NBC Heroes: New Heroes Come in Episode 15 “Run”!

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Zane Taylor [Nathan Cohn]
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The Heroes news just keeps pouring in and I can’t help but write about it. Just resterday I wrote about a whole whack of information and interpretations based on the NBC Heroes episode 14: “Distractions” preview video and not even 24-hours later I’ve got more juicy tidbits to pass out.

Episode 14 – “Distractions” is quickly building up to be one of the best episodes of the season, and it is still four days away, but we’ve already got the low down on NBC Heroes episode 15: “Run” for you!

Somehow Jared of JustJared.com managed to get his hands on some prime promo photos and information for the upcoming Heroes NBC episode. As if it wasn’t enough introducing Claire’s [Hayden Panetierrie] biological mother, Meredith Gordon [Jessalyn Gilsig], and her biological father [tbd], now it appears that everyone’s favorite creepy evil not-quite-as-dead-as-he-wants-you-to-think guy Sylar [Zachary Quinto] is getting a brand new buddy!

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NBC Heroes episode 15: “Run” preview by TVGuide.com:

“Matt takes a job as a bodyguard, which puts him in an assassin’s line of fire; Hiro returns to Las Vegas to get the sword; Mohinder locates another from the list; Simone makes a surprise move in her search for Peter. Claude: Christopher Eccleston.”

The newest addition to the ever expanding and always impressive NBC Heroes character list is a new friend of Sylar’s that goes by the name of Zane Taylor. Zane will be played by Ethan Cohn who isn’t exactly new to the acting world, or the TV world for that matter. Ethan has previously been featured in: Lady in the Water, CSI: Miami and The Gilmore Girls, to name a few. So, needless to say, he’s got some TV experience under his belt and should prove to be an interesting addition to the show, though for some reason I have the feeling his role on Heroes will be short lived. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the JustJared promo pictures for episode 15: “Run” of the NBC smash hit TV show Heroes.


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Watch Heroes episode 14: “Distractions” on February 5th at 9pm ET/PT on NBC.
Watch Heroes episode 15: “Run” on February 12th at 9pm ET/PT on NBC.

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