American Idol 6: Let The Madness Begin!

Well, the faithful day has come! Tonight is part 1 of the 2-hour season premier of American Idol 6! As usual, you can expect every other network to run away screaming as the monolith that is American Idol 6 touches down. Year after year the show consistently beats out any and every other show it has had to match time slots with. Most networks will no longer even attempt to take down the American Idol franchise and choose rather to move their top shows to other days and times.

Unlike any previous season, this season will feature 8 episodes dedicated strictly to auditions, which everyone knows is the best part of the show anyways. Hold on to your seats and prepare yourselves for what is sure to be a fantastic showing on an incredible lack of talent!

In case you’ve forgot what kind of wonderful talent American Idol has provided us with, give the below video a look.

Watch the 2-hour season premier of American Idol tonight @ 8/7c on Fox!

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