Survivor Fiji Kicks Off on CBS Tonight!

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Survivor Fiji Cast (Image Source: RealityTVWorld)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, hold on to your seats and prepare yourself for another super-fantastic-happy-season of Survivor on CBS!

Survivor Fiji kicks off in full force tonight and promises to be a great season. Its only been a matter of months since Survivor Cook Islands came to an end, where we saw survivor superstar Yul Kwon take home the grand prize, beating out the more deserving (and prettier) Playboy Foursome star Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth.

CBS, being the fantastic people that they are, graciously decided to start production on yet another season of Survivor almost immediately after the closing of Survivor Cook Islands. So, instead of having to wait nearly a year for another addition of the grandfather of reality TV, we’re getting treated to an early start and already things are looking promising!

After the Jump: Survivor Fiji Cast Info, Survivor Fiji Spoilers, Survivor Fiji Videos!

Warning: The following may or may not include Survivor Fiji Spoilers!
Thanks to a number of intrepid and down right fanatical Survivor fans, along with a number of exclusive interview with host Jeff Probst, a fair amount of info on Survivor Fiji has already been released. So, to get everyone warmed up for this, the newest addition to the Survivor franchise, here’s what we know so far:

  • The original intention was to have a full Survivor Fiji Cast of 20, but things were changed on the fly as a cast member backed out the day before production began. Usually CBS brings along one or two extra cast members to fill in, should just such an emergency pop up, but this time they were so confident in their cast they didn’t bring additional people. So, instead of having a full cast of 20 and two even teams, Survivor Fiji will have two uneven teams and only 19 people. Could make for some interesting twists.
  • Speaking of twists, this season is supposed to be full of them. For the first three days, the entire Survivor Fiji cast of 19 will work together as a single team. After that, they will split off into two separate tribes, which will be chosen NBC Apprentice 6 style, by two tribe leaders selecting their teams. Much like the Apprentice 6, one team will live in the lap of luxury with ample food, a nice shelter and pretty much everything they’d need to have a nice tropical vacation, while the other will have to live worse off than any previous Survivor cast. Water and food will be hard to come by, materials and goods will be sparse and shelter will most likely be a very difficult endeavour. And, last but certainly not least, this season will feature not one, but TWO hidden immunity idols! Best of all, people will be forced to use them, as the rules have now changed. A hidden immunity idol can be used at any time, after host Jeff Probst has counted the votes, BUT the hidden immunity idol must be used BEFORE the votes are revealed. Jeff has already assured us that both hidden immunity idols will be used in this season. Sweet!
  • Another interesting fact about this season: Survivor Fiji was filmed during a military coup of Fiji, though the coup occurred on the main island of Fiji and apparently did not affect the production of the show.

Now that you have all the background information that you need, watch these Survivor Fiji Videos for even more information:

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Watch the season premier of Survivor Fiji tonight @ 8pm et/pt on CBS! And stay tuned to for a full recap of episode 1, tonight!

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