Watch NBC Heroes Online: Two Heroes Face Off!

Tonight brings to us episode 15: “Run” of the hit NBC TV show Heroes and, based on all the preview commercials that have been running for the past few days, we’re in store for yet another fantastic episode!

Matt the recently fired cop and now bodyguard will somehow end up locking horns with Jessica. The commercials airing this week keep saying someone will fly and someone will die. Will someone die this episode thought? Is it possible that Matt will kill Jessica? Will Jessica kill Matt? Maybe they’ll kill each other? And if it isn’t one of them that bites the bullet, then who?

We already know a lot about what we can expect to see in episode 15: “Run” of NBC Heroes, but you know the previews don’t even scratch the surface of what happens in an episode. We know for sure that:

  • Matt and Jessica are going to lock horns and battle it out, with guns.
  • Meredith Gordon, Claire’s biological mother, is going to meet-up with Nathan Petrelli, Claire’s biological father.
  • Zane Taylor, possibly an ally of Sylar’s, is going to make his first appearance in the series.
  • Sylar will meet up with Mohinder Suresh and Mohinder will, unknowingly, team up with him in some capacity.
  • Claire will ask Meredith to meet her biological father, but whether or not they actually meet up is yet to be seen. offers their usual lack-luster insight into Heroes episode 15:

“Matt takes a job as a bodyguard, which puts him in an assassin’s line of fire; Hiro returns to Las Vegas to get the sword; Mohinder locates another from the list; Simone makes a surprise move in her search for Peter. Claude: Christopher Eccleston.”

Watch FOUR preview videos of Heroes episode 15, after the jump!

Official Heroes episode 15 preview by NBC

Heroes episode 15 clip: Claire gets caught lieing to HRG

Heroes episode 15 behind the scenes clip

Heroes episode 15 clip: Sylar meets Zane Taylor

Stay tuned for a full recap of episode 15: “Run” of NBC Heroes tonight, after the show!

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