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It’s been a long and exciting season of Survivor Fiji and the finale did not disappoint. Although I have to say I am not happy with Global TV at all! Right as the final four were going to tribal council to determine who would be included in the final three they cut to commercial. I assumed they were doing this as the usual way of building suspense, but the commercials went on and on for two or three minutes and by the time they ended and the show was back on, Earl, Dreamz and Cassandra were back at camp discussing how they had just got rid of Yau-Man. What the hell!!?

Since the end of last weeks show, were Yau-Man agreed to give Dreamz the truck as long as he was to hand over immunity should he win it in the final four, they have been hyping the entire will he or won’t he story surrounding immunity. Sure enough Dreamz ended up winning immunity in tonight’s challenge and, when the time came to make his decision at tribal council, Global TV crapped out and I missed the entire thing. I couldn’t believe when they came back and Yau was gone. I was pissed at the fact that my favorite contestant got the boot, but ever more pissed that I didn’t get to see what went down. Global TV, you guys screwed up big time, thanks a lot. I hope the U.S. viewers who were watching Survivor Fiji on CBS didn’t have the same problem.

Once I managed to get over the anger of missing the single most integral part of the night’s episode I focused on furthering my hatred of Dreamz. As much as I love Survivor, I have to say, I do not like the idea of voting on the final three, I much prefer the final two. Also, both this season and last has ended with one deserving contestant (Earl) making the final three, while the other two are completely undeserving of being their and only made it through by coasting (Cassandra) or pure luck (Dreamz).

With that being said, I don’t want to give the Survivor Fiji Winner away to anyone that has the finale TiVo’ed, or anyone that hasn’t yet watched it, so if you’re looking to find out who won you’ll have to check things out after the jump!

In what was a first in any of the many seasons of Survivor on CBS, the Survivor Fiji winner received every single vote! All nine members of the jury voted for the same person. Wow. Looks like I’m not the only one that noticed only one contestant was deserving. Though Yau-Man was my favorite to win Survivor Fiji, I had the real winner picked from day one.

The winner of Survivor Fiji is: Earl Cole!

Congratulations to Earl on his victory and $1-million grand prize! Even though I was cheering for Yau-Man, I had Earl pegged as the winner since the very beginning. I guess all that’s left to say now is… bring on Survivor China!

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  1. You know what Lauri, I was wondering that exact same thing myself as soon as the show ended and I have no idea. I’m sure it can’t be split between Dreamz and Cassandra, and they can’t give it all to Dreamz cause he deserved it more then Cassandra. Maybe they both get the same amount now? I’ll have to see if I can find anything further on that.


  2. Personally I thought Global’s treatment of us Survivor fans last night was despicable! The greediest rip off from a TV network I’ve ever seen. Ads ad-nauseum. I wrote to them and told them I’m not even going to watch a global network show ever again. I have satellite and can watch Survivor on a US station. Sadly I was watching somewhere else last night without satellite.

  3. I’m pissed that Yau Man didn’t win, he’s a STUD! Anyways, for all of you that hate Dreamz and Love Yau Man, here’s a website I found that allows you to donate money to Yau Man so he can get the Million dollars that he deserves.

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