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Welcome to another edition of the weekly Apprentice 6 Los Angeles live blog! Update this post every 30 seconds or so to see exactly what’s happening, as it happens. I will update this post during every commercial break to give you the most up to date information on the Apprentice 6 Los Angeles Episode 11, enjoy!

  • Kinetic returns from the boardroom and Tim is standing next to the bushes waiting for Nicole to return.
  • Tim comes back into the mansion and both James and Frank jump on him about what Nicole and Trump said in the boardroom about him in episode 10. James lies saying Nicole told Trump to move Tim to their team and that they had arranged something of the sort, which is not at all what true. James is clearly trying to pin a target to Tim.

  • Trump’s assistant calls both teams to come meet him at the LA Times building for a brief on their next task.
  • Both teams arrive at the printing room of the LA Times building, meeting Donald and Ivanka Trump and two reps from Smart Mouth.
  • Task: Development supplement for LA Times for a product called Smart Mouth. Ivanka Trump says “Design, Photograph and Create a supplement for a new brand of mouthwash called Smart Mouth.” The supplement will appear in the Sunday issue of the LA Times.
  • Arrow: Everyone is smelling each others breath and testing the mouthwash product. Tim is trying to step up and get his way to try and prove his worth since everyone is gunning for him now.
  • Tim comes up with the idea of having a big bed a lots of people in/around it, talking about how everyone has morning breath and Smart Mouth is the cure.
  • Kinetic: Doing a product photo shoot showcasing the fact that the product can be used around the clock. Taking a 3 pronged direction with one girl in a business suit, another in a nightly and another prepping for a night on the town.
  • Arrow: Frank and Stefani take to the streets to offer people money to dress up and do a product pose for their ad. Frank tries to direct the photo shoot and doesn’t do a very good job of it. Tim tries to step up and better direct the group and does a crap job too.
  • Frank wasn’t a big fan of the idea behind the photo shoot and wanted to get a few different shots for other ideas. Frank was questioning the entire idea way to late and got all defensive when people called him on it.
  • Kinetic: Taking product shots and as many shots as possible to make sure they had enough material to give their designer.
  • Arrow: Everyone working with the designer on ideas, everyone is tired and totally unprepared. Tim has no suit or shoes, Frank and Stefani have no phone, neither side of the team can communicate with the other.
  • Frank and Stefani return to the mansion to get ready for their meeting. James and Tim were supposed to join them, but they never showed up. 12:30 comes around and both Frank and Stefani leave for the meeting without James and Tim.
  • Arrow: Tim and James arrive at the LA Times building for the presentation. Tim is still stuck in his Pajama’s because he forgot his suit at the mansion. Luckily Stefani and Frank show up and remembered to bring Tim’s suit. Very, very lucky. They forgot to bring him socks, but it could have been much worse.
  • Arrow begins their presentation. Stefani takes control of the presentation and does a great job of narrating. The photos and graphic design work turned out well and they did a pretty good job of the presentation.
  • Kinetic steps into the meeting room to give their presentation. Kinetics supplement looks fantastic. The graphic design is done very well, the presentation was very well done and everything turned out great in general. They have a really good chance of winning.
  • Both teams return to the meeting room, Donald Trump arrives and the Smart Mouth reps give the results: Arrow did well, but the photo wasn’t specific enough, didn’t give enough details and it was hard to tell if the subjects had bad breath or were just bored. Kinetics supplement was great, very appealing, grabbed your attention right away and did a great job of selling the product. Kinetic Wins! Their supplement will appear in the Sunday addition of the LA Times.
  • Task Reward: Served a fully catered dinner, get to move back into the mansion and get to join Trump in the boardroom.
  • Kinetic is psyched about getting to move back in to the mansion and they celebrate with Jager and Red Bull, the best drink ever!
  • Arrow returns to the great outdoors and, naturally, are all super pissed. Though they’re happy they’re not missing out on a fantastic award, but they are!
  • The great feast that Kinetic is rewarded with is going to be made by their family members! Kristine’s husband arrives along with Heidi and Nicole’s mother’s.
  • Tim sticks his head through the bushes and talks to Nicole and her mom, then he comes back to everyone else and whines about it to Frank and James. Both of them are sick of hearing about the relationship and Tim is only making himself more of a target by complaining.
  • Heidi’s mom is a hospice worker, she lives in the middle of no where and has never come to see Heidi in LA for the 7 years she’s lived there, so having her now come to visit meant a lot to Heidi. All at once now, Awwwwwwww.
  • A copy of the LA Times arrives at the mansion and the girls of Kinetic show it off to all their family members. The family members are all really impressed but have to get ready to take off.
  • James is worried about going down since he’s the PM. He knows Frank did a bad job, but doesn’t want to go after him since they’re friends. He does, however, think Tim did a bad job as well and wants to go after him.
  • Tim knows he is a big target and is prepping to defend himself. He’s confident that he won’t be fired once he gets into the boardroom and can defend himself in full.
  • Trump talks to the Smart Mouth guys about who did well and they both say Frank is a very good leader and Stefani was a very good presenter, no word on Tim though. Hmmmm.
  • The Boardroom: Trump asks James what went wrong. James talks about an argument with Tim from the night before and says the argument effected their performance the next day.
  • Tim tries to say he’s loyal to both Arrow and Nicole and that that doesn’t effect his performance. Ivanka jumps on him, saying loyalty is not mutually exclusive in this kind of environment.
  • James says the team was distracted and blames the distraction on both Tim and Frank. Frank tries to defend himself and does a crappy job.
  • Stefani says she would fire Tim. Frank says he would fire Tim.
  • Stefani says Tim was more of a distraction than Frank.
  • Tim is being put on his heels and getting very defensive. He’s going down hill quickly.
  • Trump says he can’t fire James because he’s shown himself as a good PM. He also says he can’t fire Stefani because she’s not responsible for this task. Trump gives Tim a chance to explain why Frank should get the boot over him.
  • Frank defends himself, says he’s stepped up a lot more than Tim has. Both James and Stefani agree that Frank has done a better job.
  • James talks about distractions again and says Tim holds on to his ideas to much and isn’t as willing to compromise his ideas.
  • Tim makes a last ditch effort to save himself, says he’s been responsible for a number of the teams winning ideas and has been a big idea man. Tim tries to talk himself up while belittling Frank and all his efforts in the process. Tim basically calls Frank a grunt and says being an idea man, like him, is better than being a workhorse, like Frank.
  • Tim is getting torn apart for his relationship with Nicole and how big of a distraction it has become and how big of a deal he is making of it when he himself told Trump it wasn’t an issue in previous episodes.
  • Trump makes his decision: Tim is fired!
  • The remaining members of Arrow don’t even wait around to watch Tim be driven away. They head back to camp right away and completely ignore Tim as he leaves. Nice!

Well, there you have it. So ends another edition of the weekly Apprentice 6 Los Angeles live blog! Stay tuned for another live blog of next weeks episode 12, and feel free to leave a comment, I want to know what you think of these live blogs.

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  1. episode 11 was so fake: do you have a phone???? (producers had cell phones left intentionally

    in the van). Phone died while asking important question!!!!! try the other cell phone

    douchebag! This is such a fake show…Tim goes to the la times in pj’s!

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