Heroes Countdown: 6 Days and 6 Spoilers

Closer and closer we draw to the return of NBC’s smash hit TV series, Heroes! There are only six short days left before Heroes returns from it’s winter vacation and personally, I can’t wait!

Since Heroes went on vacation many of the die hard fans, like myself, have been scowering the depths of the internet for the slightest bit of information about the TV series, some finding more success than others. So, in preparation for Monday, January 22nd’s return episode, episode 12 entitled “Godsend”, let’s recap some things we learned and can expect to see:

  • Two new characters with two unique powers will be joining the line-up.
  • One of the female characters will be eliminated, but which one? Could Niki simply win control of her alter-ego Jessica, or will cheerleader Claire get the axe?
  • Claire will re-enact her leap of faith from episode one in an effort to make Zack remember everything, only for him to run away screaming.
  • Simone and Isaac, who we very briefly saw as a “couple”, will get back together again.
  • Peter, who’s power is the ability to take on other Heroes powers, will be the first to meet and one of the only people to see the new invisible character, Claude.
  • Hiro’s powers will continue to dwindle, sending him on a search for his future samurai swords, convinced that it will recharge his powers.
  • The nuclear powered Hero that was arrested in a previous episode will make another appearance.

So, keeping all that in mind, don’t forget to watch the return episode of Heroes on January 22nd! In the meantime, if you missed an episode of the hit TV series or, heaven forbid, have yet to watch an episode, do so now!

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