2006 YouTube Video Awards – Best Comedy Winner

The success of YouTube has seemingly been on a down turn since its purchase by overlords of the Internet Google, which is no doubt due in large part to the fact that every television network, production unit and joe blow has slapped them with countless cease and desist notices and lawsuits. With the rash of lawsuits and cease and desist notices being filed, YouTube has lost a significant amount of its television content, which certainly accounts for a portion, if not the majority of the down swing, but the guys definitely came up with a golden idea in the 2006 YouTube Video Awards.

Though the idea behind the 2006 YouTube Video Awards is a great one and has definitely pumped YouTube up yet again, but I gotta say, I’m not feeling the Best Comedy Video Award winner. I know, I know, the winners were all chosen by “the people”, but “the people” seriously screwed up when it comes to the Best Comedy award. The winner of the 2006 YouTube Video Award for Best Comedy was “Smosh Short 2: Stranded.” I’ll give the guys behind the video credit, it was witty and mildly entertaining, but in my books, the fourth place “Ben takes a photo of himself everyday” video was a lot more entertaining and without a doubt the funnier video.

Watch the “Smosh Short 2: Stranded” and “Ben takes a photo of himself everyday” video below and choose for yourself!

2006 YouTube Video Award Best Comedy Winner – Smosh Short 2: Stranded

Ben takes a photo of himself everyday

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  1. Yeah, the first one was pretty crappy. It made me chuckle at one point, but it was really predictable. After the third closeup shot of the actor, with none of his friends or surroundings visible, I knew he’d be on a crowded beach.

    The second is funnier, but neither of them are really representative of the funniest stuff on YouTube. I’m kinda disappointed.

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