Survivor Fiji: Survivor Contestant Quits Night Before Filming

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According to the good folks over at Reality Blurred, Survivor Fiji sustained a more abrupt than usual loss of a contestant. The contestant in question didn’t even make it to the first tribal council but rather, unlike any other in the history of the hit reality TV series, decided to quit the night before filming even began! Way to waste everyones time lady!

During an interview with ASAP Blog, Survivor host Jeff Probst dropped the news that there would only be 19 contestants in Survivor Fiji “because we had somebody quit the night before, which has never happened before, so that threw us for a bit of a loop because we didn’t anticipate an odd number.” So, because of someones late decision to drop out of the running, the game will start off with one team at a disadvantage right off the bat. It could be interesting to see how that effects the game.

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Jeff Probst had the following to say on why the potential Survivor contestant decided to drop out before things even kicked off: “she just got overwhelmed and started panicking. We told her about how the show works and how you’ll be a little isolated. It was just too much for her. Our psychologist talked to her. Our medical doctor talked to her. We went out and talked to her. There was just no way you could try to encourage her to stay on the show. She was not comfortable — not even close to comfortable. And the game hadn’t started. So we said, ‘All right. You’re out.’”

Survivor host Jeff Probst also said that an alternate survivor contestant is usually brought along before production starts in case something like this happens; however, this time around, they thought they had a solid and reliable group and had no need for an alternate. Naturally, no one expected someone to drop out the night before things got under way and losing a contestant threw a bit of a wrench into the works, but the folks behind Survivor have been doing this long enough to know to expect anything: “So we came up with an alternate idea of what to do,” said Probst.

As was already released earlier this month [Survivor Fiji: Cast and Details Revealed], things are going to be quite a bit different this time around. However, Jeff Probst was kind enough to elaborate a bit more on the little we already know: “[t]he overall theme is letting them [survivors] make almost every decision in terms of how this game will play out in the initial setup. That was the big idea.” Survivor Fiji will also see one of “the most elaborate shelter[s] ‘Survivor’ has ever seen,” which really doesn’t come as much of a surprise when Probst goes on to say that the contestants were given “blue prints, a building plan, a map to find lumber and tools, … a kitchen area and a couch.” Apparently they even stole a page from The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles playbook, and let the tribes divide themselves up.

On a side note, one of the Dr’s involved in the filming of Survivor Amazon has admitted to using cocaine and “procuring a large supply of wholesale drugs, despite not having the appropriate wholesale licence.” Read the rest of the story at

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