The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 13 Live Blog

Welcome to The Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 13 live blog! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to recap episode 12 and, after having watched it, I really wish I would have been able to. Episode 12 was, without a doubt, one of the best episode of The Apprentice Los Angeles and was exactly what the show needed to spike my interest again.

Since this is a live blog, all the usual rules apply. I will be updating this post at every commercial break, so keep refreshing and enjoy!

Welcome to the final 4 baby!

  • Things kick off with a brief episode 12 recap, as usual, highlighting the exciting boardroom meeting and the Donald firing Christine and Heidi.
  • James is super proud of everyone that’s left.
  • Don and Donald Trump walk into the mansion and sneak up on everyone.
  • Donald tells Frank he’s a hard one to fire and really has the fight in him.
  • Contestants going to attend a cocktail party with the winners of the Apprentice season 1-5.
  • Trump compliments all the contestants and takes off.
  • Everyone is psyched to meet the 5 Apprentice winners.
  • The contestants enter the Beverly Wilshire hotel and meet up with all the Apprentices but one, who was called away on business.
  • Everyone has a big chat session and the hopefuls get to ask the Apprentice winners a bunch of questions.
  • One of the Apprentice winners tells both teams this is the final task! Both teams have 30 seconds to pick, from all the former contestants, who they want to have on their final team! Things are finally getting exciting again!
  • Both teams scored the teams they wanted. I missed who picked who, so I’ll pick up on that when they show the teams.

  • Trump’s assistant calls both teams and they are to meet him at Universal Studios.
  • The former contestants return and there are hugs all around!
  • James and Stefani’s team: Angela and Aaron
  • Nicole and Frank’s team: Surya and Tim
  • Nicole hears Tim’s voice and runs into his arms. She’s psyched now that he’s back.
  • Frank and Surya sit down beside the pool for a chat to try and put the past behind them to work on this project. Surya is skeptical, but says he’ll do his best.
  • Both teams arrive at Universal Studios where a western movie shoot is taking place.
  • Donald Trump arrives with Ivanka and Don.
  • Trump congratulates everyone for getting this far.
  • The Apprentice Episode 13 Task: Create a 60 second commercial for Renuzit Air Fresheners.
  • James and Stefani arrive at the sound-stage and tour them all to find the right one for them. They decide to meet with the execs from Renuzit to get an idea of what to do for their commercial.
  • Frank and Nicole meet with the execs and find out the target demographic, moms.
  • Tim’s idea is to set it all in a hospital. Ummm, okay. Frank brings up the fact that there aren’t supposed to be odors in the hospital, they’re supposed to be clean. Very good point.
  • James and Stefani’s idea is to go with a courtroom scene, where a dad has been charged with stinking up the home.
  • Stefani jumps on the phone and gets their actors set and ready to rock. James works with the guy that’s going to be filming, running over ideas and their plan.
  • Both teams get down to business and start filming their commercial.
  • Nichole does nothing until the execs show up, then she jumps up, interrupts the filming and tries to earn brownie points by insisting the product be in the shot.
  • James is trying to direct the filming and is being very particular, wasting a ton of time and making take after take. Stefani tells him they have 45 mins before the film crew leaves and they have to stop messing around and get down to business, or they’ll be screwed for sure.
  • Nicole is trying to run the film editing and Frank keeps stepping in with his input. His input is pissing Nicole off and she’s getting snappy and super annoyed. Frank and Nicole get into an argument in the middle of the process and fall off track.
  • In editing, James’ screw up in filming became clear and the final product is not coming together. James stays up with the editor all night to get everything looking good with the limited amount of film they had.
  • Both teams arrive at the Century City AMC theatre to premier their commercials.
  • James and Stefani’s commercial actually ended up turning out pretty well. A little cheesy, but good. The audience seemed to like it too.
  • Frank and Nicole’s commercial was really cheesy, but the audience really liked it.
  • Both teams return to the mansion and critique one-anothers ideas. Naturally, neither team thinks either’s idea is any good.
  • Donald Trump chats with the Renuzit execs about the teams performances. The execs like James and Stefani and like the team dynamic. The execs picked up on the fact that Frank was doing most of the work as well and that Nicole wasn’t doing much. They also thought that Frank and Nicole were both lacking, though they really like Franks fighting spirit and drive.
  • Both teams return Trump’s house.
  • The Apprentice Episode 13 Boardroom: James and Stefani says their team was fantastic, they’d be amazed if they lost. Nicole says the team did great and Frank is very passionate. Frank says they hit the mark and did well as a team. Surya and Tim both say the team did great. Angela and Aaron both say the team did great.
  • Trump thanks everyone for their thoughts and work and kicks the old contestants out to get down to business.
  • Trump gives the final 4 credit for all their hard work and… sends them all home?!
  • The final 4 will all go home and return to a live Apprentice episode next week, where things will get really exciting! I wonder what that means?
  • Everyone is excited to go, but at the same time sad.
  • Everyone packs their gear up, says their goodbyes and heads for home.

Well… um, alright. What can I say, I’m really surprised that episode 13 ended that way. Obviously they’re trying to rekindle some of the lost interest out there in the hopes of jacking up the ratings and getting more viewers. Rest assure, you can expect to see a whole lot of hyping up of the next episode over the coming week.

So ends the Apprentice episode 13 live blog. Stay tuned for another edition of live blogging with next weeks exciting live episode!

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