to the airport to buy their plane tickets to Kiev, while trying to find out that they are actually going to Kiev in the process. Once all the teams arrive in Kiev they must find old school Russian cars marked with the Amazing Race colors, where they will also find their next clue.

On the way to the Airport, and while trying to figure out where Chernobyl is, one of the girls (Dustin and Kandice) makes a comment about Chernobyl being where a nuclear bomb exploded. Um… you can’t be serious, right? Duh!

Lyn and Karlyn complete the angel dive before Erwin and Godwin and decide to take off and leave them behind. Nice team spirit, you can bet the Cho’s would have waited.

Tyler and James are the first to arrive at the airport and get their tickets to Kiev. The first flight from Helsinki to Kiev doesn’t leave until 8:25am the next morning and connects through Vienna, arriving in Kiev at 1:25pm. Kandice and Dustin are right behind Tyler and James and manage to land a spot on the same flight.

Rob and Kim arrive at the airport a short time after Kandice and Dustin and are forced to take a 9:25am departing flight that connects through Warsaw, Poland, as the 8:25am flight is completely full. The odd thing is, the 9:25am flight is set to arrive in Kiev at the exact same time as the 8:25am flight, potentially making all teams even again, if neither of the planes run late, that is.

Erwin and Godwin and Karlyn and Lyn arrive shortly after Rob and Kim and also get seats on the 9:25am flight. Only problem is, when they arrive in Vienna to connect to their Kiev plane, they are delayed by 30mins, giving Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice a clear 30min lead. Boooooooooo!

Once in Kiev, Ukraine, each team hops into a marked car, tears open their next clue and boots it for the Oster Tank School, a military tank driving school. Both Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice hit the ground first and offer to pay a cab driver to lead them to Oster Tank School.

Even though they land 30mins late, Rob and Kim get off to a quick start, leaving Erwin and Godwin and Karlyn and Lyn in their dust, as they elect to follow a cab like the earlier teams. Erwin and Godwin and Karlyn and Lyn, for whatever reason, don’t think of asking a cab to lead them, but rather search for directions and try to find Oster Tank School on their own. That was a stupid idea.

Amazing Race 10 Road Block

  • One member of each team must navigate through a 1.2 mile long obstacle course in a T64 Soviet era tank.
  • Once each team has completed the obstacle course successfully, they will be rewarded with the next set of instructions.

James and Dustin are the first contestants to hop into the tanks and take them for a spin. In the end, Dustin makes it through the course before James, and manages to keep herself dry, which can’t be said for the freshly soaked James. Giant puddle + high speed + open seat tank = One wet James.

After completing the obstacle the teams are given their next set of instructions, which will lead them 43 miles back into the city of Kiev, where they must find apartment #33 in building #3.

Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice take off for Kiev as Rob and Kim are just pulling into the Tank School. Tyler and James stop to tell them which way they need to be before booting it back to Kiev.

Kim hops into the tank and blows through the course no problem, getting some of her pent up aggression out. Once finished, they hop back into their car and follow a cab back into Kiev.

A bit later the last teams of the 6-pack show up and take the tanks for a ride. Godwin has no problem driving the tank, while Karlyn stalls it out half way through the course. As a result, the Cho’s finish a fair bit before Lyn and Karlyn, yet they elect to stay and wait for their fellow 6-pack members anyways. That was the total wrong move to make. I love these guys, but they have to get into the game.

On the way to Kiev, Rob and Kim’s car breaks down on the side of the highway and they are forced to wait for a replacement. Even though their car broke down, they still didn’t get passed by Erwin and Godwin or Karlyn and Lyn, and maintain their spot in third place.

Amazing Race 10 Detour

Make the Music

  • Drive 3 miles to a hip-hop club in Kiev
  • Compose an original rap piece including the names of every place they’ve been in the Amazing Race
  • Perform the piece in front of a group of people and judges and receive the next clue

Find the Music

  • Drive 2.5 miles to the conservatory of music
  • Search through thousands of pieces of sheet music to find a specific piece by Tchaikovsky
  • Search the conservatory for a room with a classical pianist
  • Have the pianist play the piece and receive the next clue

Dustin and Kandice choose to Make the Music. Tyler and James choose to Find the Music. Rob and Kim choose to Make the Music.

Lyn and Karlyn get sick of following the Cho’s as they pull over every few minutes to ask for directions, so they decide to take off on their own. The Cho’s are, naturally, pissed, and rush to catch up to them and follow them. That marks the official end of the 6-pack, finally.

Tyler and James find the right song and a pianist to play it and are the first team to finish one of the detours. Kandice and Dustin are hot on their heels as they write and perform their piece and get their next clue. With a sigh of relief, both teams crack open their clues and find that the next stop will be a 2 mile drive to the Great Patriotic Memorial, which will also be the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Finally!

Amazing Race 10 Pit Stop

  1. Tyler and James
  2. Kandice and Dustin
  3. Rob and Kim
  4. Lyn and Karlyn
  5. Erwin and Godwin

Erwin and Godwin are the next team to be eliminated from the Amazing Race 10! Though their loyalty wasn’t the only thing with a hand in their demise. While on their way to the Great Patriotic Memorial in Kiev, they turned onto a closed road and were pulled aside by the cops who asked them for all their documents and without a doubt slowed them up for a bit. Although, even if they hadn’t had a run in with the cops, I think they would have been last anyways. It just goes to show, being nice doesn’t pay, not in a game like this.

It sucks to see the Cho’s go as they were my favorite team of the 5 teams left. Now that they’re gone I don’t have anyone to cheer for, I don even really want any of the remaining teams to win. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, maybe one of the remaining four teams will grow on me and I’ll have a new favorite. I sure hope so at least!

So ends the Amazing Race 10: Episode 10 recap. Stay tuned until November 26th for the Amazing Race 10: Episode 11 recap! Until then, check out what other reality TV goodness has to offer:

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Race 10 Recap: Episode 10 – Chernobyl’s the Bomb”

  1. Wow, really, the Cho’s were your favourite? I liked them the best of all the 6-pack teams but still… they were a potentially strong team who basically handed the game on a silver platter to whomever wanted to take advantage of them by allying themselved with the two most annoying AND weakest teams, and then consistently giving up any lead they’d established to hang back with them. I get that they were just being “nice”, and if this was more of a social game then that’s cool, but did they somehow forget they were in a RACE? I just couldn’t get on board with the dilly-dallying around.

    This is the first time I’ve ever been routing for the clear front-runners. Usually I have a tendency to root for the underdog, but not this time. I am cheering for Dustin & Kandace, but I also like Tyler & James and Rob & Kim. I think Rob & Kim’s relationship dynamic of nagging and yelling at each other is weird, but it actually seems to work for them, and they are pretty fierce competitors!

  2. I dont guess I’ll be watching anymore Amazing race The Cho’s were the last team with any personalty(good or otherwise) the Kentucky folks got a big haul on the view and they were fun to watch It is my sincere wish the idiot beauty queens(chernoble is where they dropped the atomic bomb!!) Oversleep or drive in a deep hole or something and the rest of them are simply devoid of any character.

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