Live Blog: The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 10

Another Sunday night has come and another episode of The Apprentice is here, you know what that means? It’s time for a live blog!

This post will be updated at every commercial break so refresh your page every 30 seconds or so to catch the newest updates.
The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles: Episode 10

  • Muna got the boot last week, Kinetic returns to camp to whine and complain.
  • Frank, Tim and Nicole chilling out beside the pool, drinking and talking about being the final three and three musketeers.
  • Trump calls, James answers. Trump says one member of Arrow must move to Kinetic. No one volunteers. James has to pick someone to go. James chooses to send Nicole to Kinetic. Nicole and Tim are both pissed for being split up. They get there hugs and kisses in and Nicole packs up. James apologizes for sending her away and Nicole says she’s taking it personal, she’s definitely gunning for James now.

  • Trump meets what’s left of both teams at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
  • The Task: Teams will be working with Universal Studios Hollywood to sell passes to the theme park using a new system called Ad Walker. The teams that makes the most money wins.
  • Kinetic takes to the war room and starts to brainstorm right away.
  • Arrow working on ideas too, Tim suggests creating a kiosk/station to drive the people to them, instead of having to go out and get the people.
  • Kinetic going to strap on roller skates and skate around the park to promote the new system.
  • Tim can’t stop thinking about Nicole and he’s worried that she’s going to be really driven in the challenge. Tim wants to beat her, bad.
  • Arrow gets rocking right away. Getting setup and strapping on the ad walker suits.
  • Kinetic skating around the park, wearing the ad walker suits selling to customers on the go.
  • James playing dirty, trying to steal Kinetics customers, bribing them with free water and swag.
  • Ivanka shows up and starts chatting with Angela about how things are going. Angela whines to Ivanka about Arrow playing dirty.
  • Heidi is pissed, Frank stole one of her sales. Arrow is playing really dirty, doing whatever they can to outsell and steal Kinetics customers. Love it!
  • The Boardroom: Only Donald and Ivanka Trump this time around, no other assistant person. Trump shocked that Nicole got the boot, Trump says he hopes Kinetic wins. Kinetic made $24,440.37 in sales. Arrow made $31,366.65. Arrow destroyed Kinetic!
  • Ivanka says Arrow were ruthless. Angela complaining about how Arrow was overly aggressive and stole their customers. The Donald praises Arrow for their tactics, hard work and says they acted exactly like real business.
  • Arrows reward for winning is a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, sweet!
  • Nicole in shock over what happened and is hurt that Tim never stood up for her.
  • Tim says they’re both stronger than this.
  • Nicole bitching at Tim through the bushes about not stepping up and saying something when she was getting booted. Nicole is pissed that Tim isn’t understanding her and Tim is pissed that she called him out. Trouble in paradise!
  • Arrow arrives at the helipad and starts their tour of Los Angeles in a private luxury helicopter. Big boost for the team.
  • Angela is going to use the fact that Nicole was seen by Arrow as the weakest member against her and is going to take her into the boardroom with her. Heidi agrees to go after Nicole.
  • Tim sticks his head through the bushes and trys to get Nicole’s attention. She ignores him at first and is sitting back, still pissed off at Tim.
  • Arrow chatting about who James should gun for in the boardroom and everyone pins the target on Nicole. Tim leaves the kitchen, walks over to the bush and warns Nicole that James is going to go after her in the boardroom. Tim’s bias and affection for Nicole is really starting to shine through now and the rest of the team is not impressed at all.
  • The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 10 Elimination:
  • The girls of Kinetic file into the boardroom and prepare to fight for their lives.
  • Trump asks Angela why they keep losing, and so badly. Angela blames the bad sales on the selling concept, aka Nicole.
  • Nicole defends her ideas as being great ideas and even told Kinetic what Arrows setup would be.
  • Trump asks Nicole if her and Tim are in love. Nicole dances around the question. Trump doesn’t like how Tim never fought for Nicole.
  • Nicole thinks Angela wasn’t the leader since she didn’t lead the team or task. Ivanka and James pin the blame on the sales pitch.
  • Trump mentions Angela thinking what Arrow did was immoral. James tears into Angela for saying such a thing.
  • Heidi says she would fire Angela. Nicole says she would fire Angela. Kristine says she would fire Angela.
  • Donald and Ivanka tell Angela to make a better case, they’re both trying to find a way for her to save herself from getting the boot. She tries to defend herself and does a crappy job of it.
  • Trump makes the call: Angela is fired!
  • Once all is said and done, Nicole stands up and tells Trump he should ask Tim to join Kinetic and see what he says. Moron.

So ends another live blogging adventure. The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles episode 10 was a good one. Stay tuned for another live blogging of episode 11 next week! Same bat time, same bat channel.

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    Your smarter than that Mr. Trump, you should host a show with regular people, and give them a chance to show that the regular working public can rais money for charities also.

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