NBC Heroes Recap: Episode 15 – “Run”

nbc heroes episode 15 recap
Greg Grunberg & Ali Larter of NBC Heroes (Image Source: NBC.com)

NBC Heroes Episode 15: “Run” Recap

February 12th, 2007 – This show never ceases to amaze me and tonight’s episode, like nearly every other, was fantastic! As was already revealed in my episode 15 preview, we knew we could expect to see at least one new Heroes character joining the cast tonight, but I had no clue we would be getting up close and personal with two brand new Heroes characters. Not that we have to worry about getting to know them both too much, as one of them isn’t fortunate enough to make it through tonight’s episode alive.

Clearly the writers behind Heroes wanted to make this episode something special. Not only were we introduced to two new Heroes, two Heroes face off, with very interesting results, we learn some very interesting things about Meredith’s less than stellar personality and get a glimpse into Jessica’s mind. It was one hell of an episode!

Find out what happened in episode 15: “Run” of NBC Heroes, after the jump!

Not a scrap of time was wasted getting right into things in tonight’s show as episode 15 of Heroes kicked off with Meredith calling Nathan out of the blue, after not having been in touch with him for more than 14 years. Not only does the call come out of no where, the fact that Meredith survived the supposedly fatal house fire, and the news of their love child Claire surviving sent Nathans jaw on a one way trip to the floor. And it doesn’t take long for Meredith to show her true colors, dropping the baby daddy bomb on Nathan a mere two weeks before the election – Meredith was digging for a payoff all along. Unsure how much to ask for, Nathan offers her $100,000 to keep quite and she happily accepts.

Back from a trip to the hospital, HRG/Mr. Bennet and Claire’s non-bio mom return home, where Claire begins to grill HRG about how moms doing. HRG tells her that she’s getting headaches and might have some neurological problems that may be causing the headaches. Well duh! Having your brain drained by a crazy Haitian guy a few hundred times could have that affect on someone.

nbc heroes ali larter
Ali Larter of NBC Heroes (Image Source: NBC.com)

Jessica, fresh from prison and now wholey in control of Niki’s body, makes use of some make-up skills to cover up the Heroes tattoo on her back, all the while arguing with Niki in the mirror. Apparently little Micah and DL have yet to figure out their dearly beloved mommy and wife isn’t who they think she is anymore. Though I have to admit, Jessica is doing a damn good job acting like Niki (surprise).

Getting geared up for his new job, Matt prepares for his first day as a gun packing body guard, or as he likes to call it, ‘a glorified babysitter’. Little does he know, his new job is going to get very interesting, very quickly.

Back in the Sanders house, Micah starts to get curious and asks DL and Niki (Jessica) when they’re going to share their powers and start to use them more, like superheroes.

While hidden away in another room and on the phone with some illusive character, Jessica opens a package, revealing plane tickets and a picture. The picture is of Mr. Malsky, the same guy that came into Jessica’s prison cell in episode 14 of Heroes to tell her that she was cleared of all charges and free. But even more importantly, is the fact that the man on the phone is Mr. Linderman, and the plane ticket is for Jessica to find Mr. Malsky and kill him. Looks like somebody pissed off Mr. Linderman, you just know that can’t be a good career move.

Most importantly yet, Matt’s new role as bodyguard finds him sitting outside the airport, waiting to pick up the person he’s supposed to protect, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s our new friend Mr. Malsky! Man is Matt ever in for a surprise.

Hiro and Ando finally find their way back to Vegas and are on the hunt for Hiro’s samurai sword. Their goal is to sneak into Mr. Linderman’s office and steal it, that is of course, once they find out where exactly Mr. Linderman is, and a way to sneak into his office. On the way into the hotel, Ando stops to consul a crying giant of a woman in the kitchen, who just happens to turn out to be Hope! As you may have guessed, Hope is one of this episodes two new Heroes, I just wish I could remember what her power and role is.

While playing shuttle Jockey to his new employer, Matt reads Mr. Malsky’s mind and learns that he’s going to be doing a deal of some kind. Though what kind we do not know.

From the warm comfort of his ever dingy apartment, Mohinder is frantically calling people, presumably Heroes from around the world, trying to let them know about their powers. When he takes a quick break to listen to his messages he has one new message from Zane Taylor, and he’s freaking out, asking to see Mohinder asap. Yes, you guessed it, Zane Taylor is the second of our new Heroes for episode 15!

Back in the kitchen of a Vegas hotel, Ando tries his hand at consoling the seemingly distrot Hope and Hope spills a story about her boyfriend beating her and how she forgot her suitcase in his room but can’t go back and get it. Ando, a sucker for anyone with a nice pair, volunteers to retrieve her suitcase from the depths of the evil mans hotel room. Hiro and Ando argue over the decision, but Ando reminds us that it is, after all, his destiny to help someone named Hope, at least that’s what Hiro told him way back when. Hiro quickly changes his mind as soon as Hope mentions the fact that she can get them an in with Linderman.

Ando dresses like a hotel waiter and pushes a food cart into Hope’s boyfriends hotel room. It doesn’t take long for the towel wearing, big ass boy friend to get bored of Ando’s presence, kicking him out of the room. But as he heads for the shower, Hiro pops out from under the food cart and lets Ando in. Ando and Hiro search the room for the suitcase and find a shotgun and ammo in a closet. Hiro wants to make a break for it and Ando plays him for the fool by agreeing and locking him out of the room. Ando eventually find the illusive pink suitcase stashed under the bed, just in time for Hope’s boyfriend to get out of the shower, forcing Ando to cower under the bed in fear.

Zane Taylor sits, waiting for Mohinder to arrive as there’s a knock at the door. Zane hops up and answers the door, only to find Sylar, but wait! Zane greets Sylar as Mohinder and Sylar goes along with it. Zane then demonstrates his power for Sylar, and though we don’t get to see what he does, we have the general idea and the expression on Sylar’s face lets us know that he’s interested in the power, very interested.

Nathan, back in his comfy office in NY, meets up with dear old mom to have a chat about Meredith and his newly discovered offspring. Nathan makes it clear that he wants to put the effort into going to meet Meredith in person, while mommy dearest doesn’t like that idea very much, especially so close to election time, just imagine what the press would do if they got a hold of the story.

Back in the increasingly odd Bennet house, HRG/Mr. Bennet pays Claire a visit in her bedroom and catches her in a lie. He shows Claire the crappy printed off aquarium tickets and grounds her for lieing, telling her she isn’t allowed out at 5pm until he says so. Claire yells “That’s not fair!” and HRG responds with the standard dad line “I’m your father.” To which Claire barks “You’re not my real father!” Ooooooooh, things are getting interesting here. Right after the fight Claire calls bio-mom Meredith and tells her she wants to meet bio-dad. Meredith shrugs her off and tells her that she’ll look into it.

Matt escorts his new boss, Mr. Malsky, into a diamond trading office, all the while Jessica sits and watches. Mr. Malsky is there to sell a batch of diamonds he just happens to have. While in the building doing the deal, Matt reads the diamond buyers thoughts and learns that it’s all a setup, Malsky stole $2-million from Mr. Linderman and he’s arrange to have Malsky killed. Matt warns Malsky and the pair high tail it out of the office. While standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator to appear, Matt hones in on Jessica’s thoughts. She’s coming up the elevator! Jessica steps out from the elevator and they’re gone.

Hiro manages to sneak up on Hope and listen in on her phone conversation. It turns out Hope was playing them all along. All she wanted was Ando to get her the bag and a quick punch in the face keeps Hiro from running to warn Ando.

Sick of waiting for the elevator and their imminent doom, Matt and Malsky make a run for it and head down the stairs, ducking into another floor for cover. Jessica gives chase down the stairs and stops half way to argue with Niki about how she has to kill Malsky to make things even with Linderman. Oddly enough, Matt was listening in on the entire argument, but even odder is the fact that he heard both Niki and Jessica.

Jessica follows Matt onto the same floor where Matt tells Malsky to take off while he deals with Jessica, but not before calling in the help of his cop buddies. Matt manages to get the drop on Jessica, with his gun to the back of her head, Jessica drops her gun down the stairwell and Matt cuffs her to the railing. Convinced that their is another person around (Niki), Matt asks Jessica where to find the other person and Jessica uses it to her advantage, telling Matt she’s probably off killing Malsky. This sends Matt running to find Malsky, only to run back into Jessica, who throws him out the window.

Naturally, Matt is not dead, he’s actually quite safe, having landed on a conveniently placed bar outside the window. Once he regains consciousness he does manage to crawl back into the building without falling off the railing. Guess Matt’s not going to be the first Hero to die, at least not yet.

Claire goes to meet Meredith face to face and demands that she get to see bio-dad Nathan. Meredith takes a walk with Claire and tells her that she can’t come to expect much from her bio dad, since when he found out she was pregnant he bolted. The only thing either of them can expect to get from him is money, $50k to be exact, which Meredith is so graciously willing to split with Claire, and considering Nathan offered her $100k, not $50k, I don’t think she’s being to gracious. Claire says she doesn’t want any of his money and Meredith tells her that she won’t be around much longer, she’s going to head for Mexico again. Take the money and run!

Matt manages to pull himself into the window and searches around for Malsky body, or rather what’s left of it. Matt finds Malsky laying in the middle of the floor, torn in half at the waist. Have got to hand it to Jessica, when she does something she goes all out.

Mohinder finally arrives at Zane Taylor house, and wouldn’t you know it, Sylar answers the door, and sure enough, he poses as Zane. So now Sylar has been Sylar, Zane and Mohinder, and Niki is the one with multiple personalities? It turns out Sylar killed off Zane and took his powers. He demonstrates his new powers for Mohinder, which give him the ability to melt, seemingly anything, down to a puddle of liquid.

Nathan, against all his mommy’s advice, decides to see Meredith on his own and comes knocking at her door. He apologizes for everything that’s happened, gives her the $100k and asks to meet Claire. Meredith feeds him a line about Claire having just been there, all the while Claire is crouched outside the window listening in. Meredith convinces Nathan not to bother to wait around to meet Claire and, as he leaves, Claire pops up from behind a broken down car and smashes the back window of his car with a rock. That’ll teach him!

Back in what used to be Zane Taylor’s house, Mohinder is talking to Sylar about how he controls his powers and he tells Mohinder that it’s destiny, like a sense of spiritual enlightenment, it just is. Mohinder asks Sylar for a DNA sample so he can do some testing, and instead of swabbing his own mouth, Sylar steps into the kitchen to check on the tea, kneels down and swabs the very dead Zane Taylor’s mouth. Sylar gives the swab to Mohinder and Mohinder tells Sylar all about his plans to find the Heroes from all over the world to help them. Sylar then volunteers to join Mohinder and help him find the Heroes. What a great idea, let Mohinder do all the work of tracking them down so he can kill them and take their powers, well done.

Ando finally returns to Hope with her pretty pink suitcase when Hope tells Ando they’re going to go and, as Ando asks where Hiro went, Hope tells him that he left and said he didn’t need Andos help anymore. With a quick kiss, Ando gives up all control and they’re off. Things aren’t going quite as well for Hiro though, as Hope so graciously locked him in a storage closet, but every thing is okay, he gets rescued… by Hope’s “boyfriend.” Doh! Hope’s supposed boyfriend just so happens to be a member of the gaming commission, and you don’t mess with those folks, they run Vegas.

Back at the scene of the crime Matt tries to explain to the cops exactly what happened, but naturally, none of them are buying it. So, to prove his point, Matt remembers what he read from Malsky’s thoughts just before he was thrown out the window and bam! Matt finds where Malsky stashed the diamonds. On his way back to show the cops his evidence, he reads their thoughts and hears them making fun of them and decides, nah, he rather keep the diamonds for himself. Nice!

Claire gets back to the Bennet house after her excursion to meet-up with bio mommy, only to find non-bio mom freaking out on her beloved dog. The brain rot is starting to take full affect and she can’t even remember who her favorite little dog is, or for that matter, who Claire is.

Back from an exciting day of ass-kicking and ripping people apart, Jessica returns home to another package. Jessica cracks open the package and all it contains is a picture. A picture of Nathan Petrelli! Mr. Linderman wants Jessica to kill Nathan!

And that is that, so ends another NBC Heroes recap. Stay tuned for a full recap of episode 16 after the show next week, you won’t want to miss it. Episode 16 will see one of the Heroes cast die! In the mean time, don’t forget to:

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