The Apprentice 6: LA Recap – Episode 3

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The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles – Episode 3 Recap

January 21st, 2007 – The inevitable has happened, I am officially hooked. I knew after the first two episodes that I’d get hooked on The Apprentice 6: LA, and sure enough, I’m hooked.

It’s much easier to get into a reality TV series when you like a lot of the competitors, or at the very least are entertained by them, and thus far the Apprentice competitors have delivered and kept me entertained. And, as sad as it is, I’m really liking the one team lives in luxury while the other camps out twist, it adds an entirely new dynamic to the show.

Find out what you missed in episode 3 of the Apprentice 6: LA, after the jump!

Tonight’s episode of The Apprentice 6: Los Angeles kicked off with the Arrow Corp. members sitting around waiting to see who would survive Donald Trump’s boardroom wrath and return to the team. Sure enough, when Michelle walks around the corner, many of the Arrow Corp. team members are disappointed. Some, like Tim, even get angry over the fact that she wasn’t fired. Needless to say, the entire team has already painted a giant bullseye on Michelle’s back.

In the lap of luxury with Kinetic Corp. Kerri, the two-task-winning project manager, returns from sitting beside the Donald in the boardroom to give the rest of her team the lowdown on what happened. Upon hearing the news of Carey being fired, it seemed like the Kinetic Corp. members were more disappointed than Carey’s own Arrow Corp. team members. Though everyones spirits were raised when Kerri explained how much the rest of the team seemed to hate Michelle and how that will definitely work to their advantage.

In the backyard things aren’t going very well for Arrow Corp. Everyone’s getting sick of Michelle being around, no one likes the job that she has done and the politics are kicking into high gear. Combined with their general disdain for Michelle and the fact that they’re still stuck outside sleeping in tents and have no hot water for showers, the mood in Arrow Corp. is less than stellar and is only going to get worse.

The Donald calls for both teams to meet him, his son Don Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump at the Loewes Hotel. He informs Kinetic Corp. that they’ll be lounging around, relaxing and enjoying the hotels perks for the day, while Arrow Corp. will be divided into two separate teams that will compete against one another in the next task! The winning team will get nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing they finally won something (though the PM will sit aside the Donald in the boardroom), the losers will have to enter the boardroom and face the Donald’s wrath. Aaron volunteers to be a PM, while Donald Trump volunteers Michelle as the other PM. Each PM picks their team:

Aaron’s Team:

  • James
  • Stefani

Michelle’s Team:

  • Tim
  • Nicole
  • Frank

The Apprentice 6: LA Episode 3 Task

  • Each team must create a unique bus tour for Starline tours of Hollywood.
  • Each team will be given the use of one double decker bus and will be graded on their creativity, substance and performance.
  • Donald, Ivanka and Don Trump will all base their thoughts on what they see and hear during the tour, as well as how the tour-goer’s grade the tours and teams.

Aaron’s team gets rocking right off the bat and James throw the idea out of getting a hold of some Laker Girls to showcase their tour. Stefani and Aaron love the idea and James jumps on the phone to get things setup with the girls, who run $85/hr per laker girl, with a two girl minimum (almost sounds like an escort service or something).

Michelle’s team comes up with the idea of “A Day in the Life of the Rich and Famous”. They will focus on places that rich and famous people frequent, where they can be seen, etc. One problem emerges right off the bat, as Michelle has a difficult time taking a stand on anything, which is understandable, since she knows everyone is gunning for her to begin with.

Flip over to the Loewes hotel, where Kinetic Corp. is taking full advantage of the hotels services, lounging beside the pool, swimming, stuffing their faces and relaxing.

Aaron’s team gets to work on the general idea behind their tour, though they have some problems at first as Aaron suggests showing where the OJ Simpson murder happened, an idea which was immediately shot down. They eventually decided on “Famous Places, Beautiful Faces”, a tour that will feature famous movie filming locations and Hollywood landmarks.

Back at Loewes hotel, Kinetic Corp. are thoroughly relaxed as the massages begin, the drinking starts and the sun tanning is in full force.

Michelle’s and Tim decide to hop in the van and drive around Hollywood and Beverly Hills in an attempt to map out a potential tour route. After hours of driving around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, neither area is appealing to either of them and neither of them can decide on what route to run the tour on. In the meantime, Frank and Nicole were actually being productive, renting the entire team tuxedo’s and getting a banner made up for their tour bus.

Aaron’s team, instead of driving around to work out their tour route, elect to huddle up in their tent and research their target locations, forming a tour route around them. In the process they are also researching and reading up on the history of all their locations to further highlight them for their tour-goers.

Michelle’s team, having come up with little to no ideas and have produced almost nothing of use, “decide” to pull an all-nighter in an effort to get all the details worked out. Some team members are more receptive to that idea that others, as Nicole slips into bed, saying it won’t make a difference if she stays up or not. After some bickering back and forth with a pissed of Michelle, she gets back out of bed again.

Game day arrives and things are looking good for Aaron’s team as they arrive at their double decker bus to a large and eager crowd of tour-goers. The Laker Girls show up, strut their stuff, sign some autographs and get the crowd all riled up. As everyone piles onto the bus and things get rolling Stefani hands out bottled water and popcorn while James blasts everyone out of their seats with his crappy commentary. He’s unorganized, way to loud and very overbearing, no one seems to be enjoying the tour while he’s behind the mic. Things started off well, but he’s starting to screw things up.

Michelle’s team runs into their fair share of problems too. The team is all together and dressed in their tuxedo’s, looking very good, but the mic on their bus is terrible and most of the tour-goers are having their ears blown out with the horrible screeches coming from the speakers. To top it all off, as the bus rolls by the Hotel Marmot, Tim announces pleasantly that it was were John Belluci killed himself by over dosing on heroin. Needless to say, the tour-goers weren’t to thrilled with that bit of info.

Back on Aaron’s team’s bus, things are starting to look up as Stefani takes over the mic and offers loads of interesting and knowledgeable information about the landmarks and buildings they are highlighting on their tour. The tour-goers seem to be a great deal more entertained by her efforts than James’ overbearing nature.

One all is said and done, both teams return to the boardroom to meet the Donald. James is the only person on Michelle’s team that has anything positive to say or has any confidence in their performance, the rest of the team wastes no time in targeting Michelle. On the flip side, Aaron’s entire team is very confident in how they performed and how their PM performed.

The results of the tour-goers questionnaires come in:

  • Aaron’s Team: 82% Approval Rating
  • Michelle’s Team: 58% Approval Rating

Needless to say, Aaron’s team won the task. His team, unfortunately, gets no reward, but Aaron will get to join Donald, Ivanka and Don trump in the boardroom, that is, if there will be a firing.

Before everyone has a chance to file out of the boardroom, Michelle stand up and tells Trump that she doesn’t want to be involved in the show anymore, that it’s much harder than she had thought it was going to be and she can’t do it anymore. Michelle Resigns! She is only the second person is the history of The Apprentice to resign from the show. The Donald, as is expected, gives a long lecture over how quiting won’t get you anywhere, quitters are losers and always will be, etc. and then sends everyone back to the backyard.

In the backyard, Michelle’s team members and even members of Aaron’s team question her decision for quitting. Her fellow team members: Tim, Frank and Nicole are especially pissed, as they’re now all vulnerable and could be called back into the boardroom to be fired.

Lucky for them, The Donald’s secretary calls everyone to let them know that the boardroom firing has been canceled because he doesn’t feel it would be fair to fire another contestant after one already resigned. So everyone’s safe!

There was a 99% chance of Michelle being fired anyways, so resigning was only her way of preempting the inevitable. I’m glad she’s gone, now Arrow Corp. will have to find someone else to focus their efforts on. Michelle was never a very entertaining contestant to being with.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode 4 recap of the Apprentice 6!

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