The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 4

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The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 4 Recap

January 28th, 2007 – Tonight’s episode of the Apprentice kicked off like any other, with a brief recap of last weeks episode. In this case we got a quick recap of episode 3 of the Apprentice 6: LA and got to see Michelle resign all over again, yay!

In the lap of luxury, Heidi officially starts the show off by leading Kinetic Corp. in a team pep talk.

While, on the other side of the trees, the members of Arrow Corp. are making the best of their outdoor digs and celebrating their new found security (after Michelle’s resignation) with a few beers and cheese-doodles around the fire.

But just as everyone was getting all buddy-buddy and cheery again, both teams get a call from Donald Trump himself, but what could he want?

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The Donald gets a member of both teams on a conference call and lets them know that he’s going to shake things up a bit and try to help out the struggling Arrow Corp. team. Awww, how sweet. Mr. Trump informs both team members that someone from Kinetic Corp. will be joining Arrow Corp. immediately, and that someone will have to volunteer. Ouch, no one wants to leave a winning team.

After some serious chatting and thinking in the mansion, Surya, Amy and one of the other girls (I missed the name, doh!) volunteer to jump ship and help nurse Arrow Corp back to health. Since more than one member volunteered to jump ship, Aaron got to choose which of the three he wanted to join Arrow Corp. and surprise, he chose Surya!

Surya immediately packs up his gear and leaves the comfort of the mansion for the cold and noisy tents of the great outdoors. Surya goes on a brief spiel about bringing organization to Arrow Corp. and, once greeted by the team and hanging out beside the fire, decides to read off his list of things that make a good team. Not the best way to make a good impression on your new team, to say the least. He continues to read, and read, and read some more, for what seems like forever. The other members of Arrow Corp. are clearly annoyed and bored, some aren’t paying attention at all and others are even heading for bed. Off to a great start Surya!

the apprentice 5 winner sean yazbeck

Presumably the next morning, the teams meet Donald Trump at a Hollywood lookout just off Mulholland Drive. Noticeably lacking the presence of Ivanka and Don Trump, the Donald introduces his new wing-men, one of whom happens to be the Apprentice 5 winner Sean Yazbeck. The other two are executives from a popular fast food chicken chain called el Pollo Loco.

The Apprentice 6: LA Episode 4 Task

  • Each team must create, promote, market and sell a new version of el Pollo Loco’s classic Pollo Bowl.

It doesn’t take long for the members of Arrow Corp. to throw together a winning combination, dubbing it the “Chicken Tortilla Bowl.”

Things for Kinetic Corp., however, don’t go quite as smooth. The team comes up with a fruit and chicken bowl which Heidi and a few other team members dub the “Paradise Pollo Bowl.” That is until Heidi gets a called from Marisa, who is apparently at another location with Derek working on the marketing plan. Marisa pushes the idea of the “Bravado Bowl” and using people in chicken costumes as a marketing tool. Heidi, however, isn’t especially receptive to either of the ideas and promptly shoots both of them down, but no, things don’t end there. Marisa continues to call and hound Heidi about the chicken costumes throughout the remainder of the task, refusing to give up on the idea. I smell mexican chicken flavored trouble!

Things over at Arrow Corp. restaurant are really starting to take shape, balloons are everywhere, lots of signage inside the restaurant, a giant banner hanging outside the restaurant and the team members working the drive through and cash registers are pushing the one-day-only availability and price of their “Chicken Tortilla Bowl.” Aaron also makes a risky choice and sends Frank and Tim off to push bulk sales at business locations nearby.

Kinetic Corp. is taking a different approach with little to no signage, no decorations and really no marketing presence at all, other than handing out samples to people already waiting in the drive through line or coming into the restaurant.

Aaron’s decision to send Frank and Tim off to do bulk sales was very risky and is starting to show, as the lunch rush begins at the restaurant and Arrow Corp. is short staffed. Cars are lining up around the block to go through the drive through and the cash registers are all busy inside the restaurant. Surya tells Aaron to call Frank and Tim and get them to come back right away, but Aaron refuses. Shortly there after Aaron gets a phone call from Frank and Tim as they’re heading back to the restaurant; however, they’re not heading back empty handed, they’re coming back with 22 bulk orders. Aaron is blown away, while Surya is clearly annoyed with being proven wrong. Awwwww.

The Apprentice 6: LA Episode 4 Task Winner

Both teams file into the boardroom and sit down, waiting for the Donald to arrive. The first thing Donald Trump does upon entering the boardroom is tell everyone to take their hats off. Sounds just like my grandmother.

The Apprentice 5 winner Sean Yazbeck tells the Donald that he wasn’t very impressed with the effort put forth by Kinetic Corp. and notice their clear lack of signage, marketing and promotion. Kinetic Corp. earned: $313.54

Sean then says how impressed he was with the effort of Arrow Corp. and how well they decorated and presented their restaurant to make it look like a special event was going on. Arrow Corp. earned: $418 (or maybe $480, I couldn’t hear the last digits over the screaming and cheering).

Arrow Corp. wins the episode 4 Task!

For their reward, Aaron gets to sit beside the Donald in the boardroom and Arrow Corp. gets to take over the mansion, as usual, but that’s not the best of it. The entire team gets to spend the day on a beach in Malibu where they will chow down on fancy food, drink lots, get serenaded by the world famous Andrea Bocelli and have the night topped off with their own personal fireworks display. How cool is that!?

The members of Kinetic Corp. spout excuses and useless proverbs as they sadly pack up their gear and move out on the mansion and into tent city.

While, on the other side of things, Arrow Corp. is going crazy, packing up and moving into the mansion for the first time this season! Several members of the team charge the pool and dive in fully clothed, trying to pull others in with them.

Not only does Kinetic Corp. get the pleasure of moving into tent city, but they also get the pleasure of cleaning up the mess Arrow Corp. left sitting around for them. Lucky! Muna steps up and gets to cleaning. She even scrubs up the bottom of the shower stalls, complaining all the while about how disgusting the people in Arrow Corp. are. Ewwwww, poor Muna.

the apprentice 6 la tim urban music

After being shuttled off to Malibu, stuffing their faces with food, drinking up a storm and listening to Andrea Bocelli perform for them, the members of Arrow Corp. sit back and listen to Tim rock out on the piano for a while. It turns out Tim Urban is not only a contestant on the Apprentice 6: Los Angeles, but is also a budding artist! Who would have guessed it? After enjoying Tim’s performance on the piano, the team chills out on the beach and enjoys a few drinks with their personal fireworks display.

Back in tent city Heidi is sitting down for a chat with most of her fellow Kinetic Corp. team mates to discuss who to take to the boardroom with her. Everything and everyone is very diplomatic about the entire process and no one thinks anyone else deserves to be fired, that is until someone brings up Marisa, at which point everyone agrees and the target for the night is set.

The Apprentice 6: LA Episode 4 Elimination

  • The Donald and Sean blame Kinetic Corp.’s loss on their poor marketing.
  • Marisa chimes in right away and starts to complain about how her chicken suit as a promotional tool idea got shot down right away.
  • Muna fingers Marisa as the most deserving person to get fired as she doesn’t know when to listen, interrupts all the time, can’t take no for an answer and is generally disruptive to the team.
  • Trump, at one point, has to step in and tell Marisa to shut up because she’s getting on his nerves. She even interrupts him when he’s trying to defend her!
  • Amy fingers Marisa as the weakest player as well.
  • Marisa turns the tables on Amy and says she should be the one to get fired.
  • Derek says that Marisa should be fired.
  • Christine agrees and says that Marisa is the most deserving to get fired.
  • Heidi chooses both Marisa and Amy to join her in the boardroom.

While the boardroom is clear, Donald, Sean and Aaron discuss who they think deserves to get fired. Sean says he likes Marisa’s spirit and passion, but it’s a hard decision to make. Aaron says their sales where the problem and he’s not sure who had a clear role in sales and says Heidi didn’t define the roles well enough.

Donald Trump calls Heidi, Amy and Marisa back into the boardroom and after a quick chat, makes his decision:

Marisa is fired!

So ends the episode 4 recap of the Apprentice 6: Los Angeles. Stay tuned for next weeks epsiode 5 recap on February 4th, 2007.

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