Survivor Cook Islands: No Winner Yet!

The Survivor Cook Islands season is quickly coming to an end, as the 3-hour season finale spectacular is set to start at 8/7C on Sunday, December 17th, just don’t forget about tonight’s episode! I’m dieing to find out who will be the Survivor Cook Islands winner, but tonight’s episode 13 is setting up to be a good one!

It’s down to the final six contestants, and both outsiders Adam and Parvati have vowed to win the challenges and manipulate the other contestants as much as humanly possible in an effort to further their time on the island. While Adam and Parvati are making vows to dominate the game by any means necissary a storm is quietly brewing that could see Playboy Foursome star Ozzy‘s time on the island cut short.

Stay Tuned! A full recap of tonight’s episode 13 is only a few hours away.

Author: soultrance

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