Heroes Episode 19 Spoilers – Part 2

T-Minus 6 days until the full fledged return of the single best show on TV. Are you excited? I am! Heroes on NBC will return in full on Monday, April 23rd @ 9/8c and is guarantee to be an incredible episode. Heroes episode 19 “.07%” will be the first of the final 5 episodes of season/chapter 1 of the smash hit TV series.

If you’re like me and a hopeless Heroes addict that has to know absolutely everything possible before it actually happens, then you’re definitely going to want to read on. If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now! If you can’t help yourself and just have to know, then let’s get kickin’ with some Heroes episode 19 spoilers!

Heroes episode 19 spoilers – Part 1, has given us a general idea of what to expect in episode 19 “.07%”, but there is so much more, so very much more. Behind the cut are a whole whack of Heroes spoiler videos, so watch at your own risk! What you can expect to learn, includes: Linderman reveals his special power, and it’s awesome!; Isaac paints one of his most telling paintings yet; One of the Heroes dies; Another one gets an interesting haircut; Hiro meets future Hiro; Linderman and Peter get even friendlier; HRG/Mr. Bennet, Matt and Ted all have issues and much, much more.

Watch Heroes spoiler videos after the jump!

Heroes Episode 19 “.07%” Slide-show

Heroes Episode 19 Preview

Heroes Episode 19 Preview #2

Heroes Episode 19 Extended Trailer

Heroes Episode 19 Extended Trailer 2

Heroes Episode 19 Exclusive Trailer!

Heroes Episode 19 – The First 2 Minutes

Heroes Episode 19 – Linderman Reveals his Power!

Now, after watch all those, tell me you are not incredibly stoked to see the next episode! Stay tuned for more Heroes spoilers leading up to the big day, just 6 days away!

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2 thoughts on “Heroes Episode 19 Spoilers – Part 2”

  1. ur missing the latest sneak peek

    its an 8 minute long preview it shows nathan and linderman (after lindermans revealed his power) it also show matt and HRG. and from the looks of it Issac is gonna face his death head on, it shows him giving an issue of 9th wonder to some gezza who works for the publishing company and issac says sumthing like this is the best and last issue to be released (its the issue where hiro goes tothe future) and the other guy is like ” last issue?”
    and issac replys ” looks that way”

    also DL finds out jessica is in control they have a lil argumentbout micah, and jessica meetslinderman and asks to borrow hersons ability from the looks of it oneof his paintings show micah helping to save theworld with this bomb n stuff

    (by the way linderman knows about the bomb and he belive this bomb will bring the world together)

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