The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 1

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The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 1 Recap

January 7th, 2007 – Sunday’s long awaited episode of The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles, was the 90-minute season premier of the Donald Trump run series, and it was a good one.

Things are a little different this time around, the most obvious of which is the location. Instead of taking place in New York, like usual, this season will be 100% L.A., and it’s about damn time! This season will also be airing on Sunday’s at 9:00pm, so set your clocks.

Now, enough of this pointless rambling, let’s get into the meat of this thing! I can already tell I am really going to like this season. The premier was awesome.

Find out what you missed during episode 1 of The Apprentice 6: LA, after the jump!

Episode 1 kicked off with a nice intro to Los Angeles and a gorgeous pair of mansions on the top of a hill, overlooking the valley. One of which is Donald Trump‘s newest real estate purchase, the other of which will be the new home away from home for the Apprentice 6: LA contestants.

The contestants arrive by stretch limo and file out into the driveway of one of the mansion, at which point they’re all greeted by Donald Trump and his daughter and new co-host, Ivanka Trump. One by one the would-be apprentice’s introduce themselves and give a brief rundown of their credentials, and let me just say, Wow. All 18 of the contestants are highly educated and bring with them a great deal of knowledge and experience. This is gonna be good.

But, enough with the pleasantries, as the Donald hands out the first “task” of the season. The contestants have to assemble a brand new tent in the backyard of what will shortly be their new home. Though the tent isn’t your garden variety 4 person camping tent, its not one of the giant buffet tents either, so it shouldn’t prove to be much of a challenge, and sure enough, its not. Both Heidi and Frank step up to the plate to manage and lead, though Heidi is trumped by Frank bellowing voice and construction site style management. It doesn’t take long for the team to throw together the tent, but it becomes immediately clear who’s there to work and who isn’t, as Martin, the rather pompous looking contestants donning a three-piece suit elects to stand to the side and “supervise” as opposed to actually help his fellow team members. That’s one strike.

As soon as the contestants finish assembling the tent, they head for the mansion next door, which is where boss man Donald Trump will be kicking back. Once escorted into the boardroom by the butler, the Donald gets down to business. After some discussion amongst the Donald and the contestants about who stepped up the most during the task, Trump deems Heidi and Frank the project managers and they will get to pick their own teams. Naturally, Martin is picked last. Can you tell I already dislike him?

The Apprentice 6: LA Challenge

  • Run, market and promote a car wash for one afternoon in Hollywood/West Hollywood.
  • The team that earns the most money from washing cars not only wins the challenges, but keeps the same Project Manager for the next challenge and gets to stay INSIDE the mansion.
  • The team that loses has to assembled one more tent and live in the backyard on the mansion. Ouch!

Right off the bat Frank fly’s into a frenzy and, instead of communicating with his team effectively and working out some kind of game plan, gives a very general idea to his team and runs off with another team member to print out flyer’s. The remaining members of Frank’s team scrambled to establish a price point for a basic wash, along with what price to set for up sells like a wash and wax, and full detailing package.

Heidi’s team, however, swings into gear with fantastic communication and a fairly well laid out plan of attack. It wasn’t long before they had signs made, hired shirtless pretty boys to hold the signs (in an attempt to attract the gay market of West Hollywood), and even offered each customer a free lunch. Now that was well planned.

The Donald’s underling and spawn, Ivanka Trump, drops in on Heidi’s team and tried to put a damper on things by grilling her on why no one is up selling and why the detailing bays are all empty. Valid question, but Heidi had decided to go with the quantity over quality strategy and elected to push the basic wash in an effort to get as many basic washes through and done as quick as possible. Heidi is relying solely on the hopes that the high traffic at the lower rate will Trump the long time required to do a higher priced full detailing. We’ll have to wait and see if that paid off or not.

Frank’s team really suffered while he was gone, especially since they had no signs, and it wasn’t until 2/3 of the way through the challenge that they actually made signs that were large enough to be effective. Martin also swings and misses with strikes two and three, as he proves to be terrible at up selling and, as Ivanka drops by to check out how things are going, complains about being exhausted. Already? It’s only the first challenge! That can’t be good.

Heidi’s strategy of higher volume at lower cost is proving to be incredibly effective, actually too effective. Cars are backed up everywhere and the car wash is quickly going the way of bedlam, but, before things have the chance to go sideways, Heidi rallies her troops and takes everyone off marketing and promoting and enlists everyone to wash and dry cars. After all, there’s no sense in bringing more cars into the car wash if you have a ton that already need to be worked on, especially with time running out.

The Apprentice 6: LA Challenge Results

  • Franks team, who relied on up-selling to pricer packages at the expense of a higher time investment earned: $2,345.54
  • Heidis team, who stuck with the lower price higher volume strategy through-out the entire challenge, ended up with: $2,463.00
  • Heidis team wins!

As a reward for winning the first challenge of The Apprentice 6: LA, Donald Trump takes Heidi and her team members out for a luxurious meal at Los Angeles hot spot “Spago.” Spago just happens to be one of renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck‘s restaurants, and wouldn’t you know it, ole’ wolfy joins Trump and the team for dinner! Along with a fantastic meal, some time with Trump and Wolfgang, the winning team gets to stay in the lap of luxury that is the mansion, while the losing team is banished to the tents of the backyard. And, if that wasn’t good enough, the project manager of the winning team gets to sit in on the boardroom and advise Donald and Ivanka Trump on who should get fired. Wow! Now THAT is a huge reward.

Franks team is pissed over losing and being banished to the depths of the dark and noisy backyard. The team is forced to sleep in tents, some people are forced to sleep outside the tents, and even though everyone has cots and sleeping bags, their showers are outside, kitchen’s outside, bathrooms outside, everything is outside, and just to make things more difficult, the only light they have is from flashlights. Carey had a hell of a time showering in the dark and had to get some flashlight help from a teammate.

While sitting around in the dark, Tim confronts Frank about his poor performance and explains how he feels it was Frank and Martin’s fault that they lost, but the majority of the blame has to fall on Frank, as he was the project manager. Naturally Frank doesn’t take this accusation very lightly and steps up to defend himself, it his usual loud and overbearing manner. The best part of the entire argument was the fact that Heidi and her team were on the other side of the hedge lounging around the pool and listening to every word of the argument.

The darkness proves to be a real pain in the butt for Frank’s team, but the noise is even worse. Sprinklers are running all night, weird noises are happening all over the place and no one seems to get to great a night of sleep. At one point a few of the team members peered over the hedge to see Heidi’s team lounging in the pool and, as they lamented over their loss some more, it really set in just how much they need to win the next challenge.

In an effort to stir things up a bit more and take the attention off himself, Martin goes after Frank for being a bad project manager with poor planning, poor communication and a completely bobbled challenge. Frank defends himself fairly well and deflects some questions to Martin, which he essentially sloughs off and doesn’t answer. Although, he did remove some of the focus from himself.

Before entering the boardroom, Heidi let’s her team members know that she will make the obvious efforts to influence Donald and Ivanka not to fire the weakest player on Franks team, in an effort to keep the team unorganized and weak.

The Apprentice 6: LA Boardroom Firing

  • Martin points the blame squarely at Frank, referencing his poor marketing ability, poor management and inability to set a price point.
  • Tim steps up and puts the blame on Frank as well, saying although Martin was an ineffective and terrible salesperson, Frank was the Project Manager and did not do his job.
  • Frank pushes the blame onto Martin and calls him a horrible salesmen and terrible up-seller, and blames the difference in the amount of money earned on his inability to up-sell anyone.
  • Trump asks everyone who he should fire and they all give their honest opinions:
  • Michelle says Frank
  • Carey says Frank (but both deserve to get fired)
  • James says Frank
  • Stephanie says both deserve to get canned
  • Tim says Frank
  • The Donald interrupts to call Martin a pompous ass and critique his attitude and demeanor
  • Nicole says Martin
  • Aaron says Martin
  • Frank chooses to bring Martin and Tim back to the boardroom with him
  • After more bickering and some logical thinking and speaking by Ivanka, the Donald and Michelle, Trump lays down the law:
  • Martin is FIRED!

Very rarely does it happen that I take such a strong disliking to someone so quickly in a reality TV show, but I knew from the start that I didn’t like Martin and I’m so glad to see him get the boot already. I think Frank has a huge amount of heart and a ton of drive, he just needs to concentrate, slow himself down a bit and communicate better. Hopefully will stick around for a bit. My personal favorite, already, is Frank, the internet entrepreneur. I don’t know what it is about the guy, but he’s got an energy and air about him that I really like. I look forward to seeing what he can do.

This season of The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles, is already shaping up to be a good one. Don’t miss episode 2 on January 14th and the recap!

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